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Are Sesame Seeds Okay for Dogs to Eat?

Unless you’re a veterinarian, it’s unlikely you have a complete knowledge of food items that are toxic to dogs. Even veterinarians can get confused about what is bad for dogs and what’s deadly. Knowledge is power, though, so before you feed your dog anything new, always double check its safety and save yourself an expensive emergency vet visit.

Are Sesame Seeds Toxic to Dogs?

The ASPCA and Pet Poison Hotline agree sesame seeds are not toxic to dogs. They’re great sources of protein, antioxidants, and omega-6 fatty acids for people, so you might be wondering if your dog could benefit from them. Despite their nutrition for humans, they really offer nothing to dogs they aren’t getting in their quality dog food.

Should You Avoid All Forms of Sesame Seeds?

There are roasted sesame seeds to top your salad, tahini, and sesame oil, and it’s unlikely you’ll be adding tahini or sesame oil to your dog’s food. However, if you’ve decided with your vet that your dog could use a healthy oil added to their overall diet, skip sesame oil and opt for something a bit more traditional like fish or coconut oil.

In America, you’re most likely to find tahini in hummus, and hummus is off limits to dogs because of the addition of onion and garlic for flavor. If you feed your dog sesame seeds, their carnivorous digestive system isn’t going to do very well digesting them, so expect to see the seeds come out completely undigested within 24 to 48 hours.

Why Don’t Dogs Need Seeds?

Seeds aren’t a part of their natural diet. You don’t see wolves or other wild dogs snacking on seeds, and if you’ve ever seen the droppings of an omnivorous wild animal, it’s littered with undigested seeds. Your dog gets all the protein and fatty acids they need from their meat-based food.

Remember your dog’s food provides complete nutrition. Unless you’re feeding your dog a steady diet of table scraps and other human foods, it’s very unlikely their nutrition needs to be supplemented in any way.

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