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Door Scratch Protector – Protect Your Doors from Dog Scratching

Door scratching isn’t just aggravating; it’s damage causing. But when your dog is experiencing separation anxiety, it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do. Installing a door scratch protector will keep your doors in good shape and protect your dog’s paws.

How to Select the Right Door Scratch Protectors for Your Home

To find the best door scratch protector you have to consider not only your dog but also your door. Think about your dog’s size, the type of material your door is, and the noise that comes with a door scratch protector.

The size of your dog will play a major role in deciding which is the best door scat protector for your home. Some dog breeds have larger or sharper nails that can quickly cause more damage. If you have a small dog like a Chihuahua or Pug, you want a door scratch protector that can install right against the bottom of the door or a weather strip.

However, if you have a larger dog, you’ll want thicker protectant snapping from about knee height to their topmost reach.

When you consider what the materials of your door are you’ll see that some protectors are meant for glass doors, screen doors or standard indoor wood doors. Most of the time people are looking for standard wood door scratch protector which is what this list contains.

Finally, there is the issue of noise. Yes, your dog scratching at the door is noisy, but people don’t usually plan on a scratch protector being louder than the actual scratching. Many door scratch protectors serve as a training tool, so they cause an irritating sound because of a textured pattern on their surface. The texture also irritates the dog and helps them move away from scratching.

Best Overall Pick – The Original ClawGuard Ultimate Door Scratch Shield

CLAWGUARD Original The Ultimate Door Scratch Shield, Frame & Wall Protection
  • Small to Medium size dogs - the original CLAWGUARD
  • Optional noise control feature
  • Fits standard doors - easily trim with household scissors
  • Perfect for trainers and behavior training
  • No ugly hardware, No anchors required ! ! !

The Original ClawGuard Ultimate Door Scratch Shield is still the best available door scratch protector available even though it’s been available for years. This door scratch protector is easy to install and uses a simple design. There are few other cost-efficient designs available that will fully protect your doors.

The Original ClawGuard Ultimate Door Scratch Shield easily fits onto any standard size door. But if your door is a custom size, there is a bigger option available. Or, you can cut the shield easily with kitchen scissors to trim it down to any size you need!

Many people don’t like the look of a door scratch protector, but because the Original ClawGuard Ultimate Door Scratch Shield is completely transparent and trims easily, you can only cover the spaces you need.

This door scratch protector is best for medium or small dogs that are occasional to consistent scratchers. If your dog incessantly scratches at doors, you might want to consider a heavy-duty version that can withstand the additional damage.

The best thing about the Original ClawGuard Ultimate Door Scratch Shield is the extra features that you wouldn’t expect from a door scratch protector. The first Is the noise control feature. You don’t get the scraping sound off of the Original ClawGuard Ultimate Door Scratch Shield that you do with other door protectors.

Another prize feature is the fact that there’s no hardware. Many homeowners don’t want to install a door scratch protector because it requires installing hardware which damages their doors which defeats the purpose of having a door protector. With no ugly hardware, noise control, and a guaranteed fit you can’t get better than the Original ClawGuard Ultimate Door Scratch Shield.

What We Liked

  • Able to trim for a perfect fit
  • Noise control
  • Easily installs without hardware
  • Holds up against constant scratching
  • Protects the door and frame

What Could Be Better

  • Precut sizes
  • More durability against larger dogs
  • Doesn’t cover the entire surface of the door

Best Value Pick – ClawGuard’s Heavy Duty Door Shield

Heavy Duty CLAWGUARD - The Ultimate Door Scratch Shield, Frame & Wall Scratch Protection Barrier for Dog and Cat Clawing, Scratching and Damaging Doors, Scratch Shield 20in x 44in
  • INSTALLS IN 2 SECONDS: Simply pop over the door knob and your protected. Patented design makes it easy to install and remove as needed. Easy On Easy Off is perfect to transport and use on whatever door needed.
  • EXTENDED COVERAGE FOR DOOR FRAME: Designed with purpose, our Door Shields provide extended coverage to door, door frame and wall where dogs scratch most.
  • NO STICKY ADHESIVES OR HARDWARE NEEDED: Stickers and hardware can be unsightly, cause more damage, and leave dirty sticky residue. Our Door Shields apply clean and fresh.
  • MATCHES DÉCOR AND EASY TO CLEAN: Frosted clear color makes CLAWGUARD Door Protectors blend with any color door. Simply wipe with damp cloth to clean.
  • MADE IN USA: During these times, we feel it is important to support U.S. businesses. A lot of other Door Shields offered on Amazon are from oversees. Not us. 100% made in U.S.A.

