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Dog Safe Slug Killers – Get Rid Of Slugs Without Harming Your Pet

A slug infestation can cause considerable damages in your garden. Before you purchase some slug or snail baits, you should know that some products are poisonous to dogs. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action to get rid of slugs and snails since this pest can transmit lungworms to your pet. Here is how you can find the best dog safe slug killers.

Stay Away From Metaldehyde

Metaldehyde is a common ingredient found in slug and snail bait. This chemical is very dangerous to pets, including cats and dogs. Metaldehyde can affect your pet’s nervous system and cause death.

These baits often contain molasses to attract slugs and snails. Your dog won’t be able to resist the sweet smell and will want to inspect the bait.

Get Rid Of Slugs Without Endangering Your Pet

You can rid of snails and slugs without using baits with metaldehyde, which can be dangerous for pets and children. Start by manually removing all the snails, slugs, and eggs you can spot to slow down the infestation.

You can also plant lavender, mint, rosemary, and other companion plants that keep snails and slugs away.

Diatomaceous earth is another way to keep pest away. This is a soft sedimentary rock that naturally keeps insects and parasites away. It is non-toxic to animals and humans and works against many different types of pest.

Beer traps and grapefruit traps are other efficient ways to get rid of slugs. The beer or grapefruit will attract the slugs, and they will either drown in the beer can or get stuck inside of the grapefruit. You can leave these traps overnight to get rid of slugs, but keep in mind that your dog might ingest a slug or some of the beer if you leave these traps out while your dog roams the yard.

The most efficient pet-friendly slug killers are iron phosphate baits. Iron phosphate is just as efficient as metaldehyde except it isn’t dangerous for dogs.

Is Iron Phosphate Entirely Safe?

The answer is no. However, it is a lot safer than metaldehyde. Iron phosphate works by damaging the stomach lining of slugs and snails.

This chemical doesn’t seem to have the same effect on animals and humans, but ingesting large quantities of iron phosphate can lead to iron poisoning. Using iron phosphate bait in your garden shouldn’t be a safety hazard since quantities won’t be large enough to pose a threat to animals or humans.

It is still best to monitor your dog around the slug baits and to make sure your dog is not eating the pellets. Leave the bait overnight and take them away in the morning if you are worried about your dog eating them. Watch for signs of iron poisoning in your pet, including vomiting and diarrhea.

Reviews of the best dog safe slug killers

Garden Safe Slug & Snail Bait (UG-4536) (2lb)

These slug baits contain iron phosphate. You can use them in your garden without putting your dog, children, or wildlife in danger. Iron phosphate is also harmless against earthworms and other insects.

You can choose to purchase a single 2 lb. bag or stock up and get 6 bags at a time.

These baits attract slugs and snails. The pest eats the bait, gets full and doesn’t eat your plant. Slugs and snails will become lethargic and die a few days later. If any of the iron phosphate are left, they will break down and turn into fertilizer for your plants.


  • Get results with a small quantity of baits.
  • Get rid of slugs without harming your dog or wildlife.
  • Doubles as fertilizer.
  • You can buy in bulk.


  • You will need some water to activate the bait.
  • Slugs don’t die instantly.

Monterey LG6500 Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer 2.5 Pound

This is a very affordable iron phosphate slug killer. You can choose to purchase a 1, 2.5 or 5 lb container depending on how severe the slug infestation is.

Iron phosphate baits are a safe way to eliminate slugs and snails without harming your pets, children, or wildlife. These baits won’t hurt other insects.

You can safely use these baits regardless of the growth stage of your plants and they will turn into fertilizers if left untouched for a few days. These iron phosphate pellets will still work even after rain or watering.

You can easily cover a 2,000 square feet surface with a pound.


  • Efficient and affordable way to get rid of snails and slugs.
  • Safe for pets, children and wildlife.
  • Turns into fertilizer after a few days.
  • Still works after rain or watering.


  • This won’t eliminate other kinds of pest.
  • Some shoppers said the pellets left moldy spots after rain.

Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, 4 lb w/ Free Powder Duster

This product contains 100% diatomaceous earth. It comes in powder form so you can easily apply it in your garden. The bag comes with a powder duster so you can apply the product in hard to reach areas.

Diatomaceous earth is safe for humans and for animals. It keeps insects away, which makes this product an ideal choice if you are dealing with slugs and with other types of pest.

Diatomaceous earth can repel slugs, snails, ants, cockroaches, and even fleas. Keep in mind that this product only repels insects but does not kill them.


  • Keeps slugs away.
  • Pet-friendly and harmless to humans.
  • Won’t affect your plants.
  • Works against other types of insects.


  • Might keep beneficial earthworms away.
  • Repels slugs but doesn’t kill them.


The best dog safe slug killer is Garden Safe Slug & Snail Bait. These baits contain iron phosphate and will kill slugs and snails. The pest should stop feeding on your plants once they eat the bait. It will take a few days for slugs and snails to die, but they shouldn’t cause any more damage to your garden in the meantime.

Small quantities of Iron phosphate are harmless to dogs, cats, and humans, even when ingested. You can also use this product without endangering wildlife. Besides, the pellets will turn into fertilizer for your garden once they have been left out for a few days.


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