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Best Dog Food For Shih Tzus

Not every dog owner cares enough to seek out the best quality dog food for their dog, but that dog owner isn’t you. You didn’t spend all that time picking out the perfect little Shih Tzu for your family just to feed them the first food you come across in the grocery store. Follow some […]

Best Dog Foods for Small Breeds

Little dogs don’t eat very much, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need quality nutrition! If you have a tiny canine family member, their main nutritional needs are similar to that of a larger dog’s, but there are still some key differences. Toy breeds have a higher metabolic rate than bigger dogs, so they typically […]

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Yorkies are sassy little things. They have no clue how small they are, and their attitudes seem like they’d be more appropriate for dogs of a more intimidating size. Despite their spicy personalities, Yorkies are prone to a variety of health problems, putting emphasis on the importance of good nutrition. As a dog owner, coming […]

Best Dog Food For Boxers

The Boxer is just like any other dog breed: loyal to its person/people, intelligent, and driven to please. But they’re also very high-energy, stubborn, and high-maintenance in terms of overall health. If you’ve done your research on the breed, you know they are prone to allergies and need regular exercise. A lot of health conditions […]

Best Dog Food for Rotwiellers

Rottweilers aren’t necessarily big height-wise, but they’re very dense dogs. They’re naturally rippling with muscle, but despite their intimidating looks, these dogs are intensely loyal to their person (or people). Their love of cuddling with their family is perfectly balanced by a love of playing hard and long walks. The breed is pretty safe from […]

Best Dog Food for Dobermans

Dobermans are a naturally active breed. This isn’t a dog that’s meant to lay around the house and soak up the sun. Dobermans thrive mentally and physically when they’re given something to do. Whether you’re putting your Doberman into agility classes or you two love to go for early morning runs, you’ll notice a huge […]

Best Dog Food For Malteses

Little dogs are often overlooked in terms of providing them with quality nutrition. Malteses may be considered lap dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own set of nutritional needs! Even if a dog isn’t athletic or even particularly active, that doesn’t excuse giving them a poor quality food. In fact, you could […]

Best Dog Food for Dachshunds

If you want to find a dog that practically lives for food, then get yourself a Dachshund! These precocious little wiener dogs are known for eating almost anything and everything. If you’re thinking about adding an extra-long pup to the family, don’t let their adventurous palate excuse a low-quality food. Let’s explore the dietary needs […]

Best Dog Foods for English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are known for their snorting, wrinkly cuteness. Besides being so squeezable, they’re a fantastic breed for families. Whether you’re single in an apartment or you have a handful of kids and a big yard, English bulldogs fit in everywhere. Knowing their temperament (sweet, loyal, and relatively lazy) is important, but it’s even more […]

Best Dog Food for German Shepards

German Shepherds are excellent family dogs, but they’re also bred to have a job. Experienced handlers and breeders of this dog agree that while these dogs fit in well with families of all sizes, they don’t fully thrive unless they’re given a job to occupy their minds. They’re naturally athletic, powerful, and driven, and when […]

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