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Russian Prison Guard Dogs – The Legendary Caucasian Ovcharka
Imagine, if you will, a domestic dog big and strong enough to not only take down a bear but also[...]
Best Dog Safe Rat Traps – Eliminate Rats Without Harming Your Dog
Living with mice and rats in your home is an unnerving experience. Eliminating these pests can be a challenge, especially[...]
Top 5 Dog Safe Coyote Traps
While they’re not typically a danger to humans, coyotes can be a nuisance when preying on your chickens or threatening[...]
Best Reflective Dog Harness – Reflective Dog Harnesses for Night Play, Walks
Dogs have an unfortunate habit of running through your legs when it’s time for a night walk and dashing out[...]
Best Leashes for Hiking with Dogs – Hiking Leashes for Dogs
Hiking with Dogs - Which leash do you need? Hiking in the great outdoors with your dog is a priceless[...]
Best Dog Safe Racoon Bait
An old boot on a fishing line. A cat in a cage set for a possum. A dog in a[...]
Best Dog Socks for Hardwood Floors – How to Protect Your Floors and Your Pup
Ice cream and mustard. Ear muffs and swimsuits. Puppy paws and hardwood floors. Some things simply do not go together[...]
Best Dog Safe Weed Killer – Tidy Your Garden Without Harming Your Pup
Weeds are the natural enemy of any passionate gardener. But with furry paws in the picture, it can be hard[...]
Best Dog Hiking Packs – Dog Friendly Carry Packs for Hiking and Camping
There are lots of gear to consider when you and your furry pal are gearing up for a hiking or[...]
Best Dog Safe Mouse Traps – Trap Mice Without Harming Your Dog
For dog owners, it can be difficult to find rodent traps that are safe to keep in the house. Luckily,[...]
Best Dog Boots for Hunting – Prevent Pad Damage and Hunt Longer
You're on the trail hunting with your best furry pal when all of a sudden a sharp yelp splits the[...]
Best Dog Proof Raccoon Traps
Has your dog been barking at the rustling in your garbage cans at night? Have you woken to find your[...]
Best Toys for Pitbulls
There's really nothing cuter than a dog who loves their toys. Whether it's a squeaky ball or a stuffed toy[...]
Dogfoodadvisor.com – Whats the Scoop?
Thirty years ago, most dog owners grabbed whatever dog food was at the grocery or feed store and called it[...]
Dew Claw Injuries and Treatments Explained
Dewclaws look like your dog’s thumb, but they’re far from being useful. In fact, the only time you’ll ever even[...]
Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?
Whiskers are definitely adorable, but do they serve a purpose for your dog? Some groomers shave them, but this can[...]
Can Dogs Taste? About Dog Tastebuds
Dogs eat really vile things. Some dogs will eat anything that fits in their mouth, and oftentimes, the stinkier it[...]
Can Dogs Be Mentally Handicapped?
Dogs are highly intelligent, intuitive, and emotional animals. If you have a dog, you have no doubt that your dog[...]
Can Dogs Eat and Taste Spicy Foods?
There are so many different levels of spicy, and as people, we all have different tolerances for the level of[...]
How Much Do Great Danes Cost?
Getting a dog is never cheap, but when you get a breed that seems more horse-like than dog-like, you're looking[...]
How Much Do Pomeranians Cost?
According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the spunky little Pomeranian ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds[...]
How Much Do Huskys Cost?
Huskies consistently remain in the top 20 favorite dog breeds in the United States. Their wolfish good lucks and vocal[...]
How much do Golden Retrievers Cost?
Golden Retrievers are by far one of the most beloved and cherished breeds in the United States, lauded in film,[...]
Do Dogs Cry Like Humans?
Did you know there was a period of time where people thought animals didn't have feelings? They also mistakenly thought[...]
Can Dogs Eat Sticks?
Every dog owner is guilty of throwing their dog a stick when you’re at the park or on a hike.[...]
Can Dogs See At Night?
It’s amazing what dogs can accomplish with their senses. Their noses seek out things humans could never locate (their sense[...]
Why Do Female Dogs Hump?
Male dogs are often the main culprits in humping behaviors, but they aren’t the only ones who do it. Female[...]
Why Do Dogs Lick the Couch?
Dogs don’t have hands, so their mouths are used quite a bit in their day to day lives. You’ve seen[...]
Why is my Puppy Breathing So Fast?
Is there anything better than a puppy? Absolutely not. Is there anything cuter than a roly poly puppy sound asleep[...]
Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?
All humans have belly buttons, but did you know that we’re a very rare species that has a visible umbilicus?[...]
Best Toys for Labs
Experienced Labrador owners agree that their Labs don't officially outgrow their puppy phase until well into their senior years. This[...]
Breaking Down the Smallest Dog Breeds
Dogs are lovable enough that it's only natural we love them as small as possible. Having a large Labrador or[...]
Dogs with the Longest Lifespans
The most heartbreaking aspect of owning a dog is their relatively short lifespans. There are breeds of dogs that barely[...]
Gentle Giants
Any veterinary professional will tell you that it isn't the big dogs you have to look out for; it's the[...]
Low-Shedding Dog Breeds
Most dog owners are completely resigned to the fact that they're going to be covered in dog hair. Black clothes[...]
The Heaviest Dog Breeds
There are plenty of people who love the tiny dog breeds, but there are lots of large breed enthusiasts, too.[...]
Head Pressing: Cute or Fatal?
Unless you're a veterinary professional, there are some dog behaviors that make you question whether they're normal, quirky, or something[...]
Can Dogs Get Autism?
It seems like the rates of autism diagnoses have skyrocketed, and a lot of dog owners are concerned it's a[...]
Some dog owners leave the television on for their dogs during the day, claiming they do so because the sound[...]
The Top 10 Designer Dog Breeds
By definition, a designer dog breed is a mix of two or more purebreds, and they're growing in popularity among[...]
When Are Dogs Full Grown?
If you think human children grow up fast, you've never had a puppy! One day, you've got this roly-poly ball[...]
Why Do Dogs Lick Feet?
Dogs can be pretty gross. If you've had a dog for more than 20 minutes, you've surely seen them do[...]
Can you Declaw a Dog?
Declawing cats has been controversial for years. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for doing it, such as curbing household destruction[...]
Do Dogs Like Music?
Research has shown time and again that music is beneficial to humans of all ages, but it makes a noticeable[...]
Why Do My Dogs Feet Smell Like Corn Chips?
Depending how much of a crazy dog person you are, you might disagree when someone says dogs smell good. They[...]
Do Dogs Get the EUREKA feeling?
You know that feeling you get when you find something you lost ages ago or when you manage to find[...]
Do Dogs Need HDTV to Watch TV?
It's a running joke that only Crazy Dog Owners leave the television on for their dogs when they're home alone,[...]
Why does my dogs breath smell like fish?
Dogs aren't known for having minty-fresh breath, and even if they regularly chew on bones or other toys, their breath[...]
How To Introduce Your New Baby and Dog: The Stress Free Way
Introducing Your Dog To A New Baby If you watched Lady and the Tramp as a kid, you probably remember[...]
Is Human Shampoo Safe For Dogs?
Dogs have quite the knack for finding the most atrocious things to roll in and then bringing them directly onto[...]