Dog Hock Brace For Ankle and Achilles Injuries

If your dog has a swollen back leg or you notice pain and an abnormal movement of the joint, it’s likely a hock injury. Surgery is frequently required to correct the damaged cause and, whether your dog needs surgery or not, finding the best brace for hock injuries is crucial to the long-term healing and mobility of dogs.

How To Choose a Dog Hock Brace?

With common causes of a hock injury ranging from being stepped on or being hit by a car to getting the paw caught in a fence when running, using a brace for Achilles healing. Sometimes these injuries will result in an open wound over the injured hock, which can lead to infection and longer healing times. For these reasons, comfort and stability are the two central factors when choosing a hock brace.

There are three different types of braces to consider and, depending on the kind of hock injury, you can use them in combination with the other. When looking for a dog hock brace, keep these factors in mind:

  • A stifle brace offers the top support for the knee and upper leg
  • Hock braces provide the best care for the hock muscle along with the knee
  • For the wrist, a carpus brace will give stability

To securely hold the brace in place, all will come with Velcro straps for a custom fit. Additionally, some offer straps that go over the dog’s back and attach to the opposite leg to keep the knee brace from sliding down or shifting. With all the options available, knowing which brace to buy is easy with this guide.

Best Overall Pick

When a dog damages their Achilles or is living with arthritis pain, finding the right dog hock brace is essential for proper healing. If the hock was dislocated or required surgery, there could be severe and irreversible long-term damage. The therapeutic properties in the Back on Track Hock Brace will increase blood flow to speed healing and recovery, and that’s why it’s the best overall pick.

Created from a neoprene outer shell, this brace also features ceramic-particle-infused Welltex fabric for ultra-healing comfort. The best part of this dog hock brace is that it’s clinically proven to relax the muscles in and around the hurt area. This heat is generated through the use of ceramic elements and works to reduce the pain and chronic inflammation that often accompany a hock injury.

What We Liked

  • Four adjustable straps that allow for a custom fit on any size dog
  • Clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation through the use of therapeutic properties
  • Made of neoprene and Welltex fabric that is infused with ceramic particles to create a steady warmth for faster healing
  • Comes with two braces to prevent injury to the other leg caused by an imbalance
  • Provides support for minor and significant hock injuries

What Could Be Better

  • Difficult to get on and off some breeds
  • Sizing is meticulous for dogs with thick hair
  • Velcro straps can stick to other objects if not tucked away

As the best overall brace, the strength and stability it offers your furry friend are unparalleled. The therapeutic properties will work to provide a steady heat, increasing blood flow and healing to the area. Having the support of this brace will relax your dog’s muscles and promote faster healing, which is precisely what you’re looking for in a hock brace.

Best Value Pick

Even dog owners like to find a great deal and shopping for a hock brace is no exception. But you don’t want to sacrifice quality, either. Often, finding the right balance between the two is a tough choice to make. With the Labra Company Hock Joint Wrap marketed as providing support for the hock joint to wrap and protect wounds as they heal, it is the best value pick when it comes to helping your dog through a hock injury.

Known for their exceptional quality, the Labra Company offers a wide variety of dog splint products. This hock joint wrap is one of their many excellent products and will not disappoint. Meeting and exceeding the high expectations of veterinarians, dogs will find the support they need to remain active and encourage healing.

What We Liked

  • Made of durable neoprene compression material to increase circulation and restorative healing
  • Creates stability to the rear hock joint to keep your dog active without sacrificing flexibility
  • Used for both preventing injuries and to help heal wounds in dogs young and old
  • Functional design and well-placed Velcro straps make it easy to get on and off
  • Comfortable for dogs to wear while enduring the challenges of the healing process

What Could Be Better

  • Custom fit is tough to attain for smaller breeds
  • Doesn’t always prevent the need for surgery
  • Can rotate and slide down the leg

This brace is perfect for so many situations, from injury prevention of older dogs who are more prone to getting hurt to promoting healing and recovery from wounds and support and stability for those with arthritis. When searching for a great value to treat your dog’s damaged hock, the Labra Company Hock Joint Wrap is the perfect value for you.

Best Budget Pick

Though you look for the best when your fur baby is injured, you want them to find healing fast without draining your bank account. Featuring added options like a self-stick bandage wrap and strength to promote maximum stability, the Speedy Pet Dog Back Leg Brace is the best budget pick for a dog hock brace.

Made out of durable material, your pet will find the right mix of stability and comfort with this brace. Being more comfortable in their ability is exactly what your dog needs to remain active during the healing process throughout their recovery. This product is known for its compression abilities and for encouraging overall wellness, preventing injuries and facilitating a quick recovery.

What We Liked

  • Helps with loss of stability caused by arthritis and hock injuries
  • Velcro straps make it easy to put on and take off any size dog
  • Self-stick bandage stays put and won’t stick to your dog’s hair or other items
  • Made of a soft Neoprene and Nylon blend to bring your pet maximum comfort
  • Durable and high quality injury protection from a well-known company

What Could Be Better

  • Limited sizing options could make it difficult to ensure proper fit
  • For smaller dogs, depending on the breed, the brace can be a bit long in the leg area
  • Directions are unclear on appropriate measurements of the dog to determine proper sizing

When shopping for a brace for your canine friend, don’t sacrifice quality in the name of finding a budget option. Instead, opt for the Speedy Pet Dog Back Leg Brace is the best choice for your pet. The breathable material, made of a neoprene and nylon blend, will give your dog long-lasting comfort while speeding healing. Plus, the soft sponge-like material of this long-lasting therapeutic brace will better take care of your dog’s wound and relieve their joint pain.


A quality hock brace is the best way to safeguard your dog’s health. Taking the highest care and trying not to spare expenses when selecting one, will produce the best outcome. That’s why the Back on Track Hock Brace, with its therapeutic healing properties, is the best overall pick for promoting healing and recovery for your furry friend.

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