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Are Poppy Seeds Toxic for Your Dog?

Have you heard that urban legend about people getting fired from their job and/or arrested because they tested positive on their drug tests for opioids yet they claim to be drug-free? According to the legend, these unlucky souls tested positive because they had eaten something containing poppy seeds. The burning question is: do poppy seeds […]

Are Sesame Seeds Okay for Dogs to Eat?

Are Sesame Seeds Okay for Dogs to consume? The Quick Answer? Yes, sesame seeds are perfectly safe for dogs to consume but in moderation! In this article, we explain to our Smart Dog Owners the benefits, potential hazards, toxicity levels, and whether you should avoid them for your dog or not! Let’s dig in and answer […]

Can Dogs Eat Cottage Cheese?

It’s true dogs need a varied diet unless they’re wild dogs living off of the land. A good quality dog food covers every nutritional need a dog requires, but it’s still tempting to give your dog some of the foods you personally enjoy. In moderation, a lot of human foods are okay for a dog, […]

Is Cauliflower Safe for Dogs?

Cauliflower isn’t many people’s favorite vegetable despite the myriad of ways it can be cooked and supposedly made delicious. Whether you’re roasting it, turning it into “rice”, or pureeing it and using it to make pizza crust, you’re going to love it or hate it. It’s quite good for you despite not being a green […]

Can Dogs Have Grapefruit?

Health experts and know-it-alls like to expound upon the importance of getting enough vitamin C. They tell you how important it is to eat plenty of citrus fruits for natural ways to get the right amount of this immune-boosting vitamin. Before you start upping your dog’s vitamin C with a tart grapefruit, there are a […]

Can Dogs Eat Lemons?

There was an internet craze started a few years ago where dog owners were letting their dogs lick lemons to record their over-the-top reactions. Admittedly, it is hilarious, but this led experts to issue warnings about the potential dangers associated with lemons. Lemon juice has been used as a negative reinforcement tool in training dogs, […]

Can My Dog Have Macadamia Nuts?

It’s a bit startling that your dog will eat anything they find in the backyard and experience no ill side effects, but certain foods you eat almost every day have the potential to be deadly for them. Most dog owners are aware of the typical food dangers for dogs (chocolate, onions, grapes, etc), but there […]

Are Chickpeas Safe For Dogs?

Vegans and vegetarians have long lauded the mighty chickpea aka garbanzo bean as a great source of protein that can be cooked in a wide variety of ways to prevent food boredom. If you’ve never had chickpeas or garbanzo beans chances are your dog hasn’t, either. Many whole foods are fine for dogs to eat, […]

Are Pears Okay for Dogs to Eat?

Pears are well known for being one of the most fiber-rich fruits found in grocery stores, and they come in so many varieties, there’s truly a pear for every taste. Pears are unique in their grainy texture and sweet taste and their nutritional content is as wonderful as their taste. If you snack on pears […]

Is Xylitol Toxic for Dogs?

My Dog Just Ingested Xylitol. Is This Bad? There are many food items toxic to dogs, but many owners overlook things like gum and breath mints in terms of keeping their dogs safe. Gum seems relatively harmless, but there’s an ingredient lurking inside that makes it deadly to dogs of all sizes. If your dog […]

Can Dogs Eat Figs?

Are Figs Safe for Your Dog? Figs are a very underrated fruit. If you’re searching your brain to think of a recipe with figs in it, the first one that comes to mind are those fig-filled cookies. Health circles are realizing how versatile, nutrient-dense, and delectably sweet figs are, so it shouldn’t be hard to […]

Can Dogs Eat Kale?

Can Your Dog Eat Kale? Kale has taken the health world by storm with its reputation for being a superfood. Doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts are all expounding on the benefits kale can offer you. Whether you like it pureed in a smoothie or served as a refreshing side, there are dozens of reasons why […]

Are Pecans Bad For Dogs?

Are Pecans Safe for Your Dog? A handful of nuts is a great snack for when you’re too busy to stop and cook. Nuts are loaded with good fat, protein, and plenty of nutrients to keep your stomach full until you can hit the kitchen again. Pecans are especially tasty and mostly underrated in a […]

Can Dogs Eat Mangos?

Are Mangos Safe for Dogs? Mango has a mixed reputation among fruit lovers. Some people declare it’s the perfect treat to make you feel like you’re locked away on a tropical island, while others say it’s reminiscent of what they’d imagine a pine tree would taste like. No matter what your opinion of mangos is, […]

Are Ribs Safe for Dogs?

When you sit down with a pile of saucy ribs, you settle in with a huge stack of napkins and something cold to drink. It doesn’t matter if you like them smothered in a flavorful BBQ sauce or left naked to enhance the smoky flavor, ribs are a messy but delightful treat. When you’ve cleared […]

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