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Can Dogs Have Lettuce?

Lettuce may seem like a boring food option, but it’s so good for you! Lettuce comes in a wide range of species, all of which are packed with their own nutrients and vitamins. It’s a general rule of thumb that the darker the lettuce, the more nutritious it is. Before you start whipping up a […]

Are Pickles OK for Dogs to Eat?

Pickles are a perfect combination of salty, sour, and crunchy. Whether you’re chopping them up into your tuna salad or crunching on them straight from the refrigerator, pickles are a perfect snack. Are you considering making pickles a snack for your dog? Take note of a few things before you pop open that jar. Can […]

Can Dogs Eat Beans?

Beans are a staple in vegetarian diets. They are a great way to get protein without eating something animal-based. They come in so many forms that if you don’t like one kind, there’s sure to be one out there that you do like. If you think your dog would like to try beans, you’re probably […]

Can Dogs Have Honey?

Honey has many benefits, and it tastes really good, too. You can use it as a healthier option to sweeten desserts, coffee, and tea. Whether you like it drizzled over warm crumb cake or straight from the bottle, the unique taste of honey can’t be beaten by artificial sweeteners. If your dog has a taste […]

Is Bread Healthy For Dogs?

If you’ve ever met someone who has been on a low-carb diet, you know how irritable they get. Don’t ever eat bread in front of a “low carber” or you’ll likely see their wrath as they go through withdrawals. Bread in any form is incredibly delicious, and you’ve definitely been guilty of giving your dog […]

Are Mushrooms Safe For Dogs to Eat?

People either love or hate mushrooms. If they hate them, there’s no way to prepare them that will make them taste good. If you happen to love them, you’ll eat them any way you can get them. These earth-flavored little fungi are definitely nutritious even if their deliciousness is arguable. Before you share your mushrooms […]

Do Dogs Eat Zucchini? The Complete Guide!

Do you have a gardening neighbor who brings you endless amounts of zucchini squash every summer? By August, it’s possible that you’ve run out of new recipes for your zucchini, and you probably don’t want to see another squash until next year rolls around. If you’re wondering if you can shoot your dog some zucchini […]

Can Dogs Have Ham?

Updated: August 2018 Ham is a staple during many American holidays. You probably grew up on juicy hams on Easter or Christmas before getting sick of the leftovers over the next week or so. From ham sandwiches to ham soup, there are lots of ways to prepare your ham. When you get tired of looking […]

Can Dogs Eat Raspberries?

Can Your Dog Have Raspberries? Berry season is one of the tastiest fruit seasons around. Sweet strawberries, tart blackberries, and succulent blueberries taste exactly like summertime. While you’re tossing berries into your morning oatmeal or whipping them into a frothy smoothie, your body appreciates the fiber and vitamin C they provide. Before you start sharing […]

Is Raw Meat Safe for Dogs?

Many sources have been telling the world how dangerous raw meat is for our health. Neglecting to clean the counters properly after placing raw meat on them can lead to a serious foodborne illness. With these dire warnings, it’s no wonder that dog owners are shocked that some dogs are purposefully fed raw meat as […]

Is Pasta Good for Dogs?

Pasta is a guaranteed comfort food. You make it light and loaded with veggies, or you can make it cheesy and drowning in a rich tomato cream sauce or a white cheese sauce. However you take your pasta, you’ll take it as long as it’s delicious. Before you give your dog a heaping serving of […]

Can Dogs Safely Eat Salmon?

Flaky, perfectly cooked salmon is a light, mouthwatering option for your dinner. You can put it over a bed of greens, pair it with a side of couscous, or enjoy it alongside steamed vegetables. No matter how you enjoy your salmon, its abundance of fatty acids make this a nutritious choice if you’re watching your […]

Can Dogs Eat Green Beans?

Did you hate green beans as a child? Whether they were canned or fresh, you probably snuck them under the table to your dog in the hopes that your mom didn’t notice you weren’t the one whittling away at that little green pile. Hopefully your tastes have changed as an adult because green beans are […]

Should Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Dogs are notorious for eating anything that fits in their mouth and tastes remotely delicious. You’ve heard the old jokes about goats eating everything under the sun, but it seems like dogs fit that bill more than goats do. If you’ve owned dogs at all, you probably have an idea of the culinary dangers lurking […]

Is Pumpkin Okay for Dogs to Eat?

In the wake of a certain coffee joint’s popular pumpkin spice latte, the popularity of pumpkin has exploded. There are a variety of treats on the market that use pumpkin as a main ingredient, and everyone knows how popular a traditional pumpkin pie is on Thanksgiving. As you’re preparing your pumpkin treats, keep in mind […]

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