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Canine Health and Safety

Can Dogs Eat Lychee? What to Know About Dogs and Lychee?
Every Smart Dog Owner has had this question in his mind while gulping down lychee or two, "Can dogs eat[...]
Dangers of Pork Bones – Can Dogs Have Pork Bones?
Are you feeding your dog pork bones after you've cooked them for dinner or some pork chops that are left[...]
Can Dogs Get Dandruff? 5 Major Causes Explained!
Can Dogs Get Dandruff? Absolutely YES! just like us humans, dogs have very sensitive skin underneath their coat. A dog's[...]
How To Prevent Parvo In Puppies! The Complete Guide 2022
Parvo in Puppies - What you need to know! Puppies are vulnerable to a lot of diseases. They are young[...]
Can My Dog Eat Asparagus? Ultimate Guide to Asparagus for Dogs 2022
Asparagus for Dogs? Food not only binds people together but bonds us with our pets as well. We should always[...]
Miracle Fruit! Is Kiwi Good for Dogs?
Quick Summary - Is Kiwi Good for Dogs We answer the age-old question in your head - Is kiwi good[...]
Busting the Myth! Can Dogs Eat Imitation Crab Meat??
Can Dogs Eat Imitation Crab? What is Imitation Crab Meat? While you might be hearing about imitation meat for the[...]
My Dog Ate Snail Poison What Should I Do?
With the rainy weather comes an influx of slimy snails and slugs in your yard and garden. These little creatures[...]
Amazing Health Benefits of Butternut Squash for Dogs
Is Squash Good for Dogs? Squash may not be the most popular vegetable on the shelf, but when cooked correctly,[...]
Can Dogs Eat Beans?
Beans are a staple in vegetarian diets. They are a great way to get protein without eating something animal-based. They[...]
Are Bell Peppers Safe For Dogs?
Are Bell Peppers Safe for Dogs? Green peppers are a crunchy treat that is safe for your dog in moderation.[...]
Can I Give My Dog Squash?
When fall makes its way around again, you're probably dreaming of thick stews, hot bread, and roasted vegetables. While your[...]
Can I Give My Dog Almonds?
When you think of a healthy, balanced diet for a dog, it might not include the presence of certain foods[...]
Is Rosemary Safe for Dogs? The Complete Guide!
Is Rosemary Safe for Dogs? Rosemary is a commonly used herb usually found in many household gardens and pantries around[...]
Canine Influenza Explained & How to Deal with it Smartly!
We’re used to flu season as people. As soon as fall rolls around, we’re advised to get our flu vaccine,[...]
Can Dogs eat Pistachios?
What is a pistachio and are they safe for dogs to eat? What we know to today as the "modern[...]
Is Lemongrass Safe for Dogs?
Lemongrass belongs to the grass family, and 50 different species are native to south India and tropical portions of Asia.[...]
Rhubarb: Is it Good for Your Dog?
Rhubarb: Is it a Fruit or Vegetable? Rhubarb is a beautiful, leafy plant with a hearty deep pink colored stalk.[...]
Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs?
When we talk about getting relief from serious ailments such as seizures, cancer pain and anxiety, the option of medical[...]
Are Lamb Bones Safe for Dogs?
Lamb isn't a typical food found in the standard American diet, but it's considered a staple in many international cuisines.[...]
Can Dogs Eat Plums? 2022
Quick Summary: Can Dogs Eat Plums? And more importantly, are plums safe for dogs? NO plums can be toxic for[...]
Can Dogs Eat Ketchup? – Is Ketchup Good For Dogs? 2022
Quick Summary:  Can Dogs Eat Ketchup? Well to answer it shortly dogs can only have ketchup in very small amounts,[...]
Is It OK to Give Your Dog Carrots?
It's become evident that animals need a balanced diet just as much as humans do. Pet owners are often left[...]
Testing for environmental allergies in dogs
Have you noticed your dog experiencing seasonal itchiness that gets worse during the warmer months but it’s better in the[...]
Environmental vs Food Allergies in Dogs, Whats the Difference?
Itchy dog? Is your dog keeping you up all night licking, chewing, or scratching? If you’re at your wits end[...]
