The Best Dog Food for Boxers in 2022

Best dog food for boxers

As a Smart Parent, you might be wondering what is the best dog food for boxers out there? Boxer Dogs are joyful, high-energy dogs who require an active lifestyle and good nutrition to go along with it. If you have a boxer or are thinking of adding one to your family, you’re probably curious about … Read more

Portable Dog Fence

Portable Dog Fence

We all love our dogs, and for most of us, they are much more than that. They’re companions, confidantes, and part of the family. That means you want them to go wherever you go, even camping. Of course, we also want to keep them safe, and if applicable, respect the rules of the campground we’ll … Read more

Dew Claw Injuries and Treatments Explained 2022

Dew Claw Injuries and Treatments Explained 2022 6

Dewclaws look like your dog’s thumb, but they’re far from being useful. In fact, the only time you’ll ever even remember your dog has dewclaws is when they’re snagged on something and start to bleed. What do you do if your dog injures their dewclaw? Do Dewclaws Serve a Purpose? If you’ve been around a … Read more