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What Happens if My Dog Eats an Ant Trap?
Most dog owners have a dog that will happily eat anything and everything they can get their mouth on.  Whether[...]
Beat Detergent Allergies with Dog Safe Laundry Detergents
Few creatures know how to get as cozy as dogs do. Dogs love burrowing under blankets, hopping into their nice[...]
Dog First Aid Kit for Hiking – Hit the Trails with Peace of Mind!
If you’re planning on hitting the trails with your canine companion, you’re not the only one who should have a[...]
Paint Safe For Dog Paws Lets You and Your Doggo Explore Your Artistic Side
Capturing your dog's paw prints or allowing your dog to create their own art is a fun way to make[...]
The Best Paw Print Ink For DIY Art Projects With Your Dog
Making paw prints with your dog is a great way to create a memorable keepsake, and it can also be[...]
Keep The Dog, Lose The Fur: How Pet Hair Resistant Bedding Can Help
We all love our pets, and we take them practically anywhere we can, including our beds. But, the hair and[...]
The Best Hunting Dog First Aid Kit for Any Situation
Any hunter can tell you; there’s no better hunting companion than Man’s Best Friend. But, some dangers lurking in the[...]
Keep Rabbits at Bay With Pet Safe Rabbit Repellent
While they may be adorable little animals, they can create quite a bit of trouble around your home. Rabbits are[...]
16 Contagious Diseases Wildlife and Rodents Can Pass to Your Dog
Taking your dog for a romp in the wilderness is a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for dogs and dog owners[...]
7 Hidden Dog Dangers Lurking in Your Backyard
You want your backyard to be a safe space for your pooch. You want it to be a place they[...]
DIY Dog Car Seats – Safe Dogs At A Fraction of The Cost
Your family is protected by seat belts, air bags, and baby seats when you drive somewhere, but what about your[...]
Ultimate Guide to Walking Your Dog in The Snow – Keeping Yourself and Your Dog Safe
Dogs, just like their humans, enjoy the snow and the playfulness it brings. Exercise is just as important in the[...]
Exercising Your Dog Indoors – Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Dog Fit and Tired When Outside Isn’t an Option
As a happy, albeit sometimes exhausted and exasperated, dog owner, you are quite likely aware that dogs don’t hibernate. They’re[...]
Weighted Blankets for Dogs – Your Guide to an Anxiety Free Pup
Does your dog pace, whine, and cower whenever he hears noises he doesn’t like? Maybe you’ve noticed your dog seems[...]
Dog-Friendly Pesticides – Your Guide to  Healthy Dogs and a Pest Free Home
Pesticides have the potential to improve agricultural output and it keeps your family safe from harmful bugs. When it comes[...]
Dog Safe Floor Cleaners for Your Home – Your Guide to Clean Floors and Safe Pups!
Do you have a four-legged family member living in your home? Not only is your dog likely responsible for some[...]
Dog Safe Grass Fertilizers – Your Guide To Worry Free Green Grass!
Before you add fertilizer to your yard, be sure to consider your pets. Unfortunately, some fertilizers are highly dangerous to[...]
Dog Safe Bubbles – Your Guide to Enjoying Bubbles Without Making Your Dog Sick!
Just like young children love bubbles, dogs also love them! While bubbles are typically kid-safe and non-toxic, this does not[...]
Dog Safe Hair Dyes – Your Guide to Coloring Your Pups Coat Safely!
Dying your dog’s fur is fun and your four-legged companion will look absolutely adorable. Whether you want to dye your[...]
Dog Safe Grass Seeds – Protect Your Dog From Injuries and Chemicals
Dog Safe Grass Seeds - Your Guide to Green Grass and Safe Dogs Whether you just moved into a new[...]
Dog Safe Slug Killers – Get Rid Of Slugs Without Harming Your Pet
A slug infestation can cause considerable damages in your garden. Before you purchase some slug or snail baits, you should[...]
Dog Safe Mulches – Choosing The Right Mulch Option For Your Pooch
Mulch is an important element of landscape design. Its function is to help plants grow, even in difficult soils, retain[...]
