Testing for environmental allergies in dogs

Have you noticed your dog experiencing seasonal itchiness that gets worse during the warmer months but it’s better in the winter? If this has been a recurring problem, it’s likely your pup is suffering from environmental allergies. Similar to humans, dogs are allergic to things like trees, weeds, and grasses in the environment. Depending on … Read more

Environmental vs Food Allergies in Dogs, Whats the Difference?

Itchy dog? Is your dog keeping you up all night licking, chewing, or scratching? If you’re at your wits end seeing your dog miserable and itchy all the time, it’s likely that your dog is experiencing some type of allergic disease. Chronically itchy dogs get two types of allergies: environmental and food. How do you … Read more

Is Chlorpheniramine Safe For dogs?


Antishistamines are a godsend in the spring and fall for people, but it’s contested whether or not they have the same effect on dogs who have allergies. If your dog is experiencing environmental allergies, will anthistamines like chlorpheniramine help their symptoms? How do I know if my dog has allergies? Dogs who have allergies have … Read more

Dog Splint Care – How to Avoid Dog Splint and Brace Sores

It’s stressful for the entire family if your dog has a broken bone or a torn ligament/tendon. This typically means your dog is going to be in a splint for a month or even more. On top of having to keep your dog quiet until they’re healed, there also comes preventing additional problems caused by … Read more

Dog Hock Brace for Ankle and Achilles Injuries

If your dog has a swollen back leg or you notice pain and an abnormal movement of the joint, it’s likely a hock injury. Surgery is frequently required to correct the damaged cause and, whether your dog needs surgery or not, finding the best brace for hock injuries is crucial to the long-term healing and … Read more

Dog Splint Back Leg

When your best companion suffers a leg injury, it hurts you as much as it does them. Don’t let your dog endure the pain that comes with a back-leg injury without the proper support. Using a splint will bring faster healing and help them feel more comfortable when walking. How To Choose a Back Leg … Read more

Dog Front Leg Brace

Our dogs are an essential part of our families, and the last thing we want to see is them in pain. Finding the best brace to heal their front leg injury fast and help keep them safe from further damage is crucial to their well-being. With so many options, how do you choose? How to … Read more

Dog Compression Sleeve

Compression sleeves can offer the same advantages to our beloved dogs as they do for us. From helping to heal sore muscles quicker to adding joint support, dogs across the board can benefit by regularly wearing them. But you don’t want to buy a subpar dog compression sleeve. The market is overwhelmed with cheaply made … Read more

Dog Carpal Brace

Dogs, just like us humans, need occasional joint support. Whether your four-legged family member is suffering from age-related joint pain or is recovering from a carpal injury, a brace will be required. And it’s essential you choose the right one for him or her. But finding and ordering the right one, especially while shopping online, … Read more

Full Body Dog Harness

Is your dog currently in training, or are they generally a nightmare to walk on a leash with? A full body dog harness may be the answer for you. Full body dog harnesses are also ideal for adventure dogs, and dogs with disabilities, too. Below, we’ll take a closer look at what you should shop … Read more

Dog Rear Lift Harness

If your dog is having mobility issues because of a degenerative condition, or recent surgery, a rear lift harness can be a great way to help them get around. But, how do you know which harness is best for your needs? Today, we’ll take a closer look at what you need to know before selecting … Read more

My Dog Ate Rat Poison, What to Do and Which Rat Poisons are Toxic to Dogs

There are few very true emergencies other than dogs eating rat poison.  Unfortunately, it’s one of the most common cases seen in veterinary emergency rooms, and if not treated quickly, it’s almost certainly fatal.   How should you handle this particular type of emergency? What happens if you don’t act quickly enough? If you’re dealing … Read more

Ant Bites on Dogs, How to Find, Treat and Prevent Ant Bites

For such minute creatures, ant bites are terribly painful and irritating to any living being that they manage to sink their teeth into.  Unfortunately in most cases, if one ant is biting, likely there are hundreds more joining in on the attack. Dogs are often bitten by these pesky insects, so if you live in … Read more

What Happens if My Dog Eats an Ant Trap?

Most dog owners have a dog that will happily eat anything and everything they can get their mouth on.  Whether it’s shoelaces, mail, or your kid’s favorite stuffed animal, some dogs are just insatiable. While most things aren’t harmful, what happens when your dog chooses to eat something that could be toxic? If it’s springtime … Read more

17 Contagious Diseases Wildlife and Rodents Can Pass to Your Dog

Taking your dog for a romp in the wilderness is a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for dogs and dog owners alike. Yet taking your dog into the woods comes with its own set of risks. Chief among these is your dog catching a disease from rodents or wildlife. These diseases range in severity from mild … Read more