Is Chlorpheniramine Safe For dogs?
Antishistamines are a godsend in the spring and fall for people, but it’s contested whether or not they have the[...]
Dog Splint Care – How to Avoid Dog Splint and Brace Sores
It’s stressful for the entire family if your dog has a broken bone or a torn ligament/tendon. This typically means[...]
Ant Bites on Dogs, How to Find, Treat and Prevent Ant Bites
For such minute creatures, ant bites are terribly painful and irritating to any living being that they manage to sink[...]
Can Dogs Eat Mustard?
With summer on the horizon, we’re all gearing up for our favorite feasting pastime:  barbecuing! With nearly 75% of American[...]
What Happens if My Dog Eats an Ant Trap?
Most dog owners have a dog that will happily eat anything and everything they can get their mouth on.  Whether[...]
Beat Detergent Allergies with Dog Safe Laundry Detergents
Few creatures know how to get as cozy as dogs do. Dogs love burrowing under blankets, hopping into their nice[...]
Dog First Aid Kit for Hiking and Camping – Hit the Trails with Peace of Mind!
If you’re planning on hitting the trails with your canine companion, you’re not the only one who should have a[...]
Paint Safe For Dog Paws Lets You and Your Doggo Explore Your Artistic Side
Capturing your dog's paw prints or allowing your dog to create their own art is a fun way to make[...]
The Best Paw Print Ink For DIY Art Projects With Your Dog
Last Update: June 2018 Making paw prints with your dog is a great way to create a memorable keepsake, and[...]
The Best Hunting Dog First Aid Kit for Any Situation
Any hunter can tell you; there’s no better hunting companion than Man’s Best Friend. But, some dangers lurking in the[...]
Keep Rabbits at Bay With Pet Safe Rabbit Repellent
While they may be adorable little animals, they can create quite a bit of trouble around your home. Rabbits are[...]
17 Contagious Diseases Wildlife and Rodents Can Pass to Your Dog
Taking your dog for a romp in the wilderness is a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for dogs and dog owners[...]
7 Hidden Dog Dangers Lurking in Your Backyard
You want your backyard to be a safe space for your pooch. You want it to be a place they[...]
Can Dogs Eat Gum?
There are hidden dangers for dogs lurking in almost every corner of your home, and if you have a dog[...]
Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate?
There’s a heated debate amongst foodies about whether or not white chocolate is considered chocolate. White chocolate lovers say yes,[...]
Can Dogs Eat Butter?
Butter makes almost anything taste better. It makes your chocolate chip cookies fluffier, your freshly baked bread more mouthwatering, and[...]
Can Dogs Eat Sticks?
Every dog owner is guilty of throwing their dog a stick when you’re at the park or on a hike.[...]
Is Baby Shampoo Safe for Dogs?
Dogs are gross. Whether they’re blissfully rolling in something that has definitely been dead for a while or they manage[...]
My Dog Ate Chicken Bones, Now What?!
Since dogs are carnivores, it seems like they’d be able to eat bones without any issues, right? After all, isn’t[...]
Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe?
Summer is swiftly approaching and with it comes a bounty of melons. Sticky red watermelon, cool green honeydew, and sunny[...]
Can Dogs Eat Cranberries?
When you think of cranberries, you might think of the gelatinous mass of magenta that's been served at your Thanksgiving[...]
Can Dogs Eat Olives?
Olives are the perfect mixture of salty and tangy, and they're extremely versatile. Mexican, Greek and Italian cuisines all utilize[...]
Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds?
Sunflower seeds are the epitome of a lazy summer afternoon snack, and as a kid, you probably spent hours devouring[...]
How To Introduce Your New Baby and Dog: The Stress Free Way
Introducing Your Dog To A New Baby If you watched Lady and the Tramp as a kid, you probably remember[...]
Can Dogs Eat Lentils?
Lentils are a staple among vegetarians and vegans, but a lot of carnivorous people don't know about these healthy little[...]
Can Dogs Get Herpes From Humans?
There are two types of herpes viruses in humans: HSV 1 and 2. Herpes simplex virus 1 is responsible for[...]
Why Isn’t My Dog Drinking Water?
