Can Dogs Eat Pecans? Are They Safe for Dogs (2023)

Can Dogs Eat Pecans (1) (1)

You are probably here because you love pecans and want to share them with your dogs. Can dogs eat pecans? While your Fido loves fruity snacks, nuts are a different story. Pecans can be a delicious and healthy snack for humans, but you should not feed them to your dogs. Nuts, in general, are not … Read more

Can Dogs Have Almonds? (5 Health Reasons to Keep In Mind)

Can Dogs Have Almonds

Are you a diet-conscious person? You are here probably because you take care of your diet and you are looking for a healthy and nutritious dog’s diet. Not every human food is safe for your dog. Can dogs have almonds? No, you have to be very careful when it comes to nuts for dogs. Almonds … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Water Chestnuts? (How Much Is Considered Safe?)

Can Dogs Eat Water Chestnuts (1)

Can dogs eat water chestnuts? Of course, they can! Water chestnuts are healthy for dogs. Let’s find out more. Dog nutrition has always been tricky for pet owners. They are family members, and you’d want to share your joyous foods with them. But as much as your dog begs or wants to have your KFC, … Read more

Are Peanuts Safe For Dogs? (Are Peanuts Safe For Dogs?)

Are Peanuts Safe For Dogs? (Are Peanuts Safe For Dogs?)

Can Dogs Have Peanuts? Peanuts don’t get enough credit. They’re crunchy, salty, and filling. While they have a reputation for being high in fat, they’re filled with good fat! Before you banish peanuts from your diet because of their caloric content, you should consider the health benefits available to you. If peanuts are good for … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cashews? (Healthy Alternatives To Cashews)

Can Dogs Eat Cashews

Nuts, like macadamia nuts and brazil nuts, are not safe for dogs. Unlike macadamia nuts and brazil nuts, raw cashew is safe for dogs. Some raw nuts pose a choking hazard for dogs. Most of the nuts contain a high-fat content. Cashew nut, in moderate amounts, does not harm your dog. With such an emphasis … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds? (Risks of Sunflower Seeds)

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds? (Risks of Sunflower Seeds)

Sunflower Seeds and Dogs Dogs can’t eat everything we can, so it’s always risky giving them food. Most Smart Dog Owners know what foods are safe or unsafe, but it’s always best to consult trusted sources and your dog’s vet. Some dogs can happily snack on their owner’s cooking scraps, while others get sick from … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Acorns? (Healthy Nutrients & Possible Benefits)

Can Dogs Eat Acorns? (Healthy Nutrients & Possible Benefits)

As a Smart Dog Owner, you’re aware of the typical canine hazards in your home. What your dog has access to in your home and garage is easily controlled, but when it comes to hazards in your yard, at parks, and on hikes isn’t as consistent. Trees, plants, mushrooms–they’re all items that present a potential … Read more

Can I Give My Dog Almonds?

Can I Give My Dog Almonds?

When you think of a healthy, balanced diet for a dog, it might not include the presence of certain foods that are staples in your own diet. If someone asked you what you should feed your dog to keep him healthy, you’d most likely say meat, water, and maybe some vegetables. Nuts seem an unlikely … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pistachios? (6 Dangerous Side Effects)

Can Dogs Eat Pistachios

What is pistachio and are they safe for dogs to eat? What we know today as the “modern pistachio,” Pistacia vera, was introduced into the US in the mid-1850s as an ornamental garden tree. The nuts were originally dyed red before they were put on display in most American grocery stores in order to make … Read more