The Best Dog Food for Boxers in 2020

Best dog food for boxers

As a Smart Parent, you might be wondering what is the best dog food for boxers out there? Boxer Dogs are joyful, high-energy dogs who require an active lifestyle and good nutrition to go along with it. If you have a boxer or are thinking of adding one to your family, you’re probably curious about the best dog food for boxers. What should you look for in a diet to keep your boxer healthy and active?

Boxer Dog Health issues!

When you’re thinking about the best dog food for boxers, it’s important to know a little bit about the health conditions boxers are predisposed to. The most common boxer dog health issues in this breed are due to genetics, so before bringing your boxer home, it’s important to make sure your breeder has ensured their dogs aren’t carriers for any of these issues.

The most common health conditions in boxers are:

  • Boxer cardiomyopathy: this genetic condition means the heart beats with an abnormal rhythm. Without treatment, this condition can lead to death.
  • Hip dysplasia: This is an abnormality in the hip socket, leading to an abnormal gait, pain, and arthritis.
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Seizures

What ingredients should be in the best dog food for boxers?

It’s not necessarily specific ingredients that you should look for, but rather the nutritional content. You can look for ingredients later.

Nutritionists recommend this breed receives a diet high in animal protein, meaning a vegetarian diet is not recommended for your boxer dog. Adult boxers need a minimum of 18% protein, while your puppy will grow best with a protein percentage of 22%.

Fat is also important for a high-energy dog that’s mostly muscle. Five percent is the minimum for most breeds. Animal fats are the most important, and you want a diet that is high in omega fatty acids. This promotes healthy joints, muscles, and weight.

Are there any ingredients to avoid? 

Due to the boxer’s predisposition to a genetic heart condition, absolutely avoid any food that’s labeled as grain-free. It’s a giant misunderstanding that dogs are allergic to grains, and if a dog has a true food allergy, it’s due to the protein source (most often chicken), not any grains found in the food.

Grain-free foods are linked to a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy, and boxers are already prone to developing heart conditions. While veterinary nutritionists and cardiologists are unsure exactly what it is about grain-free diets that are causing heart problems, but they are suspicious it has to do with ingredients in the food, not what’s lacking.

Their best guess as of 2020 is the addition of legumes to grain-free diets. Any diet where the first five ingredients include legumes should NOT be fed to your boxer for the sake of their heart.

Below is a list of the best dog foods for boxers:

The Best Dog Food for Boxers in 2020 1

Dry kibble for Boxer puppies:

Wellness Complete Health Large Breed Puppy – This chicken-based food is filled with a variety of natural ingredients instead of empty fillers, meaning your boxer puppy is getting whole nutrition to grow strong joints and a healthy brain. This food contains no legumes, ensuring proper heart development.

Wellness Natural Pet Food Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Puppy Food, Chicken, Salmon & Rice, 30-Pound Bag
  • LARGE BREED PUPPY FOOD FOR A LIFETIME OF WELLBEING: High quality proteins and grains are balanced to deliver a complete diet packed with the nutrients your large breed puppy needs to thrive; no meat byproducts, fillers, or artificial preservatives
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: Guaranteed levels of DHA from Salmon Oil supports brain development, antioxidants support strong immune systems, balanced nutrients promote optimal energy and Omega Fatty Acids ensure healthy skin and coat
  • WHOLE BODY HEALTH: Supported by omega fatty acids, essential vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics
  • FIND THE RIGHT FOOD: Wellness offers a full range of foods to support your dog's specific needs, including grained and grain free options, high protein recipes and limited ingredient diets for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Made in the USA using only the finest globally sourced ingredients, we prepare each of our diets in our own state of the art facility; we craft delicious natural recipes with wholesome, non GMO ingredients chosen for their nutritional benefits

CANIDAE All Life Stages – This food is a convenient option for multi-dog households. If you don’t want to pay for multiple bags of dog food for dogs in different life stages, this kibble is a perfect option. Five different options of protein (from turkey to fish) that are suitable for dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors means you’re purchasing fewer bags of dog food and ensuring your puppy is ahead from start to finish.

