Top 10 Airline-Approved Crates For Dogs

Top 10 Airline-Approved Crates For Dogs

It is not easy to travel with your dog on an airplane. Airlines have come up with several restrictions for pet travel. While owners may pass through a metal detector, pets need dog crates for airlines. Your dog may not feel comfortable traveling through an unknown environment. That’s why it is important to prepare your … Read more

5 Smart Dog Treats – Coconut Oil Dog Treats Your Doggo would Love!

Coconut Oil Dog Treats!

Many dog owners like to reward their fur babies for good behavior, obedience, and being a good dog, so they’ll toss a nice little dog treat to their puppers. There are various dog treats; some like tossing food scraps to their puppy, while others love spending on store-bought dog treats. There’s no better feeling than … Read more

How To Make a Dog Cone? (Step by Step)

How To Make a Dog Cone

Have you ever tried to stop your dog from licking his wounds? I have used different methods to stop my dogs from licking their wounds. We, the Smart Dog Owners, do not let our dogs lick their wounds. So, how do you stop your dog from licking his wounds? The answer is simple. You have … Read more

10 Best Dog Spiked Harness! (Do Spiked Harness Hurt Dogs?)

10 Best Dog Spiked Harness!

Spiked harnesses aren’t a new thing for dogs. They date back to ancient Greece where dogs were used for fighting, protecting people, and guarding home premises and spiked harnesses kept them safe. Come modern times and most of these uses are minimized but not gone. There are several reasons why people still use spiked dog … Read more

How To Put On A Dog Cone? (How Does It Look Like?)


The cone of shame, as those cartoons called it. We’ve all probably had a few good laughs while watching dogs wear cones or when we used to see those cartoons where a few wiggly characters would be wearing those cones and still somehow find themselves in a situation that only worsens their condition. All this … Read more

10 Best Flea Collars For Dogs (Top Picks & Reviews)

10 Best Flea Collars For Dogs

Lately, your dog has been scratching and biting itself or erratically shaking its head and spinning in circles too much? Such behavior indicates your poor doggy has fleas.  While many remedies, medicines, and treatments prevent and eliminate flea infestation, flea collars are the most popular solution. The best flea collar for dogs is one that’s … Read more

Dog Harness vs Collar (What is Better?)

Dog Harness vs Collar (What is Better?)

DOG HARNESS vs COLLAR – The one thing that our furry friends live for is a walk. Anytime you get the chance to take your dog on a walk, you will most likely see them jumping with excitement. Because, after an entire day of watching over the house while you went to work, your dog … Read more

10 Best Soft Dog Cones (Things to Consider)

10 Best Soft Dog Cones

“Do you have a chewy little friend at your home? Are you worried that your furry little friend is likely to chew his own wounds?” These best soft dog cones can prevent your dogs from licking their own wounds. “Are you worried because your dogs are suffering from a yeast infection or a similar disease?” … Read more

8 Best Pink Dog Harness | Number 6 Will Blow Your Mind!

8 Best Pink Dog Harness

Buying a dog harness could be great if you’re new to it. But if you’re specifically looking for a pink dog harness, it seems like you’ll have to make an extra effort! But why the pink dog harness? Does it make a difference? Yes and No! It won’t make a difference to your dog as … Read more

13 Best Vibrating Collar For Dogs (All You Need To Know)

Best Vibrating Collar For Dogs

Dogs are lovely animals, but training them can be a bit tiring. New dog parents often don’t know what to do, and even experienced owners can get stumped. A dog-in-training will be hyperactive, excited, and very playful. Some dogs might not be this active but can be troublesome in other ways, like excessively barking. If … Read more

15 Best Dental Chews For Dogs! That are Soft on your Pup’s Teeth!

Best Soft Dental Chews For Dogs

Dental Chews Guide As important as it is for you to take good care of your teeth, it’s equally important for you to take care of your dog’s teeth. Although a dental chew cannot be used as an alternative for brushing teeth, but they sure do aid in the dental hygiene of your dog. Not … Read more

10 Best Leather Dog Collars 2023 (Including Editor’s Choice)

10 Best Leather Dog Collars 2023 (Including Editor's Choice)

Back in the day, when you went out to buy a collar for your four-legged friend, it would cost you an arm and a leg, and you would find a top-of-the-line dog collar that went away with it. But, in today’s time, these incidents are Jurassic and pretty old. The times have changed, and that … Read more

Best Toys For Pitbulls In 2023!

Best Toys For Pitbulls In 2023!

The best Pitbull toys are strong, long-lasting, and enjoyable to use. Their powerful jaws and keen chewing can withstand them. Additionally, you must keep their attention. Whenever looking to buy a toy for your pitbull, always remember that it should be indestructible as pitbulls are known as ‘Power-Chewers’ they are different from other dog breeds … Read more

DIY Dog Car Seats – Safe Dogs At A Fraction of The Cost

DIY Dog Car Seats - Safe Dogs At A Fraction of The Cost

Your family is protected by seat belts, air bags, and baby seats when you drive somewhere, but what about your dog? Does he sit in the back seat with nothing to restrain him in case of an accident? Ensure your dog’s safety by making a DIY dog car seat. Buying a dog car seat or … Read more

Weighted Blankets For Dogs (How to Choose a Blanket?)

Weighted Blankets For Dogs (How to Choose a Blanket?)

Does your dog pace, whine, and cower whenever he hears noises he doesn’t like? Maybe you’ve noticed your dog seems anxious when new people visit the house or he has to get in the car. Most pet owners never dreamed they’d have to help their dog deal with anxiety. But the task isn’t as daunting … Read more