Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs? (Why Give Dogs CBD Oil?)

When we talk about getting relief from serious ailments such as seizures, cancer pain and anxiety, the option of medical marijuana comes to our mind. Similarly, pet owners and vets are these days wondering if CBD oil is safe for dogs or not.

The benefits or side effects of CBD (cannabidiol) or cannabis oil have been the subject of recent talks. Some pet owners, dog owners, in particular, have claimed that CBD has helped their pets with many serious medical ailments. But some people believe that as CBD comes from marijuana plants, that’s why its use should be prohibited.

When considering using CBD oil for your dogs and pets, here is everything you should know about CBD beforehand.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or termed CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant. When hearing about CBD first thing that comes to mind is marijuana and its legalization. Though the effects of marijuana on dogs and other animals have not been studied and defined, still stating the use of CBD oil just like other marijuana products is not right.

When CBD oil is extracted from the plant, nearly all of the THC substance is removed in order to eliminate the feeling of the high one may get when using CBD. In the case of CBD oil, a flower is the targeted and main part of the cannabis plant, which consists of essential oils. Marijuana has cannabinoids, which can include CBD or THC. The disturbing element is THC, while the use of CBD is mainly for its medicinal properties.

The question of whether CBD is safe for dogs or not depends on its right usage. When using CBD oil one has to ensure that the dog gets the right amount of balanced dose with little or no THC present. When asked Dr Gary Richter from Veterinary Hospital in California about CBD oil, Dr stated that depending on the properties of the CBD; the dog will not get high if the THC is little or not at all present.

Why give dogs CBD oil?

Many dog owners believe in the advantages of CBD because of various reasons. This is mainly because of the medical conditions dogs tend to develop as they age, like having pain, anxiety, etc. Though many medications are prescribed for these conditions, dog owners claim that those medicines lose their effectiveness over time and do not remain effective either. That’s why CBD oil has become such a big thing among dog owners, as this oil is highly effective in reducing pain, anxiety, and other conditions like phobias in dogs. CBD oil stands out from other medicines because it works faster and is also effective in the long run. It also helps lessen the pain and inflammation in dogs suffering from conditions like of arthritis and other diseases, providing a better way of living. Let’s look at the conditions in which CBD oil serves as good therapy.

  • Reduces Pain

CBD oils can eliminate the pain and inflammation in dogs caused by immune diseases like arthritis and other conditions of inflammatory pain, especially the pain in the back caused by (IVDD).

  • Lessen Anxiety

CBD oil treatment cannot be as effective as other drugs in reducing pain and anxiety. Still, in theory, it has been considered possible that CBD can reduce pain and ultimately the anxiety caused by painful conditions. Research showing the positive effects of CBD in dogs is yet to be done.

  • Helpful in Seizures

CBD has long been used for seizures in people, but it is not that common in dogs. But the number of factors how CBD oil can reduce the frequency of seizures in the dogs to a high extent. Seizures may occur in dogs for various reasons, and multiple types of research have shown the effect of CBD oil in dogs. However, these benefits of CBD oil can only be seen in dogs that are given anti-seizure medicines.

  • Arthritis

CBD oil can be useful for the conditions considered to be inflammatory conditions as CBD tends to share pathways with such conditions. Osteoarthritis is considered to be one of the most common inflammatory conditions in dogs. One in almost four dogs will develop arthritis once in their lifetime, and some studies even suggest that 60% of the dogs develop arthritis for sure. In this case, CBD can be an effective pain reliever in dogs with arthritis.

  • Treatment of cancer

CBD has been used in patients who have cancer or have tumours or undergo chemotherapy. Though the research has been limited, that suggests if it can be used for dogs. But the effects of CBD seen in patients have also been seen in rats and ferrets, showing that CBD oil and treatment can be suitable for dogs too.

Possible disadvantages of using CBD oil

Though there are advantages of using CBD oil for dogs, there is the possibility of certain damages. It is possible that the usage of CBD may cause irritation to the liver or may even damage it. If a dog receives a relatively large dose of CBD, the dog may become sleepy or sedate. However, these effects can disappear on their own after some time. Thus, the risk is always present in such treatments. As with any other medication and treatments, it has been suggested to take suggestions from your veterinarian first before treating dogs with CBD oil.


CBD oil use can be considered safe in dogs. Research has been done by WHO showing that there are no symptoms of abuse or some dependence potential for pets using CBD and stated that using CBD may be an effective and useful treatment for several medical conditions. However, it is still very important to take into account that there is not much scientific evidence available yet that shows the exact benefits and usage of CBD for animals and dogs. Few encouraging studies cannot be considered a satisfying answer for the use of CBD oil for dogs. As for veterinarians, they differ in their opinion regarding CBD oil, as it can be too early to determine the use of CBD oil for the treatment of a dog.

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