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Can I Give My Dog Tuna?

As you’re browsing the dog food selection at your local pet store, you’ve probably noticed how many different ingredients are used in dog food. Lamb, fish, wild boar, duck, and bison are just a few of the protein sources tucked inside premium dog food brands. With such a variety, it leaves you wondering what kind […]

Is Bacon Safe for Dogs?

Bacon has long been a staple in the American kitchen, filling the bellies of families during Sunday breakfasts and on lazy Wednesday evenings. You’ve probably seen your dog’s senses go on high alert as soon as that strip of bacon starts sizzling in the pan. After all, what meat-loving creature isn’t tempted by bacon? But […]

Can You Give Your Dog Beer?

Beer is a tasty pastime. Whether it’s a summer BBQ or quiet night in front the television, almost every household has beer within its walls at some point. Certain dogs have a taste for beer, sticking their nose in half-full bottles and sniffing your brew in delight. Before you pour your dog their own serving, […]

Can I Safely Feed My Dog Avocados?

Research is showing that humans benefit from healthy fats by increasing our immune systems, assisting in our cognitive function, and improving the health of our bodies. This might leave you wondering how healthy fats can help your dog’s health. Avocados are tasty and full of nutrients and antioxidants, but are they safe to feed to […]

Is Cheese Healthy for Dogs?

Oh, cheese. It’s creamy, gooey, and it goes well with everything. While your dog doesn’t ask you for a oozing grilled cheese sandwich, they have surely spent plenty of time staring at you longingly as you eat something cheesy. Are you guilty of slipping your dog a few cubes of cheese under the table? Not […]

Can I Feed My Dog Eggs?

It’s Sunday morning and you’re whipping up a big breakfast for the entire family: pancakes for the kids and omelettes for mom and dad. As you’re pushing your eggs around, you might wonder if it would hurt to throw some scrambled eggs into your dog’s bowl. Many owners give their dogs eggs, but is it […]

Can I Give My Dog Yogurt?

The research behind probiotics has expanded quite a lot in the past few years and as a result our understanding of yogurt has increased! The research is indicating that probiotics are a necessary and beneficial addition to our diets, promoting better digestion and even a stronger immune system. As we’re snacking on our Greek yogurt […]

Can I Give My Dog Peanut Butter?

Did you know that TV producers got the infamous horse Mr. Ed to “talk” by putting peanut butter on the roof of his mouth? If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve surely given them a glob of peanut butter and giggled as they desperately tried to swallow it. While it’s quite funny to watch, you […]

Is Watermelon Safe for Dogs?

Watermelon is quite safe for dogs as long as you give it in moderation. Many dogs enjoy the taste of melon because of its delicate sweet flavor and abundance of water. They’re filled with vitamins and minerals, and they’re also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants have been linked to a reduction in diseases like cancer, diabetes, […]

Are Bananas Safe for Dogs to Eat?

If you are wondering whether you can share the delicious bananas you have on hand with your dog, the answer is yes. Bananas are actually a healthy treat for most dogs, and they can even help with diarrhea and other mild gastrointestinal issues. This means that the next time your pet looks longingly at the […]

Are Tomatoes Safe for My Dog to Eat?

Vegetables offer a great source of nutrients for humans, but can the same be said for animals? While dogs and cats are usually considered carnivorous, in the wild they commonly forage for plants to complement their meat-based diets. When owners are debating what little treats to slip their animals during meals, they should pause and […]


Safe for Dogs to Eat? Yes. Only in moderation! Health Benefits of Apples: Apples are a wonderful source of particular nutrients, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These vitamins help to support eye health, bone growth, and immune system response. Unlike humans, however, dogs can manufacture their own vitamin C within their bodies. The […]


Oranges are both delicious and nutritious, making them a popular snack for many people. But are they safe for your dog to enjoy? The simple answer is yes. Like all good things, however, moderation is key. The Good News Oranges provide dogs with many of the same nutritional benefits seen in humans. Oranges are an […]

Are Grapes Safe for Your Dog to Eat?

When it comes to our pets, we’re all guilty of slipping them little nibbles underneath the table. But it’s important to keep in mind that the things that are good for us aren’t necessarily good for our animals. Next time you sit down for a meal, keep this information in mind before you share your […]


The stems, seeds and leaves of cherries contain a cyanide compound. Cyanide binds with an enzyme involved in cellular oxygen transport. In the altered state, the enzyme will not function properly in transporting oxygen across cellular membranes. As a result, hemoglobin cannot release oxygen to the cells, and cellular respiration can not occur. All types […]

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