Although this pick is slightly more expensive than the last option, it’s definitely the best bang for your buck. The ClawGuard heavy duty door shield is twice as strong as the ClawGuard standard door protector. This protector also comes in 3 colors and covers more area of the door.

This door scratch protector holds up against bigger breeds whereas the original ClawGuard is best against medium o small sized dogs. Although the ClawGuard heavy duty door shield doesn’t cover the entire door, it covers about a foot and a half from the frame and goes almost all the way up the door’s side.

The ClawGuard heavy duty door shield is extremely easy to install, you can trim the shield down if you need a slightly smaller size. This option also uses a textured surface to help dogs eventually stop scratching. However, this noise control feature is slightly irritating at first.

The ClawGuard heavy duty door shield is a great option and serves its purpose. This shield fits all standard door sizes, and around all standard, round, door knobs. If you don’t want to use the doorknob as mounting support, there’s the option of the included Velcro. However, the Velcro doesn’t work as well.

Overall, there’s no better option if you have a larger breed or a very persistent smaller dog. Many people with small dogs that are prone to separation anxiety like pugs, or Yorkies are better off with the ClawGuard heavy duty door shield and trimming it down, so it doesn’t take over their whole door.

What We Liked

  • Twice the strength
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to trim to size
  • Uses noise control
  • Fits all standard doors and round door knobs

What Could Be Better

  • Small dogs can chew behind the shield
  • Doesn’t cover all of the doors
  • Hardware may be necessary for larger dogs, which can cause damage to your door

Best Budget Pick – Laminet Original Deluxe Pet Scratch Shields

LAMINET The Original Deluxe Dog Scratch Shield - Protect Your Doors & Walls with Our Deluxe Heavy-Duty Flexible Plastic Dog Scratch Shield - (36L x 16W - INCHES)
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR - Protector rolls out flat & stays flat while providing virtually invisible protection from scratching dogs
  • CUT TO FIT YOUR DOOR - Flexible & shatterproof but still easy to trim. Shield stays in place while you still have full access to your door knob!
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Includes 8 pairs of Velcro Hook & Loop Coins to secure placement
  • REPUTABLE BRAND - From the makers of the ORIGINAL LAMINET DELUXE CAT SCRATCH SHIELDS, part of Laminet's full line of Pet Scratch Shields & Protectors

The Laminet Original Deluxe Pet Scratch Shields is the go-to budget solution for door scratch protectors. This product, of course, claims it’s better Thant he other alternatives, but they because they focus on thickness they might have something over most of their other competitors.

This door scratch protector comes in a roll that stays flat and is completely invisible. You can easily cut the Laminet Original Deluxe Pet Scratch Shields to fit your door and frame.

The downside of the Laminet Original Deluxe Pet Scratch Shields is that the installation isn’t as easy as sticking tape onto your door. There are 6 sets of Velcro hooks and loop coins that are necessary for installation.

Although Laminet is a reputable brand, many people stay away because of the hardware requirements. It’s not overly obvious after installation, but it doesn’t look nice or neat. With the hardware, there’s a little bit of difficulty in getting a snug fit. Many people find themselves trying to constantly increase the tightness on the Laminet Original Deluxe Pet Scratch Shields after installation.

Overall, the Laminet Original Deluxe Pet Scratch Shield is a great option, especially if you’re on a budget! There’s a lifetime guarantee with money back if you have any issues. That’s a pretty bold guarantee for any company. But, the durability is outstanding, and the price is great!

What We Liked

  • Completely transparent
  • Lays flat
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Price

What Could Be Better

  • No noise control
  • Doesn’t cover a large surface area of the door
  • Hardware use for installation


The first 2 choices from ClawGuard are great options because they utilize a textured pattern to discourage any door scratching behavior. The best door scratch protector is the Original ClawGuard Ultimate Door Scratch Shield because of its large surface area coverage, thickness, and ease of installation. But if you’re on a budget, the Laminet original deluxe pet scratch shield works well.

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