Dogs drink a lot of water. It isn't uncommon to refill a dog's water bowl a couple of times a[...]
Can Dogs Have Doxycycline?
Antibiotics are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in medical history, and doxycycline has a very long history in[...]
Can Dogs Get Pinkeye From Humans?
If you're a parent, then you know how gross pink eye is. Not only is it visually unappealing, it's also[...]
Can Dogs Get The Flu From Humans?
When flu season rolls around, anyone who's heard coughing or blowing their nose is suspect. Are their cheeks ruddy with[...]
Can Dogs Get A Cold From Humans?
Oh, the human cold. It's the most common illness among humans, and it's always miserable. From a stuffed up nose[...]
Can Dogs Get Mono?
You'd be hard pressed to find a dog owner who doesn't love to give their dog a smooch (or ten)[...]
Is Melatonin Safe for Dogs?
If you've been an unfortunate sufferer of insomnia or simply have difficulty falling asleep on a regular basis, then you've[...]
Previcox and Dogs
Arthritis is common in older dogs, and it causes just as much discomfort in canines as it does humans. There[...]
Is Dramamine Safe for Dogs?
If you're prone to motion sickness, then you are very familiar with dramamine. Whether it's roller coasters, boats, or just[...]
Can Dogs Get Strep Throat From Humans?
Strep throat hurts. You're fine one day, and then you wake up in the middle of the night and it[...]
Is Cephalexin Safe for Dogs?
If your dog has lived more than a few years, then it's almost guaranteed that they've been on at least[...]
Is Neosporin Safe for Dogs?
Whenever you fell and skinned a knee as a child, your mom probably slathered the wound with Neosporin and covered[...]
Is Prednisone Safe for Dogs?
Prednisone is one of the most commonly prescribed steroids in both human and veterinary medicine. It's used to treat a[...]
Are Tums Safe for dogs? Or are they bad for dogs?
The Great Debate: Are Tums Safe for dogs? Our feline friends suffer from some of the same medical problems we[...]
Is Tramadol Safe for Dogs?
If you've ever taken tramadol, then you know how effective it is at treating pain. Whether you've had a minor[...]
Can Your Dog Take Advil?
When your head is pounding or your back is screaming in protest, you can stop at any corner store and[...]
Novox for Canine Pain Management
Dogs need pain medication for many of the same reasons humans do: post-surgical pain relief, soft tissue and bone injuries,[...]
Is Aleve Safe for Dogs?
Migraines, back pain, and general wear and tear on your body often leave you reaching for your favorite pain reliever[...]
Is Cortisone Safe for Dogs?
Steroids are a wonderful family of drugs that treat a variety of ailments. Cortisone is most often used in humans[...]
Is Zyrtec Safe for Dogs?
Updated: August 2018 Allergies are unpleasant for every species. If you've mistakenly thought that allergies are specific to humans, then[...]
Can Dogs Eat Dates?
Not too many Americans eat dates on a regular basis. While they're a staple in other cultures, you usually have[...]
Is Valium Safe for Dogs?
Valium is a commonly prescribed benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms in humans. It is[...]
Is Xanax Safe for Dogs?
Anxiety is a terrible thing that doesn't discriminate among species. A lot of people don't realize that a large number[...]
Metacam For Pain Management
The majority of canine NSAID pain medications come in pill form. Some dogs have no problems taking pills, but some[...]
Deramaxx For Dogs
Controlling your dog’s pain isn’t as easy as taking care of your own headache. While you have a cabinet filled[...]
Is Imodium Safe for Dogs?
Diarrhea is one of the most unpleasant digestive problems you can experience. It seems to hit at the most inconvenient[...]
Is Catnip Bad for Dogs?
Can Dogs Get Buzzed on Catnip? If you've ever spent any time on social media, you've seen the funny memes[...]
Is Aspirin Safe for Dogs?
While dogs can't tell you if they're having aches and pains, they do get them. Older dogs become arthritic while[...]
Is Pedialyte Safe for Dogs?
Experienced parents are all too aware of the existence of Pedialyte. This electrolyte drink is excellent for treating and preventing[...]