Dog Safe Ice Melts – Protect Your Dogs From Ingesting Toxic Chemicals
Ice-melt is a must-have product if you live in cold state. But did you know that some brands of ice[...]
Dog Safe Ant Killers – Your Guide to Removing Ants and Protecting Your Dogs
While ants won't spread disease-causing bacteria like other household pests (such as mice and roaches), it's the rare homeowner who[...]
Dog Safe Nail Polishes, Your Guide to Fabulous Dog Nails Without Harming Your Dog
Wouldn't your dog look cute with purple or green nails? Although it might sound strange, some people love the idea[...]
Russian Prison Guard Dogs – The Legendary Caucasian Ovcharka
Imagine, if you will, a domestic dog big and strong enough to not only take down a bear but also[...]
Best Dog Safe Rat Traps – Eliminate Rats Without Harming Your Dog
Living with mice and rats in your home is an unnerving experience. Eliminating these pests can be a challenge, especially[...]
Top 5 Dog Safe Coyote Traps
While they’re not typically a danger to humans, coyotes can be a nuisance when preying on your chickens or threatening[...]
Best Reflective Dog Harness – Reflective Dog Harnesses for Night Play, Walks
Dogs have an unfortunate habit of running through your legs when it’s time for a night walk and dashing out[...]
Best Leashes for Hiking with Dogs – Hiking Leashes for Dogs
Hiking with Dogs - Which leash do you need? Hiking in the great outdoors with your dog is a priceless[...]
Best Dog Safe Racoon Bait
An old boot on a fishing line. A cat in a cage set for a possum. A dog in a[...]
Best Dog Socks for Hardwood Floors – How to Protect Your Floors and Your Pup
Ice cream and mustard. Ear muffs and swimsuits. Puppy paws and hardwood floors. Some things simply do not go together[...]
Best Dog Safe Weed Killer – Tidy Your Garden Without Harming Your Pup
Weeds are the natural enemy of any passionate gardener. But with furry paws in the picture, it can be hard[...]
Best Dog Hiking Packs – Dog Friendly Carry Packs for Hiking and Camping
There are lots of gear to consider when you and your furry pal are gearing up for a hiking or[...]
Best Dog Safe Mouse Traps – Trap Mice Without Harming Your Dog
For dog owners, it can be difficult to find rodent traps that are safe to keep in the house. Luckily,[...]
Best Dog Boots for Hunting – Prevent Pad Damage and Hunt Longer
You're on the trail hunting with your best furry pal when all of a sudden a sharp yelp splits the[...]
Best Dog Proof Raccoon Traps
Has your dog been barking at the rustling in your garbage cans at night? Have you woken to find your[...]
Best Toys for Pitbulls
There's really nothing cuter than a dog who loves their toys. Whether it's a squeaky ball or a stuffed toy[...]
Dogfoodadvisor.com – Whats the Scoop?
Thirty years ago, most dog owners grabbed whatever dog food was at the grocery or feed store and called it[...]
Dew Claw Injuries and Treatments Explained
Dewclaws look like your dog’s thumb, but they’re far from being useful. In fact, the only time you’ll ever even[...]
Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?
Whiskers are definitely adorable, but do they serve a purpose for your dog? Some groomers shave them, but this can[...]
Can Dogs Taste? About Dog Tastebuds
Dogs eat really vile things. Some dogs will eat anything that fits in their mouth, and oftentimes, the stinkier it[...]
Can Dogs Be Mentally Handicapped?
Dogs are highly intelligent, intuitive, and emotional animals. If you have a dog, you have no doubt that your dog[...]
Can Dogs Eat and Taste Spicy Foods?
There are so many different levels of spicy, and as people, we all have different tolerances for the level of[...]
How Much Do Great Danes Cost?
Getting a dog is never cheap, but when you get a breed that seems more horse-like than dog-like, you're looking[...]
How Much Do Pomeranians Cost?
According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the spunky little Pomeranian ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds[...]
