DIY Dog Car Seats – Safe Dogs At A Fraction of The Cost

DIY Dog Car Seats - Safe Dogs At A Fraction of The Cost

Your family is protected by seat belts, air bags, and baby seats when you drive somewhere, but what about your dog? Does he sit in the back seat with nothing to restrain him in case of an accident? Ensure your dog’s safety by making a DIY dog car seat. Buying a dog car seat or … Read more

Dog Backpacking Checklist: Your Pooch Can Pack It In, Too!

Dog Backpacking Checklist

Heading up into the high country to spend a few nights deep in the mountains with only the backpack on your back is nothing short of a life-altering experience. From traipsing up steep mountsides to pitching your tent next to trickling streams, you may go days without seeing another human. If the idea of total … Read more

Ultimate Dog Camping Checklist: Plan Safe Adventures

Dog Camping Checklist

If you’ve got a love for the outdoors and a dog by your side, you’re going to have the best camping season yet!  If you haven’t brought your dog camping quite yet, then you are surely ready to hit your local outdoor store to get everyone geared up for your summer adventures!   Before you … Read more

4 Best Dog Hiking Packs (What To Look For?)

4 Best Dog Hiking Packs (What To Look For?)

There are lots of gear to consider when you and your furry pal are gearing up for a hiking or camping trip. One of the best pieces of gear you can have would be a dog pack which allows your dog to take some of the burden during excursions. Dogs also like the sense of … Read more

3 Best Dog Camping Leash (Do They Harm Your Dog?)

Dog Camping Leash

You love camping, and your dog does too. The problem is that there is a lot more stimulation out there than at home. Lots of new smells to investigate and new sounds and sights too. This could result in Fido running off in excitement and possibly getting in trouble. The solution, especially if you enjoy … Read more

4 Best Dog Camping Crates (What We Liked)

Best Dog Camping Crate

Taking your dog camping can be a lot of fun for both of you, but there are some things you need to remember. Most importantly, your dog considers you and your family its pack, and it doesn’t like to be separated from it. If you leave your dog in your RV or tent and go … Read more

Dog Camping Chairs (Keep Your Dog Clean at the Campground)

Dog Camping Chairs

This is the time of year when people are thinking about vacations, and if yours involves the great outdoors, like many camping enthusiasts, you’ll want to take your furry companion with you. Camping with your dog can be a lot of fun, but just like you, he needs the right gear to be happy and … Read more