When To Euthanize a Dog With Liver Failure? (2023)

When To Euthanize a Dog With Liver Failure

Liver failure is not a simple problem. It can be serious and life-threatening for your furry friends. Dogs can have liver failure due to underlying health issues, including liver disease, toxins, cancer, and infections. Euthanizing a dog is a tough call. You have to consider several factors, including the current medical condition of your doggo. … Read more

Can I Use Dove Soap On My Dog? (Is Dove Soap Safe?)

Can I Use Dove Soap On My Dog

You want your dogs to remain clean and smell fresh. While it may seem tempting to use human products to clean your dogs, Dove soap is not a good choice for your furry friends. It may seem difficult to take care of your doggo sometimes. You may have several thoughts and ideas running through your … Read more

Why Would a Dog Die After Being Spayed? (8 Complications)

Why Would a Dog Die After Being Spayed

Spaying and neutering surgeries are not considered high-risk surgeries for dogs. Vets follow a carefully laid out procedure for spaying and neutering a dog. Your vet may administer general anesthesia to spay and neuter your dog. Why would a dog die after being spayed? General anesthesia has an invasive nature. In some cases, spaying and … Read more

Can Dogs Take Cyclobenzaprine? (Harms of Cyclobenzaprine)

Can Dogs Take Cyclobenzaprine

The first thing you’ll want to do when your pupper gets sick is try to fix the problem at home. Often, the easiest way owners do this is by giving their own OTCs to their pets. Giving your dog your own medicine to treat it isn’t out of the ordinary; many dog parents give their … Read more

Are Tulips Toxic To Dogs? (5 Symptoms of Tulip Poisoning)

Are Tulips Toxic To Dogs

Are tulips toxic to dogs? It’s a relevant question to ask if your house or neighborhood is filled with tulips. You never know with dogs; they find the weirdest things worth eating, and if it smells good- in the case of tulips, you can’t stop them from tasting it at least once in their life. … Read more

Are Poinsettias Poisonous To Dogs? (Why Are Poinsettias Bad)

Can Dogs Eat Poinsettias

If you are a dog owner, you may be curious “are poinsettias poisonous to dogs?“. The answer is yes. Poinsettias are poisonous to dogs. But don’t worry – the effects of the poison aren’t typically deadly, and there are some things you can do if your dog ingests a poinsettia. Whether indoors or out in … Read more

Black Widow Spider Bite In Dogs: (Signs Of Bite Symptoms)

Black Widow Spider Bite In Dogs

House spiders are a pretty common problem in the US, especially for those with pets. Spiders inhabit our homes, and while they’re usually hiding in the dark, less frequently visited corners of the house, they can find their way to your pet. Most house spiders do not pose a significant threat to your dogs, but … Read more

Best Home Remedy For Itchy Skin For Dogs! (Signs of Itching)

Home Remedy For Itchy Skin For Dogs!

Dog owners can immediately sense when there’s something wrong with their pup. Whether your dog gets hurt or hides socks under the couch, you can always tell something is up. If your dog has been scratching itself restlessly and even bumping against the furniture, you know it’s feeling distressed. Your dog-parent senses tingle, so you … Read more

When To Take Cone Off Dog After Neuter? (2023)


If your dog has undergone an intense surgery, whether it was a spay or neuter or any other type of surgery, then chances are that your VET must have already given your dog an E collar or, in other words, known as the dog cone. The general question that many people ask after their dogs’ … Read more

Signs of Infection After Neutering Dog!(Right Time To Neuter)

Signs of Infection After Neutering Dog

Are you looking for signs of infection after neutering a dog? First of all, you need to calm down. Dog owners get apprehensive the moment something gets wrong with their pets. We understand the fear that pops out of your love for the pet. But, you’ve to understand specific treatments and procedures prescribed by the … Read more

How Do I Comfort My Dog After Neutering? (4 Benefits)


Having to go through any surgical procedures is generally tricky for both dogs and their pet owners. Not only is it constantly putting you in that agony of not being able to do anything but you also have to have complete trust to know that it will be fine. Suppose your dog has recently gone … Read more

L-Theanine For Dogs! Safe, Effective Stress Reliever 2022!

L-Theanine For Dogs (3)

L-Theanine for dogs will naturally calm that pup in a matter of minutes. Don’t you love that your dog really understands you? We all know that our dogs can feel when their hoomans are stressed. Smart Dog owners should know the other way around too. Sure, your dog can’t speak, and it can’t let out … Read more

Why Is My Puppy Peeing So Much? (8 Common Reasons)

Why Is My Puppy Peeing So Much

Are you worried that your puppy is peeing so much? Is it normal? It is normal for a puppy to pee more than a dog. Still, is it possible for your puppy to pee more than your dog? Yes, it is possible. Your puppy can go through an unsettling situation or may face an emotional … Read more

Health Risk? Can A Vaccinated Dog Get Rabies? (2023)

Can A Vaccinated Dog Get Rabies

While your furry pet may be your best friend, some obvious reasons exist for taking care of its health. Dogs are pretty immune to many ailments, but when it comes to rabies, there is no backing down. That’s why a lot of vets recommend getting your pets vaccinated at the soonest; otherwise, it could be … Read more

How To Pamper Your Dog? (10 Easy ways To Pamper Your Dog)


They say a dog was put on this Earth so that humans could witness the prized symphony of unconditional love. From the loyalty of Hachiko, who waited for his owner outside the train station for 10 years, to Ruby, who saved his owner in more ways than any human could ever comprehend. These canine companions … Read more