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Can Dogs Eat Cranberries?

When you think of cranberries, you might think of the gelatinous mass of magenta that’s been served at your Thanksgiving dinners since you could remember. Luckily, there are far better ways to eat cranberries, so you can set that memory aside and focus on fresh and dried cranberries now that you’re a grown-up. This tart […]

Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Olives are the perfect mixture of salty and tangy, and they’re extremely versatile. Mexican, Greek and Italian cuisines all utilize olives in fresh, unique ways, and they’re also tasty just paired with fancy cheese, crackers, and wine. They’re definitely a love it or hate it food, and it’s actually pretty hard to find a dog […]

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds are the epitome of a lazy summer afternoon snack, and as a kid, you probably spent hours devouring these salty little seeds on the front porch or in the baseball dugout. Whether you like to do the work of shelling them or you buy them without shells, they’re perfect for camping, car trips, […]

Can Dogs Eat Lentils?

Lentils are a staple among vegetarians and vegans, but a lot of carnivorous people don’t know about these healthy little legumes. They offer plenty of fiber, protein, and iron, and getting a decent amount of iron and protein is difficult for people who don’t eat meat. While they’re definitely good for you regardless of your […]

Can Dogs Eat Dates?

Not too many Americans eat dates on a regular basis. While they’re a staple in other cultures, you usually have to go to specialty grocery stores to find them here. If you’re one of the few people who love dates, at some point you’re going to wonder if your dog is going to be okay […]

Is Catnip Bad for Dogs?

Can Dogs Get Buzzed on Catnip? If you’ve ever spent any time on social media, you’ve seen the funny memes and pictures depicting the effect catnip has on cats. From being passed out next to catnip plants or a driveway filled with blissed out kitties, cats certainly don’t suffer any ill effects from this curious […]

Is Pedialyte Safe for Dogs?

Experienced parents are all too aware of the existence of Pedialyte. This electrolyte drink is excellent for treating and preventing dehydration in incidences of diarrhea and vomiting in humans. Have you ever wondered about the safety and efficacy of Pedialyte for dogs? Can I Give My Dog Pedialyte? Pedialyte is safe for dogs if your […]

Is Beef Jerky Safe For Dogs?

If you’ve ever been munching on beef jerky, you’ve seen how it grabs your dog’s attention as soon as you open up the bag. The smell of smoked, dried meat is just too much for even the most polite dog to resist begging for, so you’ve probably handed off a few bites to your pup. […]

Are Acorns Dangerous to Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Acorns? As a dog owner, you’re aware of the typical canine hazards in your home. What your dog has access to in your home and garage is easily controlled, but when it comes to hazards in your yard, at parks, and on hikes isn’t as consistent. Trees, plants, mushrooms–they’re all items that […]

Are Poppy Seeds Toxic for Your Dog?

Have you heard that urban legend about people getting fired from their job and/or arrested because they tested positive on their drug tests for opioids yet they claim to be drug-free? According to the legend, these unlucky souls tested positive because they had eaten something containing poppy seeds. The burning question is: do poppy seeds […]

Are Sesame Seeds Okay for Dogs to Eat?

Are Sesame Seeds Okay for Dogs to consume? The Quick Answer?¬†Yes, sesame seeds are perfectly safe for dogs to consume but in moderation! In this article, we explain to our Smart Dog Owners the benefits, potential hazards, toxicity levels, and whether you should avoid them for your dog or not! Let’s dig in and answer […]

Can Dogs Eat Cottage Cheese?

It’s true dogs need a varied diet unless they’re wild dogs living off of the land. A good quality dog food covers every nutritional need a dog requires, but it’s still tempting to give your dog some of the foods you personally enjoy. In moderation, a lot of human foods are okay for a dog, […]

Is Cauliflower Safe for Dogs?

Cauliflower isn’t many people’s favorite vegetable despite the myriad of ways it can be cooked and supposedly made delicious. Whether you’re roasting it, turning it into “rice”, or pureeing it and using it to make pizza crust, you’re going to love it or hate it. It’s quite good for you despite not being a green […]

Can Dogs Have Grapefruit?

Health experts and know-it-alls like to expound upon the importance of getting enough vitamin C. They tell you how important it is to eat plenty of citrus fruits for natural ways to get the right amount of this immune-boosting vitamin. Before you start upping your dog’s vitamin C with a tart grapefruit, there are a […]

Can Dogs Eat Lemons?

There was an internet craze started a few years ago where dog owners were letting their dogs lick lemons to record their over-the-top reactions. Admittedly, it is hilarious, but this led experts to issue warnings about the potential dangers associated with lemons. Lemon juice has been used as a negative reinforcement tool in training dogs, […]

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