Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky? (What Facts Says?)

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky (2)

Dogs require a fair share of meat in their diets due to its protein content. It is essentially the building block for dogs. Your pet may even like eating meat more than any other meal. Considering meat as a snack, beef jerky may seem like a good option. But can dogs eat beef jerky? Let’s … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Oregano? Benefits, Risks, And More

Can Dogs Eat Oregano

Can dogs eat oregano? Oregano is one of the most loved spices used as topping or seasoning on different foods and has many health benefits. It has earthy flavors that add a twist to your foods and makes them tastier. Due to this, you may ask yourself, can dogs eat oregano? Let’s find out.  The … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Egg Rolls? Safest Ways To Feed Them?

Can Dogs Eat Egg Rolls

Every Smart Dog Owner is as concerned about their pet’s health as their own. Due to this, most dog parents are highly observant and picky in their dog’s food choices and prioritize their pet’s health over everything else. They are also highly observant in choosing only the best for their pet and are thus usually … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Red Beans? Things To Know Before Feeding

Can Dogs Eat Red Beans

Can dogs eat red beans? Yes, dogs can eat cooked red kidney beans. Red kidney beans are native to Central America and Mexico. They are shaped like kidneys and have a red color. Red kidney beans, when prepared for humans, contain seasonings and spices. Red kidney beans are an essential source of proteins. Red beans … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Lollipops?

Can Dogs Eat Lollipops31

Can dogs eat lollipops? Short answer is NO! Your dog loves you, right? Are you worried that your dog is licking your lollipop? Your dog is your family and you should take care of its health. Giving unhealthy treats like lollipops can be harmful to your dog. What are lollipops? A lollipop is a special … Read more

10 Strongest Dogs In The World 2022

Wolrd's Strongest Dog Breeds

There’s no doubt in the fact that dogs make fantastic companions for pet owners. But these great pets are also muscle-bound marvels with stamina and strength. Who are the strongest dogs in the world and what makes them the strongest? Let’s find out! Throughout history, people have bred dogs for herding, farming, and even hunting. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Water Chestnuts? How Much Is Considered Safe?

Can Dogs Eat Water Chestnuts

Can dogs eat water chestnuts? Of course, they can! Water chestnuts are healthy for dogs. Let’s find out more. Dog nutrition has always been tricky for pet owners. They are practically family members, and you’d very much want to share your joyous foods with them. But as much as your dog begs or wants to … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Rutabaga? Read Before You Feed!

Can Dogs Eat Rutabaga

So, can dogs eat rutabaga? Yes! Rutabaga is a root vegetable high in fiber and minerals. The potassium and vitamin C in rutabaga is really good for your dog. The vegetable is full of flavor and rich in taste. Smart Dog Owners use rutabaga for cleansing their pup’s digestive system as well. A special yet … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Longans?

Can Dogs Eat Longans

Can dogs eat longans? The answer is Yes, dogs can eat longans but it is not advisable to feed longans to your dog. If you still decide to feed longans to your dog, you should consider certain things. Health benefits of Longan for dogs No (proven) study ascertains the benefits of longans for dogs. There … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Biscuits?

Can Dogs Eat Biscuits

Like we are obsessed with biscuits, so are our furry friends. If you’re here, either you’re a dog owner, a dog lover, or, best of all, both! Don’t we all want to give our pets a bite of our favorite snacks? But before you share your favorite biscuit with your dog, can your dog even … Read more

How To Get A Dog To Stop Scratching The Door?

How To Get A Dog To Stop Scratching The Door

Dogs are notoriously known for being curious creatures. They will explore their environment and everything in it, including scratching the doors of your home. Dogs scratching the door can be both frustrating and entertaining. It can be frustrating because your dog is trying to get your attention, and you may not have time to let … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Expired Meat?

Can Dogs Eat Expired Meat

Do our Smart Dog Owners often worry about their doggo’s food and nutritional requirements? Well, we are here for you! Millions of dog owners are highly concerned about the best kind of food for their pups. One question is particularly prevalent amongst these dog-lovers: Can dogs eat expired meat? No, they cannot. Expired meat is … Read more

How To Remove Engorged Ticks And Prevent Ticks On Dogs?

How To Remove And Prevent Ticks On Dogs

Dogs enjoy spending time outside, and as a dog parent, you will love seeing your dog all jolly after you let him/her out. However, it comes with an associated risk –ticks. Finding an engorged tick on your pet’s skin is something that no pet owner wants. Ticks suck out blood from your pet’s body and … Read more

Why Is My Dog Pacing?

Why Is My Dog Pacing (1)

Dogs are excellent partners who show utmost loyalty to their owners. Consequently, dog-owners are highly likely to be extra sensitive about their pets, sometimes even treating them as fellow human beings and noticing slight changes in their actions. Are you one of those dog owners who love your pet to bits?  If yes, you might … Read more