Ant Proof Dog Bowl

Ants are coming out already, and they make a beeline for your dog’s food dish. While there are a variety of “at-home” options, they usually take up a lot of space. Instead, get an ant proof dog bowl to save yourself space, a ton of cleaning, and dog food.

Things to Consider when Choosing an Ant Proof Dog Bowl

Many pet owners struggle to keep ants out of their dog’s food dishes because there are very ant proof bowls that work. Before custom pet bowls to prevent ant invasion, people would use tricks such as:

  • Placing the dog food dishes on a cookie sheet that has water in it
  • Only putting the food bowls down when your pet is hungry
  • Limiting the amount of food in the bowl

These options always lead to a messy feeding area or chance that your dog isn’t eating until they’re full. Overall, these aren’t solutions to the ant problem.

When you’re looking for ant proof feeding bowls for your dog, you should always look at design first. Many antproof dog bowl options rely on a slight elevation from the floor usually “floating” the food dish over the water dish on a swivel.

However, if your dog is clumsy, or a forceful eater, these dishes will tip over easily.

Another design is an additional lip, or an extended lip from the bottom of the bowl to prevent ants from entering the food holding space of the dish. These are the most effective, and there are many options available.

If you’re going to look at anything else when choosing the best ant proof pet bowl for you and your four-legged friends, you should consider the material used. Ensure that the plastic is BPA free.

Best Overall Pick – Ant Proof Bowl

The best overall is the “Ant Proof Bowl” which is an aptly named dog food dish that prevents even the slightest possibility of ants. This bowl is available in blue and red and uses a non-toxic resin rather than a plastic that could potentially leak chemical into your dog’s food dish.

The Ant Proof Bowl is huge which makes it a great choice for nearly any breed, as we know some of the smaller breeds enjoy eating many times throughout the day. The size also helps stave off other pests. Overall this bowl is great, effective, and still looks like a normal dog bowl.

The design uses a secondary lip that looks like it has 2 bowls stacked together. Because of this smart design, the ants cannot get into the food bowl, no matter how ruthless.

This bowl is just under a foot in diameter and stands at less than 5 inches tall. Although it’s not great for puppies, any other dog will enjoy the benefits of ant-free food.

The Ant Proof Bowl also shines because it doesn’t use water to stave off ants. Although the bonus of having combination water and ant-proof dog food dish is wonderful for many pet owners, it doesn’t work out for every dog.

Even the most enthusiastic eaters can shoot this bowl across the kitchen floor without having too much of a mess. Something that combination ant proof dog feeders can’t claim.

The only downside is that the rims cannot be left against a wall or ants will infiltrate. This issue is not related to the design, but worth mentioning to help you stay ant free.

Other than that there’s virtually no problem with these dishes. The intelligent design is a step up from the average “floating” dog bowls.

What We Like

  • Doesn’t rely on water to prevent ant attacks
  • Good for enthusiastic eaters
  • Won’t tip

What Could Be Better

  • Must be away from walls
  • Only available in one size
  • Doesn’t fight against other pests
Ant Proof Bowl

Ant Proof Bowl

Best Value Pick – WDD Design Co 3-in-1 Ant Free Pet Dish

Although there are many issues with floating dog bowls that claim to be ant proof, this one from WDD Design Co is the real deal. The 3-in-1 ant free pet dish comes in 2 sizes, 3 colors, and guarantees to be ant free.

This pet dish uses the age-old trick of placing the feeding bowls on top of the water to prevent ant attacks. However, unlike other dog feeders that elevate the bowl on a swivel, this bowl uses a fixed position that doesn’t take up any more space than your standard double dog feeder.

The 2 compartment work together to ensure an ant proof eating experience. The waterside not only allows them to have easy water access but it also fills a reservoir underneath the food compartment that prevents ants from getting into the dish.

The 3-in-1 ant free pet dish uses this design to help pet owners stay away from harmful pesticides or detergents.

Instead, you don’t have to worry about your dog eating anything other than their food. Although the container itself is plastic it doesn’t leak chemicals; the 3-in-1 ant free pet dish focuses on all around pet safety.

Water is an organic solution to fighting an ongoing a struggle. What makes the 3-in-1 ant free pet dish the best value is that you get a water and food dish combo that keeps ant’s out and doesn’t take up any more space than necessary.

The downside of this one? It’s only great for small to medium sized dogs. Although it comes in 2 sizes, the larger size is a great option for medium dogs but won’t handle the everyday food needs of high-energy, large breeds.

There’s also the frustration that if your dog is a messy eater, or slobbers a lot, the water will need constant changing. However, this is true for any water dish.

What We Like

  • Organic solution
  • Uses water to prevent ant attacks
  • Water/food dish combo
  • Easy for dogs and puppies to get to
  • Looks like a standard dog bowl

What Could Be Better

  • Water requires regular changing
  • Not available in multiple sizes
  • Only good for small-medium sized dogs
WDD Design Co 3-in-1 Ant Free Pet Dish

WDD Design Co 3-in-1 Ant Free Pet Dish

Best Budget Pick – Omni Pet Anti-Ant Dog Bowl

The Omni Pet Anti-Ant, no tip Dog dish bowl, is the best budget ant proof dog bowl because of its classic visual appeal, smart design, and price! For less than 10 dollars this ant proof dog bowl is also no-tip which is a major concern with, especially enthusiastic eaters.

If you’re tired of cleaning up a giant mess after your pet eats because the bowl flips over, this dish can help resolve that problem. But, with a very simple design, the Omni Pet Anti-Ant no tip Dog dish bowl prevents ants from getting to your dog’s food.

The Omni Pet Anti-Ant, no tip Dog dish bowl, is slightly elevated so that none of the exterior rims touches the floor.

This design makes it impossible for ants to climb up the walls and get into the dish. However, unlike other options that use the same, or a similar design, this dish still looks like a standard dog food bowl.

The Omni Pet Anti-Ant, no tip Dog dish bowl, comes in 5 sizes ranging from 8 ounces to 64 ounces and is stainless steel. The diameter increases with the size as they focus on maintaining a fairly shallow depth. The shallow bowl makes it easy for puppies, or dogs with short snouts to eat comfortably.

Because the Omni Pet Anti-Ant no tip Dog dish bowl is stainless steel, you can easily throw it in the dishwasher and its bacteria resistant. Another benefit of stainless steel is that there’s no chance of chemicals from plastic leaking into your dog’s food.

For the price, you can’t beat this option. There are too many features in the Omni Pet Anti-Ant no tip Dog dish bowl to pass up without good reason.  The only downside is that they don’t hold up to standard wear and tear. Although these bowls are metal, the metal is extremely thin which shows dents and dings easily.

What We Like

  • Won’t slide which is great for enthusiastic eaters
  • Ant proof
  • Pest proof
  • Doesn’t tip
  • The shallow bowl is great for small dogs and puppies

What Could Be Better

  • Metal dings easily
  • Not as durable as you would expect
  • The shallow bowl isn’t good for messy eaters


Overall, there are only a few options available, but the ones here stand out from the rest. The Ant Proof Bowl says it all in the name, it’s the best pick for any ant proof dog bowl because of it’s brilliant double lipped design. But the best value is the 3-in-1 ant free pet dish, which provides both a water and food bowl for your pet.


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