How Much Do Huskys Cost?
Huskies consistently remain in the top 20 favorite dog breeds in the United States. Their wolfish good lucks and vocal[...]
How much do Golden Retrievers Cost?
Golden Retrievers are by far one of the most beloved and cherished breeds in the United States, lauded in film,[...]
Do Dogs Cry Like Humans?
Did you know there was a period of time where people thought animals didn't have feelings? They also mistakenly thought[...]
Can Dogs Eat Sticks?
Every dog owner is guilty of throwing their dog a stick when you’re at the park or on a hike.[...]
Can Dogs See At Night?
It’s amazing what dogs can accomplish with their senses. Their noses seek out things humans could never locate (their sense[...]
Why Do Female Dogs Hump?
Male dogs are often the main culprits in humping behaviors, but they aren’t the only ones who do it. Female[...]
Why Do Dogs Lick the Couch?
Dogs don’t have hands, so their mouths are used quite a bit in their day to day lives. You’ve seen[...]
Why is my Puppy Breathing So Fast?
Is there anything better than a puppy? Absolutely not. Is there anything cuter than a roly poly puppy sound asleep[...]
Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?
All humans have belly buttons, but did you know that we’re a very rare species that has a visible umbilicus?[...]
Best Toys for Labs
Experienced Labrador owners agree that their Labs don't officially outgrow their puppy phase until well into their senior years. This[...]
Breaking Down the Smallest Dog Breeds
Dogs are lovable enough that it's only natural we love them as small as possible. Having a large Labrador or[...]
Dogs with the Longest Lifespans
The most heartbreaking aspect of owning a dog is their relatively short lifespans. There are breeds of dogs that barely[...]
Gentle Giants
Any veterinary professional will tell you that it isn't the big dogs you have to look out for; it's the[...]
Low-Shedding Dog Breeds
Most dog owners are completely resigned to the fact that they're going to be covered in dog hair. Black clothes[...]
The Heaviest Dog Breeds
There are plenty of people who love the tiny dog breeds, but there are lots of large breed enthusiasts, too.[...]
Head Pressing: Cute or Fatal?
Unless you're a veterinary professional, there are some dog behaviors that make you question whether they're normal, quirky, or something[...]
Can Dogs Get Autism?
It seems like the rates of autism diagnoses have skyrocketed, and a lot of dog owners are concerned it's a[...]
Some dog owners leave the television on for their dogs during the day, claiming they do so because the sound[...]
The Top 10 Designer Dog Breeds
By definition, a designer dog breed is a mix of two or more purebreds, and they're growing in popularity among[...]
When Are Dogs Full Grown?
If you think human children grow up fast, you've never had a puppy! One day, you've got this roly-poly ball[...]
Why Do Dogs Lick Feet?
Dogs can be pretty gross. If you've had a dog for more than 20 minutes, you've surely seen them do[...]
Can you Declaw a Dog?
Declawing cats has been controversial for years. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for doing it, such as curbing household destruction[...]
Do Dogs Like Music?
Research has shown time and again that music is beneficial to humans of all ages, but it makes a noticeable[...]
Why Do My Dogs Feet Smell Like Corn Chips?
Depending how much of a crazy dog person you are, you might disagree when someone says dogs smell good. They[...]
Do Dogs Get the EUREKA feeling?
You know that feeling you get when you find something you lost ages ago or when you manage to find[...]
Do Dogs Need HDTV to Watch TV?
It's a running joke that only Crazy Dog Owners leave the television on for their dogs when they're home alone,[...]
Why does my dogs breath smell like fish?
Dogs aren't known for having minty-fresh breath, and even if they regularly chew on bones or other toys, their breath[...]
How To Introduce Your New Baby and Dog: The Stress Free Way
Introducing Your Dog To A New Baby If you watched Lady and the Tramp as a kid, you probably remember[...]
Is Human Shampoo Safe For Dogs?
Dogs have quite the knack for finding the most atrocious things to roll in and then bringing them directly onto[...]