Guide 101| Cleaning Golden Retriever Ears!

Cleaning Golden Retriever Ears

Wondering how to carefully clean your golden retriever’s ears without harming this cute pup? Well, just like any other pet, your golden retriever trusts you as much as you think they do. But with that trust comes a lot of responsibility, including cleaning, washing, and taking care of your pup. Let’s Get Started – Cleaning … Read more

Why Is My Puppy Peeing So Much? 8 Common Reasons!

Why Is My Puppy Peeing So Much

Are you worried that your puppy is peeing so much? Is it normal? It is normal for a puppy to pee more than a dog. Still, is it possible for your puppy to pee more than your dog? Yes, it is possible. Your puppy can go through an unsettling situation or may face an emotional … Read more

Can Dogs Get Brain Freeze? Is it Painful? How To Prevent It?

Can Dogs Get Brain Freeze

We’ve all gotten a brain freeze at least once in our lives. Slurping down a cold smoothie or overeating ice cream sounds fantastic until you have to stop because of the sudden jolt of pain in your head. You probably share your ice cream or cold food with your dog too. After all, who would … Read more

Health Risk? Can A Vaccinated Dog Get Rabies?

Can A Vaccinated Dog Get Rabies

While your furry pet may be your best friend, some obvious reasons exist for taking care of its health. Dogs are pretty immune to many ailments, but when it comes to rabies, there is no backing down. That’s why a lot of vets recommend getting your pets vaccinated at the soonest; otherwise, it could be … Read more

Can Dogs Get HIV? Does My Dog Have HIV?

Can Dogs Get HIV

Can dogs get HIV? No, it is a myth that dogs quickly contract HIV. Dogs do not get HIV. Research conducted by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown that dogs cannot be held responsible for spreading HIV among humans because they do not contract HIV. Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) has … Read more

Can Dogs Get Chicken Pox? Nightmare for Dogs?

Can Dogs Get Chicken Pox

Can dogs get chicken pox? Dogs are the most loving pet existent on the planet. It is not a surprise that one-third of the global population are dog owners. They provide support, love, and whatnot, but most importantly, they are the most playful creatures. It’s a relatively common question – can dogs get chickenpox? As … Read more

Are Shock Collars Cruel For Dogs? Are They Legal in 2022!

Are Shock Collars Cruel For Dogs

Yes, shock collars are very cruel to dogs. It depends upon the usage of shock collars for dogs. Shock collars have a history in dog training. There is no doubt that shock collars help trainers in the enforcement of commands for dogs. However, animal welfare activists disagree with using shock collars for dogs. A dog … Read more

Are Grass Seeds Safe for Dogs? Complete Guide 2022

Are Grass Seeds Safe for Dogs

Have you ever wondered what a grass seed is, that too, being a dog owner? Well, look no further, because this article will answer your question: Are grass seeds safe for dogs? Firstly, as the name suggests, grass seeds are seeds that grow to become grass. Secondly, how does being a dog owner affect it? … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Expired Meat?

Can Dogs Eat Expired Meat

Do our Smart Dog Owners often worry about their doggo’s food and nutritional requirements? Well, we are here for you! Millions of dog owners are highly concerned about the best kind of food for their pups. One question is particularly prevalent amongst these dog-lovers: Can dogs eat expired meat? No, they cannot. Expired meat is … Read more

Matted Dog Hair! Prevention, Detanglement and Removal.

Matted dog hair

If your dog has a long, extravagant coat, chances are that you will find mattes in its fur unless you groom it regularly. Matted dog hair build-up when loose hair tangles with dead skin cells and dirt. However, getting rid of matted hair is just as easy as developing it in the first place.  Matted … Read more

My Dog Ate a Bee, Should I be Worried? 2022

My Dog Ate a Bee, Should I be Worried? 2022

“My dog ate a bee! what should I do!” Many Smart Dog Owners have pondered upon this question at least once in their life. There is plenty of debate on the internet about what to do if your dog eats a bee. Some people say you should panic and take them to the vet right … Read more

Gabapentin for Dogs

Gabapentin for Dogs

Gabapentin is a drug that is generally used to treat seizures and nerve pain in humans, but you can also use it to treat similar conditions in dogs. Gabapentin can be given to dogs as an oral medication or as an injection, and it helps control seizures by blocking specific electrical signals in the brain. … Read more

Can Dogs Get Dandruff? 5 Major Causes Explained!

Can Dogs Get Dandruff

Can Dogs Get Dandruff? Absolutely YES! just like us humans, dogs have very sensitive skin underneath their coat. A dog’s skin is prone to a lot of diseases if not handled with care. There numerous causes of dandruff your dog’s skin and as Smart Dog Owners you should know all about them! In this article … Read more

How To Prevent Parvo In Puppies! The Complete Guide 2022

How To Prevent Parvo In Puppies! The Complete Guide 2022

Parvo in Puppies – What you need to know! Puppies are vulnerable to a lot of diseases. They are young and their immune systems have not fully developed. Parvo is the kind of disease, though, that you would never want your puppy to contract. An illness like Parvo can have serious consequences for them. What … Read more

My Dog Ate Snail Poison What Should I Do?


With the rainy weather comes an influx of slimy snails and slugs in your yard and garden. These little creatures may be interesting to look at, but they can wreak havoc on your beloved plants. Before you put out a bunch of slug and snail bait, use caution if you also have dogs in your … Read more