Apple Cider Vinegar
Holistic medicine is still quite controversial in veterinary medicine. Some vets embrace holistic remedies while others scoff at its efficacy.[...]
Glucosamine for Dogs
Glucosamine is a joint supplement administered to relieve arthritis pain or prevent joint issues from occurring. Dogs aren’t immune to[...]
Salmon Oil for Dogs
Supplements that are safe to add to your dog’s diet are best when they’re approved by your veterinarian before you[...]
Is Beef Jerky Safe For Dogs?
If you've ever been munching on beef jerky, you've seen how it grabs your dog's attention as soon as you[...]
Is Milk Thistle Safe For Dogs?
Liver disease isn’t unheard of in dogs. In fact, it’s quite common. It has a myriad of causes, like viruses,[...]
Are Acorns Dangerous to Dogs?
Can Dogs Eat Acorns? As a dog owner, you're aware of the typical canine hazards in your home. What your[...]
Are Poppy Seeds Toxic for Your Dog?
Have you heard that urban legend about people getting fired from their job and/or arrested because they tested positive on[...]
Are Sesame Seeds Okay for Dogs to Eat?
Are Sesame Seeds Okay for Dogs to consume? The Quick Answer? Yes, sesame seeds are perfectly safe for dogs to consume[...]
Can Dogs Eat Cottage Cheese?
It's true dogs need a varied diet unless they're wild dogs living off of the land. A good quality dog[...]
Is Cauliflower Safe for Dogs?
Cauliflower isn't many people's favorite vegetable despite the myriad of ways it can be cooked and supposedly made delicious. Whether[...]
Can Dogs Have Grapefruit?
Health experts and know-it-alls like to expound upon the importance of getting enough vitamin C. They tell you how important[...]
Can Dogs Eat Lemons?
There was an internet craze started a few years ago where dog owners were letting their dogs lick lemons to[...]
Can My Dog Have Macadamia Nuts?
It's a bit startling that your dog will eat anything they find in the backyard and experience no ill side[...]
Are Chickpeas Safe For Dogs?
Vegans and vegetarians have long lauded the mighty chickpea aka garbanzo bean as a great source of protein that can[...]
Is Ibuprofen Safe for Dogs?
Ibuprofen is one of the most commonly purchased pain medications available over the counter. Most homes have a steady supply[...]
Is Olive Oil Healthy for Dogs?
There aren’t too many things in your pantry that are good for your dog. You know the ones that are[...]
Are Pears Okay for Dogs to Eat?
Pears are well known for being one of the most fiber-rich fruits found in grocery stores, and they come in[...]
Is Xylitol Toxic for Dogs?
My Dog Just Ingested Xylitol. Is This Bad? There are many food items toxic to dogs, but many owners overlook[...]
Is Fish Oil Healthy For Dogs?
If you ask a veterinarian about the supplement they most commonly recommend for their canine patients, they would probably say[...]
Allegra for Dogs
Allergies are an annual plague for many people, arising as the earth comes back to life after a long winter.[...]
Is Claritin Safe for Dogs?
Updated: August 2018 Allergies plague creatures of all species. While you're sneezing, coughing, and dealing with red, itchy eyes, it's[...]
Is GasX Safe for Dogs?
The painful bloating associated with gas is one of the most uncomfortable feelings, especially when you're at work, school, or[...]
Is Pepcid AC Safe for Dogs?
If you're one of those unlucky people who wakes up with searing heartburn pain after you visit your favorite Mexican[...]
Bach flower (rescue remedy)
Dogs with minor anxiety and situational phobias may need some intervention, but perhaps a prescription medication like Prozac or Zoloft[...]
Gabapentin for Dogs
If you're familiar with human medications, you would be surprised to know how many human medications are used in veterinary[...]
Prozac for Dogs
It’s a running joke among professionals in the dog industry that high-strung dogs should be on Prozac. While this used[...]
Paxil for Dogs
Many veterinarians are presented with cases where an owner is considered euthanizing their pet because of seemingly incurable behavioral problems.[...]
Zoloft for Dogs
Zoloft (sertraline) is one of the most commonly prescribed antidepressants in human medicine. With minimal side effects and sweeping efficacy,[...]
