Can Dogs Eat Paprika? Potential Health Concerns (2023)

Can Dogs Eat Paprika

Paprika is one spice added to our everyday meals for flavor and color. And, most of the time, we end up sharing those same meals with our vaccine companions. But can dogs eat paprika and foods that contain this spice? Let’s find out. Spices are one of the most common kitchen staples found in every … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Banana Peppers? Risks of Banana Peppers (2023)

Can Dogs Eat Banana Peppers

You can use banana peppers as toppings in many human foods. Also called the “Yellow wax peppers” (banana peppers), can have a fantastic flavor and smell. Yellow peppers (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH YELLOW WAX PEPPERS) are tempting for dogs. Banana pepper, on the other hand, is considered safe for dogs. How is that possible? … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pesto? (Potential Risks Of Feeding Pesto)

Can dogs eat Pesto

I love Pesto because it turns a dish into a proper meal. Like, Pesto turns pasta into delicious food for humans. Not every human food is good for dogs. No matter how tempting it may become, Pesto is not meant for your four-legged friends. Pesto is clearly a bad choice for dogs. Being a dog … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Wasabi? Is Wasabi Healthy For Dogs? (2023)

Can Dogs Eat Wasabi (2)

Wasabi is a highly potent, spicy, and powerful ingredient typically related to sushi rolls. It comes in a thick greenish paste and is used in small quantities because of its highly potent nature. A little speck of wasabi with delicious sushi rolls goes a long way, with the taste sometimes even lingering in your mouth … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Tarragon? (11 Symptoms To Look For)

Can Dogs Eat Tarragon (1)

Many dog owners ask this question, but not all get the right or fully informed answer. Well, the simple answer is no, but that shouldn’t be enough for you to completely neglect a herb that has so many benefits for humans. There is more to the story which I am about to share with you! … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Oregano? 5 Significant Health Benefits

Can Dogs Eat Oregano (1)

Can dogs eat oregano? Oregano is one of the most loved spices used as topping or seasoning on different foods and has many health benefits. It has earthy flavors that add a twist to your foods and makes them tastier. Due to this, you may ask yourself, can dogs eat oregano? Let’s find out.   … Read more

Can Your Dog Have Cinnamon? (Is Cinnamon Safe for Dogs?)

Can Your Dog Have Cinnamon (1)

You have plenty of childhood memories of coming home from school on a crisp, fall afternoon and being greeted by the smell of cinnamon and other spices. Perhaps it was a warm pie or a pot of fresh applesauce that your mom had waiting for you. When autumn rolls around, and you start your own … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mustard? (Ingredient of Mustard Bad For Dogs)

Can dogs eat mustard?

With summer on the horizon, we’re all gearing up for our favorite feasting pastime:  barbecuing! With nearly 75% of American adults owning a grill, it’s guaranteed your pooch is going to come across some tasty outdoors grilling at some point this season, like hot dogs and hot dog buns.  With condiments of all types in … Read more

Is Catnip Bad For Dogs? (Are There Any Alternatives 2023?)

Is Catnip Bad for Dogs

Can Dogs Get Buzzed on Catnip? If you’ve ever spent any time on social media, you’ve seen the funny memes and pictures depicting the effect catnip has on cats. From being passed out next to catnip plants or a driveway filled with blissed out kitties, cats certainly don’t suffer any ill effects from this curious … Read more

Is Rosemary Safe for Dogs? (Is Rosemary Oil Safe for Dogs?)

Is rosemary safe for dogs?

Is Rosemary Safe for Dogs? Rosemary is a commonly used herb usually found in many household gardens and pantries around the world. Rosemary can be non-toxic for dogs, it’s very high in iron, vitamin B6, and calcium which are essential for your pooch. If you have rosemary growing in your garden, your pooch might stay … Read more

Is Lemongrass Safe For Dogs? (lemongrass Cause Intestinal Blockage)

Is Lemongrass Safe for Dogs

Lemongrass belongs to the grass family, and 50 different species are native to south India and tropical portions of Asia. It’s used in many recipes in regional cuisines due to its lemony flavor. Cymbopogon citratus is the most common type of lemongrass with a bulbous appearance similar to a scallion. Its lemon flavor makes it … Read more