CANIDAE All Life Stages, Premium Dry Dog Food, Multi-Protein, 44 lb
  • OPTIMAL PROTEIN FOR ALL DOGS: All Life Stages is crafted from chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish meals providing an optimal level of nutrition for all breeds and sizes.
  • CREATED WITHOUT ANY WHEAT, CORN, or SOY: There’s nothing questionable in a bowl of Canidae All Life Stages.
  • HEALTHPLUS SOLUTIONS IN EVERY BITE: Probiotics added to every kibble after cooking to support healthy digestion, antioxidants to support a healthy immune system, and omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to support beautiful skin and coat.
  • FLAVORS & TYPES: With 5 different varieties there’s a Canidae All Life Stages product that your dogs will love.Lactating females may require 2-3 times the amount of food as an adult dog and they should be fed 3-4 times per day
  • WE MAKE PET FOOD SIMPLE: Canidae All Life Stages dog food uses simple, whole-food recipes made right here in our Texas facility. Because pet food shouldn’t be complicated.

Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein – For puppies with food allergies, this prescription-only food is one of the few diets approved for optimal growth and supporting food allergies. If your veterinarian recommends your puppy go on food for their food allergy, they will have to write you a prescription.

Royal Canin Boxer Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food, 30 lb. bag
  • Royal Canin Boxer Adult dry dog food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of purebred Boxers 15 months and older
  • Exclusive tailor-made kibble design helps Boxers easily pick up and chew their food
  • Maintains a Boxer’s powerful muscles and low body fat with precise protein content and L-carnitine
  • Promotes cardiac health with specific nutrients including taurine, EPA, and DHA
  • Breed-specific formula features antioxidant complex for cellular health and optimal nutrient absorption

Dry kibble for adults: 

Purina ONE Smart Blend – Purina has an impeccable history of nutrition for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and lifestyles. This formula comes in a high-protein formula with beef and venison or a turkey and venison blend. A 30% protein supports muscle development/maintenance. You can also choose from a digestive support formula for boxers with sensitive stomachs.

Purina ONE Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend Chicken and Rice Formula, 8 Lb Bag
  • 8 Lb. Bag - Purina One Smartblend Natural Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Real Chicken Is The #1 Ingredient
  • Dual-Defense Antioxidant Blend To Help Support A Strong Immune System
  • Natural Sources Of Glucosamine Help To Support Healthy Joints
  • Protein-Rich, Tender, Meaty Morsels And Crunchy Kibble For A Taste Dogs Love

Royal Canin Boxer Adult – Royal Canin is one of the few brands of commercially produced dog foods that make recipes for specific dog breeds. This carefully crafted diet contains 24% protein and L-carnitine for healthy heart support, as well as taurine, DHA, and EPA. If you’re looking for a food perfectly tailored for your boxer, this is it by far the best dog food for boxer dogs!

Royal Canin Boxer Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food, 30 lb. bag
  • Royal Canin Boxer Adult dry dog food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of purebred Boxers 15 months and older
  • Exclusive tailor-made kibble design helps Boxers easily pick up and chew their food
  • Maintains a Boxer’s powerful muscles and low body fat with precise protein content and L-carnitine
  • Promotes cardiac health with specific nutrients including taurine, EPA, and DHA
  • Breed-specific formula features antioxidant complex for cellular health and optimal nutrient absorption

Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food – Eukanuba offers a second option of a widely-found breed-specific dog food but this variant is not for a specific breed. It contains 25% protein and 16% fat. It also has added L-carnitine and glucosamine for heart and joint support. This diet has worked to create a kibble size made for the smaller mouths of boxers while also perfecting a shape that decreases tartar build-up, preventing dental problems in the future.

Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food, 33 lb. bag
  • Eukanuba Adult Large Breed dry dog food is complete and balanced nutrition for large breed dogs 15 months or older, weighing over 55 pounds
  • Promotes lean muscle development and joint health in active adult dogs with a combination of animal protein, chondroitin sulfate, and 50% more glucosamine vs. Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed
  • Helps keep dogs sharp and supports healthy brain function with DHA and vitamin E
  • Fuels an active lifestyle with optimal levels of fats and carbohydrates
  • High-quality chicken is the first ingredient for protein that powers their day

Hills Science Diet Large Breed – While not specifically formulated for boxers, Science Diet Large Breed formula is one of the most trusted dog food brands out there, and they have a reputation for seriously sound diets for bigger breeds. This kibble has lots of fatty acids for coat, skin, and joint support. For additional joint health for middle-aged dogs (over 7 years of age), glucosamine and chondroitin have been added to the diet.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Large Breed, Chicken & Barley Recipe
  • A dry dog food specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of large breed adult dogs
  • Supports your grown dog's joint health with natural sources of glucosamine & chondroitin
  • Maintain your senior dog's healthy skin and shiny coat with nourishing omega-6 fatty acids & vitamin E
  • Promotes lean muscle in large dogs with high-quality protein
  • Made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust

 Raw/freeze-dried food for adults

Stella and Chewy’s Super Beef Meal Mixers – If you’re looking for a little extra nutritional oomph to your boxer’s meal, these freeze-dried nuggets are perfect mix-ins to your dog’s kibble. These crumbles are made with beef muscle and beef organs for an easy way to feed raw without the hassle and cost of a truly raw diet.

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Stella's Super Beef Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 8 oz. Bag
  • Perfect for picky eaters! Add a scoop of Meal Mixers dog food topper to dry food or kibble for a raw boost of nutrition & taste. Your dog will love Stella's Super Beef Meal Mixers’ 95% grass-fed beef, organs and bone plus organic fruits & veggies
  • Made in the USA – each small batch of Meal Mixers freeze-dried raw dog food toppers is crafted in Stella & Chewy’s own USA kitchen. All ingredients are responsibly sourced.
  • All natural and minimally processed. Because the closer foods stay to their natural state, the better they are for your pet. Meal Mixers freeze-dried raw dog food contains NO added hormones, antibiotics, grains, peas, lentils or potatoes. And is 100% complete and balanced for all life stages
  • Raw nutrition and convenience - It’s easier than ever to give your pet real raw nutrition with the convenience of freeze-dried. No rehydration or preparation necessary. Simply scoop, mix and serve
  • Supports better health for your pet with improved appetite and digestion, relief from allergies, shiny skin and coat, healthy teeth and gums, increased energy and stamina, and healthy immune system

The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken – This dehydrated food offers the complete nutrition of a properly formulated raw diet while remaining shelf-stable and developed by experienced nutritionists. With 24.5% protein, this food is an excellent choice for young, active boxers.

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Chicken Dog Food 2 lb - Revel
  • ORGANIC WHOLE GRAIN: The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken dog food is dog food made with free range chicken and dehydrated for maximum nutrition for puppies and adult dogs
  • HIGH CALORIE AND HIGH PROTEIN: Perfect for all stages of life, this high calorie and high protein recipe fits the diet of the picky, the pregnant, and the puppy-identifying.
  • HUMAN GRADE: The Honest Kitchen meets the rigorous FDA safety standards to use the label 'human grade', ensuring the highest quality dog food.
  • ALL NATURAL: This dog food is made with no by-products, preservatives or GMO ingredients - just add water for a warm and delicious meal.
  • MADE IN THE USA: All ingredients are processed in the USA in a human grade food processing facility with nothing from China.

Primal Chicken Nuggets – These freeze-dried nuggets offer whole chicken as well as chicken necks, liver, and gizzards, plus vegetables and fruit for total nutrition. This is a great choice for dogs with a very active lifestyle and no underlying health conditions.

Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Canine Chicken Formula 14 Oz
  • Complete And Balanced Diet For All Life Stages
  • Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics Or Addedhormones
  • Naturally Derived Vitamins And Minerals
  • Grain, Gluten, Corn, Wheat And Soy Free
  • Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics Or Added Hormonesgrain, Gluten, Corn, Wheat, And Soy Freemade In The Usa

Ultimately, if you’re having a hard time deciding on the best dog food for boxers, you can’t go wrong with Royal Canin Boxer Adult. This formula is perfectly tailored for the nutritional requirements of boxers, and taking into conditions your boxer may be genetically predisposed to. So hope you liked our article on the best dog food for boxers 2020! 

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