About Us

Welcome to Smart Dog Owners!

Hi, I’m Jacob. I’ve been a professional blogger for over six years, and in that time, I’ve written countless blogs that have helped millions of people worldwide. A DVM by profession, I have treated and cured thousands of dogs, if not millions.

Smart Dog Owners started way back in 2015 on a whim. While searching for products online, I was baffled by the amount of misinformation online from unqualified sources giving potentially harmful advice. Suddenly, the idea hit me hey, I can do this too! And I can do this Better!

Within a few months, I realized that people reacted positively to my blogs. My website had taken off, and I would receive countless emails from happy dog owners telling me how my website was a God-send for them. Their pups were doing so much better after they followed my instructions. In a humble attempt to consolidate and answer all the questions I get from my readers, I have created this mega-blog of over 400 articles.

Over the years, I encouraged my good friend Tina, a fellow DVM, to share her experiences and better guide the people who read our blog. We now reach close to a million people a year by the Grace of God. We get such warm feedback on how we have made life easier for new dog owners all over the globe.