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Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are sassy little beings. Full of spunk, opinions, and independence, these teeny little companions make great members for any family. If you’ve been considering adding a Chihuahua to your family, then take a few moments to research the best way to feed them. Chihuahuas have the potential to live a very long life, often […]

Best Dog Food For Great Danes

There are many dog breeds where you can just feed them a high quality dog food and expect the typical results of having a healthy dog who lives a long life with little to no illness. Great Danes, unfortunately, are not one of those easy-to-feed breeds, and it’s because of their size. Great Danes are […]

Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are undoubtedly one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They’re known for being easy to train, perpetually happy, and amazing family dogs, and if you’ve decided this breed is a perfect fit for your household, you should get to know their nutritional requirements before you bring one home. Basic Golden […]

Low Phosphorus Dog Food

If you’ve looked into high-quality dog food, you know there’s a wide world of different types of dog food out there. If you own a dog with a medical condition, then you definitely know the importance of feeding quality foods with specific nutritional content in mind. Dogs with kidney issues need a carefully crafted diet […]

Best Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomach

Having a dog with a sensitive stomach is a mess (literally and figuratively). There’s frequent vomiting, loose stools, days of inappetence, and a generally miserable dog. If your vet has given you the all clear in regards to your dog’s health and these symptoms have been narrowed down to a sensitive stomach, the first step […]

Best Dog Foods for Dogs With Kidney Disease

It’s scary having your dog diagnosed with kidney disease. Unfortunately, the disease isn’t reversible, but it is manageable, meaning your dog is able to live a normal life if they get the care and diet they need. What your dog eats is going to be incredibly important when they have renal issues, so knowing what’s […]

Low Sodium Dog Food

Dogs with congestive heart failure are usually put on a low-sodium diet to prolong their life and mitigate symptoms of the disease. Unfortunately, dog food manufacturers aren’t required to list sodium content on their foods, so unless you purchase a prescription diet, you have to do extra research to find a suitable food for your […]

Low Protein Dog Food

Considering dogs are carnivores, it’s probably kind of weird to hear about a low-protein diet. As carnivorous animals, protein is one of the most important nutrients a dog gets, so why would they ever need a low-protein food? It’s very hard to find a non-prescription food that’s low in protein because a diet like this […]

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