Dog Splint Back Leg

When your best companion suffers a leg injury, it hurts you as much as it does them. Don’t let your dog endure the pain that comes with a back-leg injury without the proper support. Using a splint will bring faster healing and help them feel more comfortable when walking.

How To Choose a Back Leg Splint For Your Dog

An injury to your dog’s lower limb will require it to be splinted or braced. Though manufacturers create dog leg braces to mimic human splints for lower leg, ankle, and foot injuries, there is no right or left designation for dogs.

There are sometimes problems with limited sizing, but most splints come in sizes ranging from XXSmall to XLarge to ensure all dog breeds can find the best fit. When looking for a brace for your furry friend, here’s how to choose the best dog splint for its rear leg:

  • Locate the injury to select the correct type of brace, whether for the hock area or another part of the leg.
  • Take accurate measurements to ensure proper sizing and reduce chances of the brace slipping out of place.
  • Look for a product with Velcro closure straps to provide maximum adjustability and ease of putting it on and taking it off.

Dog splints for the back leg will not provide sufficient support if they are too loose or too tight. Though a swollen joint, due to arthritis or another medical condition, often requires you to go up a size for comfort, you can adjust the fit using foam, if needed, for a more custom fit.

Best Overall Pick

For its added support and superior design, the best overall pick for a dog splint back leg is the Labra Company Extra Supportive Rear Leg brace. Designed with additional support to increase your dog’s mobility while helping to speed recovery, this compression brace is just what your injured pet needs.

For dogs having debilitating joint injuries, this brace provides added pain relief to stay active and aid the healing process. The rear leg splint offers pain relief and increases mobility for discomfort caused by arthritis or strains and sprains. Made from rigid but flexible neoprene and designed to assist in immobilizing and supporting an injury or broken bone, this splint will bring your dog comfort.

What We Liked

  • Comes in a range of sizes, from small to extra large, to fit different breeds
  • Velcro closures so it stays put with no slipping
  • Offers flexible compression for better wound protection
  • Veterinarian approved for injury prevention and healing
  • Provides superior support and stability for the injured leg

What Could Be Better

  • Can require frequent adjusting as your dog moves and the brace slips out of place
  • The breathable material may be too flexible to provide strong support
  • Sizing was difficult for dogs having chubby upper legs

Though pain from arthritis and back leg injuries limit mobility, your dog can remain active and bounce back from any pain with this brace. The superior quality means it exceeds the high standards of certified veterinarians and is often recommended by them.

Coming in a range of sizes, from small to extra large, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for every breed. Following the detailed sizing guide to select the right size for your canine friend will ensure this Labra Company Extra Supportive Rear Leg brace provides lasting comfort.

Best Value Pick

When your dog is injured, you want them to have a speedy recovery. If your dog has a back leg wound from a sprain, ACL or cruciate ligament tear, or arthritis, the best value dog back leg brace is the JunoPets Canine Rear Leg Brace. Designed to prevent and heal injuries and sprains, your dog will find comfort in the increased stability of the hind leg.

Available in sizes ranging from small and medium to large and extra large, there’s a perfect fit for every breed, including yours. The neoprene material promotes comfort and breathability of your pet’s back leg, making this brace is an excellent choice for your pet. Additionally, with Velcro closures that are adjustable, it’s easy to get proper fit and minimize the brace slipping out of place.

What We Liked

  • For use with an ace bandage or gauze for sprains, injuries or wounds
  • The brace is more comfortable to use and more durable than dressing alone
  • Available in multiple sizing options, there’s a customized fit for all breeds
  • Provides flexible compression for wound protection and healing
  • The interchangeable design works with both left and right legs

What Could Be Better

  • It can take some time for your canine friend to get used to wearing the brace
  • Requires frequent removal of the brace, as it should only be worn a few hours at a time
  • Measuring to find the right fit is awkward when the dog is in pain

The weatherproof design lets your fur baby continue an active lifestyle while being free from the pain associated with arthritis and other back leg injuries. The brace is designed well and provides exceptional support without being bulky and stiff.

Overall, the best value for your money when shopping for a back leg splint is the JunoPets Canine Rear Leg Brace. With adjustable straps to find the best fit and featuring a reusable bandage, this brace will stay put with minimal slipping to induce healing and mobility.

Best Budget Pick

When looking for a dog splint back leg, finding one that fits your budget is critical. But you also want the maximum support and healing capability of a quality back leg brace. To find the right combination of the two, look no further than the Agon Canine Dog Brace. As the best budget pick, you get increased stability without spending a fortune.

This brace features a range of four sizes, giving you plenty of options from which to choose. When measuring for the proper fit, keep in mind the brace features adjustable straps for complete customization. With this availability, the ongoing support and stability of this brace will bring your pet comfort while recovering from their injury.

What We Liked

  • Easily wrap the leg to support cuts and wounds
  • Adjustable straps allow for loosening to accommodate inflammation
  • Speed healing and reduce pain associated with back leg injuries
  • Lightweight design and flexible neoprene material provides comfort
  • Strong enough to provide support and stabilization for injured back legs

What Could Be Better

  • Must remove brace every 2 to 3 hours to allow injured area to breathe
  • The leg brace is not made of waterproof material
  • Exposed Velcro on the outer part of the splint picks up lint and hair

If they’re not careful, even the best dog can suffer a debilitating injury. Something as simple as jumping off your bed can cause your furry friend to sprain their back leg. Finding a leg brace to stabilize the injured area while promoting healing and mobility is crucial to your pet’s recovery.

With a secure design and strong Velcro, this brace will stay put though dogs are sure to try to remove the device when first introduced to it. Serving it’s purpose of protecting injuries ranging from arthritis to surgical wounds, this Agon Canine Dog Brace is the right choice for your budget and for your healing dog.


Your dog deserves the very best. That’s why the best overall pick for a dog splint back leg is the Labra Company Extra Supportive Rear Leg brace. Though there are many options to choose from, it makes sense to find one with the most support and injury protection for your fur baby.


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