10 Strongest Dogs In The World 2022

Wolrd's Strongest Dog Breeds

There’s no doubt in the fact that dogs make fantastic companions for pet owners. But these great pets are also muscle-bound marvels with stamina and strength. Who are the strongest dogs in the world and what makes them the strongest? Let’s find out! Throughout history, people have bred dogs for herding, farming, and even hunting. … Read more

Horgi Dog – Your Family Friendly Mix Breed!

Horgi Dog - Your Family Friendly Mix Breed! 1

Horgi – The mix-breed friendly dog of the year! We at Smart Dog Owners know that you as a smart pet parent only want the friendliest dog for your house. Designer breeds are all the rage right now, and many breeders have taken to crossing unlikely breeds to create a combination they feel would appeal … Read more

How Much Do Great Danes Cost?

How Much Do Great Danes Cost? 3

Getting a dog is never cheap, but when you get a breed that seems more horse-like than dog-like, you’re looking at a higher cost than something more average in size. Great Danes aren’t just known for being gentle companions; they’re also known for having a significantly higher cost of care than other breeds. Not only … Read more

How Much Do Pomeranians Cost?

How Much Do Pomeranians Cost? 4

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the spunky little Pomeranian ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. These spitfires are known for their loyalty and larger-than-life attitudes wrapped up in a tiny package. If you’ve been considering adding a Pomeranian to your family, it’s important to know the … Read more

How Much Do Huskys Cost?

How Much Do Huskys Cost? 5

Huskies consistently remain in the top 20 favorite dog breeds in the United States. Their wolfish good lucks and vocal behavior often makes them intimidating, but they’re actually quite sweet, gentle, and personable dogs. If you’ve evaluated the Husky breed and decided their personality and activity needs are a good fit for your family, the … Read more

How much do Golden Retrievers Cost?

How much do Golden Retrievers Cost? 6

Golden Retrievers are by far one of the most beloved and cherished breeds in the United States, lauded in film, literature, and internet memes. They’re loved for their impeccably gentle nature, loyalty, and ease of care. You won’t find many people who have owned a Golden Retriever saying anything negative about this sweet breed. If … Read more

Gentle Giants

Gentle Giants 7

Any veterinary professional will tell you that it isn’t the big dogs you have to look out for; it’s the little dogs that are the grumpiest. While the average person may shy away from the massive Mastiffs and the lumbering Labradors, it’s actually the tinier breeds that are known for their sassy attitudes. You might … Read more

Dogs with the Longest Lifespans

Dogs with the Longest Lifespans 8

The most heartbreaking aspect of owning a dog is their relatively short lifespans. There are breeds of dogs that barely live more than six years while there are other breeds that can live well into the double digits. If having a dog live a long life is important to you as a dog owner, then … Read more

Breaking Down the Smallest Dog Breeds

Breaking Down the Smallest Dog Breeds 9

Dogs are lovable enough that it’s only natural we love them as small as possible. Having a large Labrador or Golden Retriever has its own perks, but there’s just something exquisitely special about carrying part of your heart around in your arms. There are plenty of small breeds to choose from, but if you’re looking … Read more

Low-Shedding Dog Breeds

Low-Shedding Dog Breeds 10

Most dog owners are completely resigned to the fact that they’re going to be covered in dog hair. Black clothes are out of the question, and if you’re going out in your dressy clothes, you have to dart straight from the bathroom to the car to avoid being covered immediately in hair. While this is … Read more

The Heaviest Dog Breeds

The Heaviest Dog Breeds 11

There are plenty of people who love the tiny dog breeds, but there are lots of large breed enthusiasts, too. While it’s mistakenly thought that large breeds are aggressive and hard to handle, the opposite is actually true. The bigger the dog, the sweeter they tend to be. If you’ve been considering adding a giant … Read more

When Are Dogs Full Grown?

When Are Dogs Full Grown? 12

If you think human children grow up fast, you’ve never had a puppy! One day, you’ve got this roly-poly ball of jiggly skin and fat, and the next they’re all legs and sass. Certain types of dogs reach adulthood faster than others, and others grow quickly but remain in a puppy state of mind well … Read more

The Top 10 Designer Dog Breeds

The Top 10 Designer Dog Breeds 13

By definition, a designer dog breed is a mix of two or more purebreds, and they’re growing in popularity among Americans. A designer breed may sound like a mutt, but there are breeders out there devoted exclusively to these new “breeds”. If you’ve never heard of a designer breed or you’re curious about the most … Read more