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Welcome to Smart Dog Owners!

We are focused on helping new and experienced Smart Dog Owners make good decisions on their dog’s lifestyle, eventually making them Smart Parents. Dogs can get on your nerves but they make our lives whole. Parenting is hard especially when you are dealing with these rowdy and excitable bundles of joy who won’t listen to you. Being pet owners ourselves, Smart Dog Owner family has years of experience in parenting dogs the right way. From their behavior to health to diet, we have got you covered!

Whether you’re looking for what your dog can or can’t eat, the types of medications you can give your puppy, general grooming tips, dog behavior therapy, or the best types of food for your dog’s breed, we’ve got a vast library of content to help you. Every article and topic is research-based and unbiased, with a focus on providing honest and objective reviews. Smart Dog Owner’s ultimate goal is to bring readers the very best information, tips, and advice on dog care, nutrition, health, training, and temperament.

The Men & Women behind SDO

Hi, I’m Jacob. I’ve been a professional blogger for over 6 years and in that time I’ve written countless blogs that have reached millions of people. I am a DVM by profession but all you need to know is that I LOVE DOGS!

SDO started way back in 2015 on a whim. I’d read a couple of dozen blogs online while searching for the best products for my pup and the amount of misinformation online from unqualified sources giving potentially harmful advice shocked me. Then suddenly it hit me, hey, I can do this too! And I can do this RIGHT! Without even knowing what a blog was or how it makes money. I jumped right in to share the years of knowledge I have of dogs with the world.

Within a few months, I realized that people were reacting extremely positively to my blogs. My website had taken off and I would receive countless emails from happy dog owners telling me how my website was a God-send for them and their pups were doing so much better after they followed my advice. I would get so many questions as well, and in my attempt to consolidate and answer all the questions I would get from my readers, my blog has evolved to the website you see today. Over the years I encouraged my good friend Tina who is also a DVM to share her experiences and better guide the people who read us. By the Grace of God, we now reach close a million people a year and we get such warm feedback on how we have made life easier for new dog owners all over the globe.

As a dog owner only you would know the feeling you get when you come home at night and your pup is there at the door wagging their tail in sheer joy. The bond a person and their dog share can not be explained in mere words. Yet dogs are like children, and they need to be cared for and trained, and that’s why Smart Dog Owner exists, to give you the precise and exact information that you seek about your dog. No matter how minute that detail is, chances are we will be there to help you out! As someone who has raised 7 of his own dogs, Jacob will always help you out.