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Dog Safe Bubbles – Your Guide to Enjoying Bubbles Without Making Your Dog Sick!

Just like young children love bubbles, dogs also love them! While bubbles are typically kid-safe and non-toxic, this does not mean they are safe for your dog to try. There are several products on the market designed specifically for canine consumption and play. Once you buy the best dog safe bubbles, all you need to do is show them to your dog, and it will be plenty of fun!

Why Use Bubbles with Your Dog?

More than anything, bubbles are a way for you to stay active with your dog and have some fun along the way. The right bubbles are stronger than standard options, taste good to a dog, and are non-toxic when consumed. There are several benefits of investing in dog safe bubbles. Some of them include keeping your dog’s heart healthy, working on balance and coordination, and even creating a strong bond between yourself and the dog.

According to Pedigree, there are serious benefits to playing with your dog! Playing with your pet teaches him or her how to play safely with a person and not get too rough or aggressive. Bubbles encourage your dog to use the brain and body in combination with one another. Blowing bubbles is a fun game to play no matter the age of your pet. Before you purchase bubbles for your pet, make sure he or she is interested in them.

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubbles

For about $21, get eighty ounces of bubbles made to smell delicious (to your dog). Because a dog’s sense of smell is so powerful, Bubbletastic has invested in a bacon scent to appeal to your four-legged family members. This highly-rated product is perfect for your child to use and encourages your dog to have fun. The bubbles are stronger than regular bubbles, so they don’t pop right away and even land on the ground without popping.

If you are interested in extending the bubble party, buy the Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine for Dogs. The machine “blows a windstorm of bubbles for your dog to pop” and also provides entertainment for your family. The machine comes with 8oz of bubbles as well.


  • An appealing flavor to encourage interest with your dog
  • Safe to consume, nontoxic formula
  • Works as a refill if you have a bubble machine or blower
  • Tear free for children and dogs
  • Just plain fun to enjoy!


  • Some users report the bacon scent sticks to their fingers
  • Not every dog likes chasing after bubbles
  • Best for use outdoors

Customer Reviews

In a client review, one purchaser said Bubbletastic Baco Bubbles provided, “hours and hours of kids giggling and shrieking with joy blowing bubbles for the pooch and watching her going into a bubble popping friends. Sorry neighbors for all the super shrieking happy squeals of joy, and loud barks of happiness!”

BubbleLick Safe Edible Party Blow Bubbles

Product seems to be out of stock for the moment.

Want to make edible bubbles? Purchase BubbleLick Safe Edible Party Blow Bubbles for under $20.00 to enjoy with your pets! Simply take this solution and combine it with your favorite liquid to make a bubble producing solution. The BubbleLick product line is designed for children, adults, and pets. For animals, you may want to try chicken or beef broth to flavor it as you wish. Do not consume the liquid by directly drinking the product. You’ll have tons of fun with these bubbles!


  • Bubbles flavored according to your dog’s preferences
  • Ease of use for a kid
  • Encouraging activity in your dog
  • Creates bubbles that are tiny and hard to catch


  • Product needs to be mixed
  • Outdoor-only

Customer Reviews

One customer says, “I got these for the family dogs since I knew they would eat the bubbles and I didn’t want them to be eating anything that would make them sick. I have only used water to make these so far, and the dogs love them! Now, I’m going to experiment with beef broth or chicken broth.”

Pet Qwerks IncrediBubbles

For under $4.00, get a tube of Doggy IncrediBubbles to give your canine hours of entertainment! This safe and fun formula comes in peanut butter flavor. The bubbles are stable, so they don’t pop right away, they even fall and rest on furniture or the ground. Soon enough, your dog will be running around with his head in the air and his teeth chomping at bubbles!

IncrediBubbles made a formula unique compared to other options on the market. The solution is sticky, but the way it sticks also means it doesn’t pop when the bubbles hit the ground. Sometimes, bubbles even land on fur!


  • Stays intact when bubbles hit the ground
  • Smaller bubbles appeal to dogs of all sizes
  • A perfect indoor or outdoor activity
  • Affordable price for a fun toy


  • The solution sticks to surfaces and may require cleaning
  • Ounces provided are lower than other products on the market

Customer Review

One customer review says, “Both of my dogs LOVE these bubbles. The wand is high quality and creates many small bubbles with each blow. The dogs chase after bubbles in the air and then run back to me while snatching up some of the bubbles that have landed on the grass.”

Try Dog Safe Bubbles

Instead of buying another stuffed toy or adding to your dog’s chew toy collection, look no further than dog safe bubbles. A purchase of these bubbles makes your dog happy, encourages playing, and even increases coordination. Don’t just buy standard bubbles from the store, purchase a product designed specifically for animal use or consumption.

Of all of the products available, Pet Qwerks IncrediBubbles comes highly recommended. You’ll love this option because it works well, the bubbles are strong, and the flavor appeals to your pet’s flavor profile.

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