How To Make a Dog Cone? (Step by Step)

How To Make a Dog Cone

Have you ever tried to stop your dog from licking his wounds? I have used different methods to stop my dogs from licking their wounds. We, the Smart Dog Owners, do not let our dogs lick their wounds. So, how do you stop your dog from licking his wounds? The answer is simple. You have … Read more

How To Put On A Dog Cone? (How Does It Look Like?)


The cone of shame, as those cartoons called it. We’ve all probably had a few good laughs while watching dogs wear cones or when we used to see those cartoons where a few wiggly characters would be wearing those cones and still somehow find themselves in a situation that only worsens their condition. All this … Read more

10 Best Soft Dog Cones (Things to Consider)

10 Best Soft Dog Cones

“Do you have a chewy little friend at your home? Are you worried that your furry little friend is likely to chew his own wounds?” These best soft dog cones can prevent your dogs from licking their own wounds. “Are you worried because your dogs are suffering from a yeast infection or a similar disease?” … Read more

15 Best Dental Chews For Dogs ( Do Dog Dental Chews Work?)

Best Soft Dental Chews For Dogs

Dental Chews Guide As important as it is for you to take good care of your teeth, it’s equally important for you to take care of your dog’s teeth. Although a dental chew cannot be used as an alternative for brushing teeth, but they sure do aid in the dental hygiene of your dog. Not … Read more

Dog Splint Care (How to Avoid Dog Splint and Brace Sores?)

It’s stressful for the entire family if your dog has a broken bone or a torn ligament/tendon. This typically means your dog is going to be in a splint for a month or even more. On top of having to keep your dog quiet until they’re healed, there also comes preventing additional problems caused by … Read more

Dog Hock Brace For Ankle and Achilles Injuries

If your dog has a swollen back leg or you notice pain and an abnormal movement of the joint, it’s likely a hock injury. Surgery is frequently required to correct the damaged cause and, whether your dog needs surgery or not, finding the best brace for hock injuries is crucial to the long-term healing and … Read more

Dog Splint Back Leg (What Could Be Better?)

When your best companion suffers a leg injury, it hurts you as much as it does them. Don’t let your dog endure the pain that comes with a back-leg injury without the proper support. Using a splint will bring faster healing and help them feel more comfortable when walking. How To Choose a Back Leg … Read more

Dog Front Leg Braces 2023 (premium Care For Long-Term)

Our dogs are an essential part of our families, and the last thing we want to see is them in pain. Finding the best brace to heal their front leg injury fast and help keep them safe from further damage is crucial to their well-being. With so many options, how do you choose? How to … Read more

The Ultimate Dog Carpal Brace 2023 (Look at What Materials)

Dogs, just like us humans, need occasional joint support. Whether your four-legged family member is suffering from age-related joint pain or is recovering from a carpal injury, a brace will be required. And it’s essential you choose the right one for him or her. But finding and ordering the right one, especially while shopping online, … Read more

Dog First Aid Kit for Hiking and Camping Essential For Emergencies

If you’re planning on hitting the trails with your canine companion, you’re not the only one who should have a first-aid kit available to them. Dogs can sustain injuries that require specific treatment items; all of which should be available to you in a dog first aid kit designed for hiking, camping, backpacking and the … Read more

The Best Hunting Dog First Aid Kit for Any Situation

Best Hunting Dog First Aid Kit

Any hunter can tell you; there’s no better hunting companion than Man’s Best Friend. But, some dangers lurking in the woods can put a serious damper on your hunting trip. If you hunt with your dog, it’s essential that you have a hunting dog first aid kit with you, so you can handle any medical … Read more