Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safest Ways To Feed Them!

Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safest Ways To Feed Them!

Can dogs eat beans? Beans are a staple in vegetarian diets. They are a great way to get protein without eating something animal-based. They come in so many forms that if you don’t like one kind, there’s sure to be one out there that you do like. If you think your dog would like to … Read more

Are Bell Peppers Safe For Dogs?

Are Bell Perppers Safe For Dogs?

Are Bell Peppers Safe for Dogs? Green peppers are a crunchy treat that is safe for your dog in moderation. Despite being a vegetable, they’re a fantastic source of vitamin C to help improve the immune system’s function. Like carrots, they’re naturally high in beta carotene, which helps prevent certain kinds of cancer. Beta carotene … Read more

Can I Give My Dog Squash?

can dogs eat squash

When fall makes its way around again, you’re probably dreaming of thick stews, hot bread, and roasted vegetables. While your dog’s idea of a delightful fall is limited to crisp afternoons and chasing the falling leaves, you can involve your dog in the culinary delights of autumn with some squash. Squash: It’s Mostly Safe For … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Hotdogs? What about Hotdog buns?

Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safest Ways To Feed Them!

Can dogs eat hotdogs? Short Answer NO! When BBQ season rolls around, there’s at least one weekend afternoon where you’re blissfully building the perfect hotdog. When you feel a nudge at your knee, you know that it’s your dog coming around to beg for a nibble of your hotdog. But before you give in to … Read more

Can I Give My Dog Almonds?

Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safest Ways To Feed Them!

When you think of a healthy, balanced diet for a dog, it might not include the presence of certain foods that are staples in your own diet. If someone asked you what you should feed your dog to keep him healthy, you’d most likely say meat, water, and maybe some vegetables. Nuts seem an unlikely … Read more

Is Rosemary Safe for Dogs? The Complete Guide!

Is rosemary safe for dogs?

Is Rosemary Safe for Dogs? Rosemary is a commonly used herb usually found in many household gardens and pantries around the world. Rosemary can be non-toxic for dogs, it’s very high in iron, vitamin B6, and calcium which are essential for your pooch. If you have rosemary growing in your garden, your pooch might stay … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pistachios?

Can Dogs Eat Pistachios?

What is pistachio and are they safe for dogs to eat? What we know today as the “modern pistachio,” Pistacia vera, was introduced into the US in the mid-1850s as an ornamental garden tree. The nuts were originally dyed red before they were put on display in most American grocery stores in order to make … Read more

Rhubarb: Is it Good for Your Dog?

Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safest Ways To Feed Them!

Rhubarb: Is it a Fruit or Vegetable? Rhubarb is a beautiful, leafy plant with a hearty deep pink colored stalk. Often served in summer desserts like pie, rhubarb was first used for medicinal purposes. When eaten without sugar, rhubarb is almost painfully bitter and almost impossible to eat. When sugar became available worldwide in the … Read more

Are Lamb Bones Safe for Dogs?

are lamb bones safe for dogs

Lamb isn’t a typical food found in the standard American diet, but it’s considered a staple in many international cuisines. Whether your family eats lamb on a regular basis or you’ve never tasted it, there’s no denying that it’s a viable protein source for both you and your dog. Before you start passing the lamb … Read more

Can Dogs Have Pork Rib Bones? Are Ribs Safe for Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safest Ways To Feed Them!

Can Dogs Have Pork Rib Bones – When you sit down with a pile of saucy ribs, you settle in with a huge stack of napkins and something cold to drink. It doesn’t matter if you like them smothered in a flavorful BBQ sauce or left naked to enhance the smoky flavor, ribs are a … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Ketchup? – Is Ketchup Good For Dogs? 2022

Can dogs eat ketchup

Quick Summary:  Can Dogs Eat Ketchup? Well to answer it shortly dogs can only have ketchup in very small amounts, they find ketchup tasty and might end up being addicted to it. Ketchup for dogs is like a slow poison. ketchup over time leads to severe illnesses and can proof to be fatal as well! … Read more

Is It OK to Give Your Dog Carrots?

Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safest Ways To Feed Them!

It’s become evident that animals need a balanced diet just as much as humans do. Pet owners are often left perusing food labels in confusion, unsure of what they should be feeding their animals for optimal nutrition. Do cats needs vegetables? What kind of nutrients do dogs need? Many commercial foods now contain a variety … Read more

Remarkable – Do Dogs Eat Zucchini? The Complete Guide!

Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safest Ways To Feed Them!

Do you have a gardening neighbor who brings you endless amounts of zucchini squash every summer? By August, it’s possible that you’ve run out of new recipes for your zucchini, and you probably don’t want to see another squash until next year rolls around. If you’re wondering if you can shoot your dog some zucchini … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mustard?

Can dogs eat mustard?

With summer on the horizon, we’re all gearing up for our favorite feasting pastime:  barbecuing! With nearly 75% of American adults owning a grill, it’s guaranteed your pooch is going to come across some tasty outdoors grilling at some point this season, like hot dogs and hot dog buns.  With condiments of all types in … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Gum?

Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safest Ways To Feed Them!

There are hidden dangers for dogs lurking in almost every corner of your home, and if you have a dog who’s more of a vacuum than a dog, the risks increase tenfold. As a dog owner, you probably know about the most common dangers (chocolate, onions, and human pain medications), but did you know gum … Read more