Ativan for Canine Anxieties and Phobias
Like humans, dogs are capable of developing anxiety and phobias. The most common phobias--thunder, vacuums, hair dryers--probably don’t seem like[...]
Can I Give My Dog Benadryl?
Spring may be a season of rebirth, but it's also the season for some pretty gnarly allergies. Sneezing, coughing, runny[...]
Can I Give My Dog Pepto-Bismol?
It seems that dogs have a penchant for choosing the middle of the night or the middle of the living[...]
Is Rimadyl Safe for Dogs?
Since all over the counter human pain medications are toxic to your dog, you might wonder if there's anything you[...]
Is Tylenol Safe for Dogs?
Is Tylenol Safe for Dogs? Dogs seem to have a knack for injuring themselves at the most inconvenient times. Whether[...]
Can Dogs Eat Figs?
Are Figs Safe for Your Dog? Figs are a very underrated fruit. If you're searching your brain to think of[...]
Can Dogs Eat Kale?
Can Your Dog Eat Kale? Kale has taken the health world by storm with its reputation for being a superfood.[...]
Are Pecans Bad For Dogs?
Are Pecans Safe for Your Dog? A handful of nuts is a great snack for when you're too busy to[...]
Can Dogs Eat Mangos?
Are Mangos Safe for Dogs? Mango has a mixed reputation among fruit lovers. Some people declare it's the perfect treat[...]
Are Ribs Safe for Dogs?
When you sit down with a pile of saucy ribs, you settle in with a huge stack of napkins and[...]
Is Turkey Okay for Your Dog to Eat?
When Thanksgiving finally comes around again, you and your entire family are drooling over the thought of that fat, juicy[...]
Is Shrimp Safe for Your Dog to Eat?
When you're a devoted seafood lover, stopping along the coast without indulging in a plate of fresh shrimp would be[...]
Can Dogs Eat Raisins?
Are Raisins Safe for Dogs to Eat? Raisins were probably a staple in your childhood. Your grandma always had a[...]
Chocolate is one of the best foods on earth. No matter what you eat it in or put it on,[...]
Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? Whether you're sitting on a remote island or cozied up in your backyard, pineapple just oozes[...]
Can Dogs Have Lettuce?
Lettuce may seem like a boring food option, but it's so good for you! Lettuce comes in a wide range[...]
Are Pickles OK for Dogs to Eat?
Pickles are a perfect combination of salty, sour, and crunchy. Whether you're chopping them up into your tuna salad or[...]
Can Dogs Have Honey?
Honey has many benefits, and it tastes really good, too. You can use it as a healthier option to sweeten[...]
Is Bread Healthy For Dogs?
If you've ever met someone who has been on a low-carb diet, you know how irritable they get. Don't ever[...]
Are Mushrooms Safe For Dogs to Eat?
People either love or hate mushrooms. If they hate them, there's no way to prepare them that will make them[...]
Do Dogs Eat Zucchini? The Complete Guide!
Do you have a gardening neighbor who brings you endless amounts of zucchini squash every summer? By August, it's possible[...]
Can Dogs Have Ham?
Updated: August 2018 Ham is a staple during many American holidays. You probably grew up on juicy hams on Easter[...]
Can Dogs Eat Raspberries?
Can Your Dog Have Raspberries? Berry season is one of the tastiest fruit seasons around. Sweet strawberries, tart blackberries, and[...]
Is Raw Meat Safe for Dogs?
Many sources have been telling the world how dangerous raw meat is for our health. Neglecting to clean the counters[...]
Is Pasta Good for Dogs?
Pasta is a guaranteed comfort food. You make it light and loaded with veggies, or you can make it cheesy[...]
Can Dogs Safely Eat Salmon?
Flaky, perfectly cooked salmon is a light, mouthwatering option for your dinner. You can put it over a bed of[...]
Can Dogs Eat Green Beans?
Did you hate green beans as a child? Whether they were canned or fresh, you probably snuck them under the[...]
Should Dogs Eat Cat Food?
Dogs are notorious for eating anything that fits in their mouth and tastes remotely delicious. You've heard the old jokes[...]
