Dog Massager

A dog massager can be a great way to bond with your pet. Most importantly, it can help to provide elderly dogs, and dogs with inflammatory conditions with soothing relief from the pain they’re feeling. But, before you run out and purchase the first massager you see, you’ll want to do a bit of research. … Read more

Dog Hoist

If your dog has recently had surgery, or if they’re suffering from a condition that makes it difficult for them to walk or navigate stairs, dog hoists can be particularly helpful. But, not every dog owner knows what to look for. Fortunately, our comprehensive guide has everything you’ll need to know about choosing a quality … Read more

7 of the Best Ant Proof Dog Bowls! Detail Reviews Ahead!

Ant Proof Dog Bowl1

Ants are coming out already, and they make a beeline for your dog’s food dish. While there are a variety of “at-home” options, they usually take up a lot of space. Instead, get an ant-proof dog bowl to save yourself space, a ton of cleaning, and dog food. Things to Consider when Choosing an Ant … Read more

Ant Proof Dog Food Container

Ant Proof Dog Food Container

When the ants come out after winter, you have to start worrying about your dog food storage again. Unfortunately, standard storage containers that you can pick up at almost any store aren’t enough. You need an air-tight, fully sealed container to keep ants out. How to Choose an Ant Proof Dog Food Container Although ants … Read more

Bird Proof Dog Feeders

Bird Proof Dog Feeders

When you’re feeding your dog outside, they’re likely fighting the crows for a decent meal. Keep the birds out with a bird-proof dog feeder. Many pet owners try to time their dog’s eating habits or leave limited amounts of food available so that they aren’t feeding the local birds. How to Find the Best Bird … Read more

Dog Proof Air Mattress – Air Mattresses That Are Dog Friendly

Dog Proof Air Mattress

When you’re looking for the best dog air mattress, you probably have a specific problem to address. Many veterinarians recommend air mattresses for dogs with hip dysplasia or severe arthritis. Or maybe you travel constantly and don’t want your pet without a comfy place to sleep. Whatever your reason, we’ve found the best dog air … Read more

Door Scratch Protector – Protect Your Doors from Dog Scratching

Door Scratch Protector1

Door scratching isn’t just aggravating; it’s damage causing. But when your dog is experiencing separation anxiety, it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do. Installing a door scratch protector will keep your doors in good shape and protect your dog’s paws. How to Select the Right Door Scratch Protectors for Your Home To … Read more

Mouse Proof Dog Bowl

Mouse Proof Dog Bowl

As a pet owner, you probably never imagined how much hassle could be involved with feeding. If you want hassle-free feeding, but know that wherever you’re feeding your pup has a mouse problem, you need a mouse proof dog bowl. What Makes a Dog Bowl Mouse Proof? Lately, more pet owners are choosing to feed … Read more

Dog Camping Checklist, What to Bring When Taking Your Dog Camping

Dog Camping Checklist

If you’ve got a love for the outdoors and a dog by your side, you’re going to have the best camping season yet!  If you haven’t brought your dog camping quite yet, then you are surely ready to hit your local outdoor store to get everyone geared up for your summer adventures!   Before you … Read more

My Dog Ate Rat Poison, What to Do and Which Rat Poisons are Toxic to Dogs

There are few very true emergencies other than dogs eating rat poison.  Unfortunately, it’s one of the most common cases seen in veterinary emergency rooms, and if not treated quickly, it’s almost certainly fatal.   How should you handle this particular type of emergency? What happens if you don’t act quickly enough? If you’re dealing … Read more

Ant Bites on Dogs, How to Find, Treat and Prevent Ant Bites

For such minute creatures, ant bites are terribly painful and irritating to any living being that they manage to sink their teeth into.  Unfortunately in most cases, if one ant is biting, likely there are hundreds more joining in on the attack. Dogs are often bitten by these pesky insects, so if you live in … Read more

What Happens if My Dog Eats an Ant Trap?

Most dog owners have a dog that will happily eat anything and everything they can get their mouth on.  Whether it’s shoelaces, mail, or your kid’s favorite stuffed animal, some dogs are just insatiable. While most things aren’t harmful, what happens when your dog chooses to eat something that could be toxic? If it’s springtime … Read more

Beat Detergent Allergies with Dog Safe Laundry Detergents

Few creatures know how to get as cozy as dogs do. Dogs love burrowing under blankets, hopping into their nice warm bed, or even cuddling up with their humans in their owner’s bed. But, dogs and other animals have sensitive skin and fur, and laundry detergent designed for humans can present significant issues. Today, we’ll … Read more

Dog First Aid Kit for Hiking and Camping – Hit the Trails with Peace of Mind!

If you’re planning on hitting the trails with your canine companion, you’re not the only one who should have a first-aid kit available to them. Dogs can sustain injuries that require specific treatment items; all of which should be available to you in a dog first aid kit designed for hiking, camping, backpacking and the … Read more