Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs? (Why Give Dogs CBD Oil?)


When we talk about getting relief from serious ailments such as seizures, cancer pain and anxiety, the option of medical marijuana comes to our mind. Similarly, pet owners and vets are these days wondering if CBD oil is safe for dogs or not. The benefits or side effects of CBD (cannabidiol) or cannabis oil have … Read more

Are Tums Safe For Dogs? Symptoms of Acid Reflux (2023)

Tums for dogs

Are Tums Safe For Dogs? Quick Summary: Are tums safe for dogs? Yes, dogs can have tums safely but there are a few precautions. Our feline friends suffer from some of the same medical problems we do. They also get aches and pains, catch colds, and some even get heartburn! Numerous different difficulties can cause … Read more

Dog Safe Grass Seeds – (Are Grass Seeds Dangerous To Dogs)

Dog Safe Grass Seeds

Dog Safe Grass Seeds – Your Guide to Green Grass and Safe Dogs Whether you just moved into a new home and want to redo the yard or need to find some grass seeds to cover a few patches in your garden, you need to look for a pet-friendly option when shopping for grass seeds. … Read more