Is Pumpkin Okay for Dogs to Eat?
In the wake of a certain coffee joint's popular pumpkin spice latte, the popularity of pumpkin has exploded. There are[...]
Are Peanuts Safe For Dogs?
Can Dogs Have Peanuts? Peanuts don't get enough credit. They're crunchy, salty, and filling. While they have a reputation for[...]
Can Your Dog Have Cinnamon?
You have plenty of childhood memories of coming home from school on a crisp, fall afternoon and being greeted by[...]
Can Dogs Have Popcorn?
Popcorn is a must-have when you're sitting in a dark theater at a hotly anticipated movie. Slathered in butter and[...]
Is Milk OK For Dogs?
Can Dogs Have Milk? You love your milk. Whether it's poured over your cereal or enjoyed with a big piece[...]
Can Dogs Have Cashews?
With such an emphasis on healthy eating, people are turning towards nuts for filling snacks that offer protein, healthy fats,[...]
Can Your Dog Eat Celery?
Celery is the butt of many diet jokes. Some people jokingly claim that chewing celery burns more calories than the[...]
Can Your Dog Have Broccoli?
Remember all those dinners when your mom would give you broccoli and you'd do everything you could to get out[...]
Can Your Dog Have Potatoes?
Potatoes can be prepared in endless ways. You can fry them, bake them, roast them, and mash them. You can[...]
Can Dogs Have Corn?
Corn gets a bad reputation in the nutrition world. Some experts say it isn't all that healthy for humans because[...]
Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?
Cucumbers aren't known to be one of the most flavorful vegetables out there, but when they're dressed properly, they can[...]
Are Strawberries Safe for Your Dog? Strawberries practically scream "summer" with their light flavor and rich color. They're the perfect[...]
Can Your Dog Eat Oatmeal?
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it's one of the most delicious. Whether you're digging into[...]
Can Dogs Eat Onions?
Most people have a love-hate relationship with onions. People who love onions can eat them in almost anything, while those[...]
Updated: August 2018 Coconut comes in a variety of forms. It comes coated in chocolate, tucked into cakes, and mixed[...]
Can dogs have Melons?
When the beautiful warm weather finally comes back around, it brings a bountiful variety of fruit with it. Berries become[...]
Can Dogs Have Coffee?
You make a beeline for your coffee first thing in the morning because it's hot, wet, and teeming with caffeine.[...]
Is Spinach Safe for Your Dog?
Doctors, nutritionists, and your grandma tell you how important your dark greens are for overall health. Leafy greens are some[...]
How Safe is Raw Pork and Bones for Your Dog?
Can Dogs Eat Pork? Pork is delicious whether you're roasting a pork loin, frying up some pork chops, or shredding[...]
How Safe is Raw Chicken for Your Dog?
It's been pounded into your head that raw chicken is teeming with bacteria that can make you seriously ill. There[...]
Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes?
Sweet potatoes seem to go one of two ways: people either love them or they hate them. Their naturally sweet[...]
Can Your Dog Eat Brussels Sprouts?
If someone asked you to name a gross vegetable right there on the spot, you might say "Brussels sprouts". These[...]
Can Dogs Eat Garlic?
They say that a good recipe always starts with an onion and some garlic. If you fall into this camp,[...]
Are Peaches Safe for Dogs to Eat?
Peaches are a delightful treat, especially when you get one of those perfectly ripe fruits that have just the right[...]
Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?
Despite their penchant for ruining your favorite shirt and dying your tongue purple, blueberries are some of the sweetest little[...]
Is Crab Safe for Dogs to Eat?
Can dogs eat crab without any harm? Absolutely yes! Crabmeat can pack a powerful punch of proteins for your pooch.[...]
Can You Feed Your Dog Cheerios? Are Cheerios Safe for Dogs?
Are Cheerios Safe for Dogs? You've probably started your morning with Cheerios more than a few times. This lightly sweetened[...]
Can Your Dog Have Pizza?
It's Friday night, the doorbell rings, and it's the best delivery of the week: pizza! Those gooey slices loaded with[...]
Is Eggplant Safe for Your Dog?
