Dog Compression Sleeve

Compression sleeves can offer the same advantages to our beloved dogs as they do for us. From helping to heal sore muscles quicker to adding joint support, dogs across the board can benefit by regularly wearing them.

But you don’t want to buy a subpar dog compression sleeve. The market is overwhelmed with cheaply made rip-offs that lose their healing qualities after just a few wearings. Here are our buying tips and product suggestions for the best dog compression sleeves of 2018.

How to Choose a Dog Compression Sleeve:

Because of the amount of dog compression sleeves currently on the market, choosing the right dog can be complicated. Narrow down your options by learning a few critical points about compression sleeves for dogs.

Before purchasing any orthopedic product for your pet, it’s always best to consult with your vet beforehand. A compression sleeve for your dog can help with arthritis, sore muscles, and joint supports. But such injuries like strains, tears, and fractures will require a brace or cast. A licensed veterinarian will be able to tell you if a compression sleeve will (or will not) be of use.

Below are factors to consider before purchasing the right compression sleeve for your furry best friend:


  • Measure the circumference of your dog’s lower leg
  • Buy only compression sleeves made of high quality neoprene, mesh, and other elastic materials
  • Avoid dog compression sleeves that have steel parts
  • Look to see if the sleeves are either machine or hand washable
  • Determine whether or not the compression sleeve will be for a back or front leg
  • Try to find compression sleeves that use velcro strips to secure them in place


Best Overall Pick: Labra Co. Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Sleeve

The Labra Canine Front Leg Compression Sleeve is offered your dog great joint and muscle support, while not affecting his or her mobility. The compression sleeve can fit on either of your dog’s front legs. It also comes available in small, medium, large, and extra large for best fit.

The addition of three velcro straps also helps to ensure the sleeve remains snug and supportive. The brace itself boasts durable, but pliable and flexible neoprene to make sure  the sleeve will rest cozily on your dog’s leg. Labra’s products are recommended by veterinarians.

Because of the quality materials used, the Labra Co. Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Sleeve can be hand washed in warm water with soap. Labra recommends leaving the brace on for two or three hours and then taking it off to let the area fully breathe.

The Labra Co. Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Sleeve begins at $17.95 on

What We Like:


  • High quality design materials used throughout
  • Three-part velcro design to make sure the sleeve stays put
  • Recommended by licensed and practicing veterinarians
  • The jacket can be hand washed for cleanliness
  • It doesn’t hinder mobility for the dog when worn


What Could Be Better:


  • The sleeve is only available in four sizes that range widely in fit
  • No reflectors installed for nighttime visibility
  • The velcro seams aren’t soft enough and can irritate high energy activities


Best Value Pick: Agon Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Wrap

The  Agon Dog Canine Front Leg Compression wrap is a breathable, yet supportive sleeve that offers excellent value at the price point. A mixture of elastic neoprene and nylon, this dog compression sleeve won’t get in the way of your dog’s mobility. The jacket is also available in six sizes that cover small and large breeds.

The sleeve also features two velcro bands to make sure the sleeve doesn’t slide up and down your dog’s front legs. The design can be used on either of your dog’s front legs without risk of injury or irritation. However, buyers note that the velcro bands can be hard to get off, so remove carefully as to not harm your pet.

Because of the nylon, the compression sleeve is recommended to be washed in cold water only. And while it does lack nighttime reflectors, the significant, yellow company symbol sewed to the front does offer some after-dark visibility. The company recommends the compression sleeve only be worn for two or three hours at a time before being taken off.

The Agon Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Wrap starts at $13.99 on and is eligible for free shipping.

What We Like:


  • Material mix for optimal elasticity and support
  • Large, yellow logo to aid in nighttime visibility
  • Ability to be hand washed
  • Availity in six sizes that span all breeds
  • Breathability of material compared to only nylon designs


What Could Be Better:


  • A third velcro strap for fit would be a nice addition
  • Lack of accurate nighttime reflections is disappointing
  • Velcro can be very adhering and require putting unwanted pressure on the affected area


Best Budget Pick: GNICK’s Dog Front Leg Compression Wrap

GINKS Dog Brace, in addition to being made from nylon, uses rubber as a construction material. The addition of rubber makes this compression sleeve for dogs comfortable to wear and doesn’t hurt their skin. The nylon compliments the rubber, making for a robust design that manages to be flexible at the same time. Available in only four sizes, out-of-the-box fit for your canine isn’t guaranteed.

Also, the sleeve fits on both the left and right front legs. The use of the three available velcro wraps can correct for any loose-fitting areas. It’s recommended you secure the two outermost straps before fitting the middle one.

Because of the rubber and nylon design, NICK’s Dog Front Leg Compression Wrap is hand washable in cold or lukewarm water with soap. Also, air drying is recommended, as the rubber could shrink in a conventional drying machine. And like most other compression wraps, GNICK’s recommends a wear-time of between two or three hours before being removed.

GNICK’s Dog Front Leg Compression Wrap starts at $10.99 on and is eligible for free shipping.

What We Like:


  • The price point is very agreeable for most buyers
  • Materials used are hand washable in either cold or lukewarm water
  • Because rubber makes up the material design, the sleeve is more water resistant than most
  • The flexibility of design allows for excellent mobility, while still remaining supportive
  • The use of three velcro wraps makes sure the jacket stays in place


What Could Be Better:


  • No use of relates strips for nighttime visibility
  • Rubber material makes for a less breathable sleeve
  • Only four sizes are available


Compression sleeves for dogs can help, or four-legged family members can improve their everyday lives. From helping with arthritis pain to speeding up recovery time for muscle and joint injuries, they’re an excellent supply for any dog owner to have on hand. Use our above-mentioned product suggestions and purchasing tips to make a confident purchase. And remember: You can’t go wrong with the Labra Co. Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Sleeve.

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