Eggplant is probably one of the most ignored vegetables in the produce section, leading a life of misconception based on[...]
Can Dogs Eat Pomegranates?
Pomegranate is a delicious fruit, perfect in its balance of being both sweet and tart. While they are a pain[...]
Can You Feed Your Dog Edamame? All you need to know about Edamame for Dogs!
Edamame for Dogs -- Edamame is a delicious, crunchy treat. You can toss these little green soybeans in salads and[...]
Is It Okay to Give Your Dogs French Fries?
Having a cheeseburger without crispy french fries is practically blasphemy. When you roll through the drive-through to treat yourself to[...]
Can Dogs Eat Papaya?
When you want to indulge in a tropical treat, you probably turn to something like pineapple or mango. However, you're[...]
Can You Feed Your Dog Fish?
There are many dog food companies that are striving to produce quality foods that have more than chicken and beef[...]
Can You Give Your Dog Peas?
Peas: you either love them or you hate them. Maybe you love them fresh from your garden, but canned peas[...]
Can You Give Your Dog Quinoa?
Quinoa is hard to pronounce, but it's easy to cook and quite delicious! Many people don't realize that quinoa is[...]
Can You Give Your Dogs Beets?
Ask any vegetarian or vegan and they'll probably give you a dozen different ways to make beets more tasty. These[...]
Ice and Ice Water
Is there anything better than a tall glass of ice water after a sweaty workout? Whether it's a glass of[...]
Ice Cream
Who doesn't love ice cream? This creamy, sweet treat is good any way you serve it. While ice cream makes[...]
Can My Dog Eat Rice?
Rice is a versatile ingredient that most people have tucked away in their pantries. Whether you're serving it as a[...]
Can You Give Your Dog Hotdogs and Hotdog Buns?
When BBQ season rolls around, there's at least one weekend afternoon where you're blissfully building the perfect hotdog. When you[...]
Is Cabbage Safe for Dogs?
Cabbage isn't a popular choice among most people because of its taste and texture. Unless it's cooked, coated in mayo[...]
Can I Give My Dog Tuna?
As you're browsing the dog food selection at your local pet store, you've probably noticed how many different ingredients are[...]
Is Bacon Safe for Dogs?
Bacon has long been a staple in the American kitchen, filling the bellies of families during Sunday breakfasts and on[...]
Can You Give Your Dog Beer?
Beer is a tasty pastime. Whether it's a summer BBQ or quiet night in front the television, almost every household[...]
Can I Safely Feed My Dog Avocados?
Research is showing that humans benefit from healthy fats by increasing our immune systems, assisting in our cognitive function, and[...]
Is Cheese Healthy for Dogs?
Oh, cheese. It's creamy, gooey, and it goes well with everything. While your dog doesn't ask you for a oozing[...]
Can I Feed My Dog Eggs?
It's Sunday morning and you're whipping up a big breakfast for the entire family: pancakes for the kids and omelettes[...]
Can I Give My Dog Yogurt?
The research behind probiotics has expanded quite a lot in the past few years and as a result our understanding[...]
Can I Give My Dog Peanut Butter?
Did you know that TV producers got the infamous horse Mr. Ed to "talk" by putting peanut butter on the[...]
Is Watermelon Safe for Dogs?
Watermelon is quite safe for dogs as long as you give it in moderation. Many dogs enjoy the taste of[...]
Are Bananas Safe for Dogs to Eat?
If you are wondering whether you can share the delicious bananas you have on hand with your dog, the answer[...]
Are Tomatoes Safe for My Dog to Eat?
Vegetables offer a great source of nutrients for humans, but can the same be said for animals? While dogs and[...]
Safe for Dogs to Eat? Yes. Only in moderation! Health Benefits of Apples: Apples are a wonderful source of particular[...]
Oranges are both delicious and nutritious, making them a popular snack for many people. But are they safe for your[...]
Are Grapes Safe for Your Dog to Eat?
When it comes to our pets, we're all guilty of slipping them little nibbles underneath the table. But it's important[...]
The stems, seeds and leaves of cherries contain a cyanide compound. Cyanide binds with an enzyme involved in cellular oxygen[...]