13 Best Vibrating Collar For Dogs (All You Need To Know)

Dogs are lovely animals, but training them can be a bit tiring. New dog parents often don’t know what to do, and even experienced owners can get stumped.

A dog-in-training will be hyperactive, excited, and very playful. Some dogs might not be this active but can be troublesome in other ways, like excessively barking. If you’ve got yourself a pupper who barks non-stop, you’re in for a long ride.

Luckily for you, there are vibrating collars for dogs that can help you calm your puppy down.

What Does a Vibrating Collar Do?

A vibrating dog collar has a special component that reacts to your dog’s barking and releases a pulsating wave through the collar.

How Does a Vibrating Collar Work?

When a dog wearing vibrating collar barks or growls, the prongs inside the collar sense the noise. After sensing the noise, the collar gives out a vibration.

Since the collar beeps/vibrates every time the dog barks or growls, the dog learns that barking and growling are not nice things to do.

Is A Vibrating Collar Only for Barking?

People who have dogs with hearing and visual disabilities can use vibrating collars to communicate with their dogs.

Any time you want to get your dog’s attention, you could give it a mild beep, and the vibrating collar buzzes to let your dog know their hooman is calling.

Buzzing the vibrating collars at undesirable behavior translates those behaviors as “no-no” for the dogs.

Benefits and Drawbacks: Are Vibrating Dog Collars Worth It?

Vibrating collars for dogs are a good tool for those who want to train their dogs or communicate with hearing and visually-impaired dogs, but is investing in a dog collar a good idea?

There are many pros and cons of vibrating collars for dogs, so let’s take a look:

Pro: It Makes Training Easier

When training a dog becomes difficult, a vibrating collar becomes handy. With vibrating collars, dog owners can control their dog’s troublesome behavior.

Con: It Can Scare the Dog

Dogs from abusive households or who have experienced traumatic situations may react negatively to even the mildest jolt, which could force them to isolate themselves instead of opening up to you.

Pro: It Helps in Communicating with Disabled Dogs

Users can use a vibrating collar as a way to call their hearing-impaired dogs. You can also use a vibrating collar to warn a visuallyimpaired dog about obstacles and prevent the dog from getting hurt.

Con: Not All Vibrating Collar for Dogs are Effective

Sometimes, even the best vibrating collar won’t work on a dog. This isn’t because there’s something wrong with the collar; it simply means your dog has gotten used to the vibrations and doesn’t take them seriously.

Pro: Remote Training

Some vibrating collars come with special remotes that can connect to your devices and signal from anywhere, so you can train your dog while you’re not home.

Con: Excessive Use Can Lead to Skin Irritation

Welts, scratches, small pimples, and rashes can develop on the neck when a dog wears a vibrating collar for too long and depending on the severity, it can rack up a few bills at the vet.

Are Vibrating Dog Collars Expensive?

A vibrating collar for dogs is a good tool, but some people might be afraid to invest due to the expense. Vibrating collars for dogs can be expensive compared to regular ones.

However, you can get a vibrating collar for a dog at a price as low as $30. Some vibrating dog collars have additional features so the price can go as high as $200. But you can get a perfect vibrating collar for dogs at a very reasonable price.

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What to Look for in a Good Vibrating Dog Collar

Some characteristics can tell you a vibrating dog collar is a good one. These include:

Multiple Intensity Settings

An excellent vibrating dog collar will always have multiple settings to adjust the intensity of the vibrations. If the vibrating dog collar does not have different settings, it might not be worth investing.

Long Range

An excellent vibrating dog collar works even when standing far away.

Durable Material

A great dog collar is durable and can withstand dramatic environmental changes.


Some vibrating dog collars can go haywire and shock the dogs if they come in contact with water, which is why you should get a waterproof collar even when you live in dry areas.

Which Vibrating Collars for Dogs are Worth Buying?

There are a lot of good vibrating dog collars, but you’ll probably be confused about which one to buy. To help you out, here are a few vibrating collars for dogs that we believe are perfect:

1.   DogRook Bark Collar

DogRook Bark Collar

DogRook Bark Collar

If you want a vibrating dog collar that looks attractive, gets the job done, and is inexpensive, you need not look any further than this.

The DogRook Bark Collar is ideal for people who are on a tight budget but still want to get an excellent vibrating dog collar. It costs less than $35 and is readily available on Amazon. 

Main Features

This vibrating dog collar is shock-free so that it won’t shock or harm your dog. The DogRook Bark Collar is made of nylon and is very comfortable to wear. It is rechargeable, so you won’t have to fuss about finding suitable batteries.

It features five sensitivity settings, each from the lowest to the highest intensity. This vibrating collar for dogs is waterproof, so your puppy can splash as much as it wants in the water.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The DogRook Bark Collar is inexpensive and handy, making it a good product. It’s also one of the few shock-free vibrating dog collars, which means you won’t be harming your dogs when you put the collar on them.

However, some dogs may be allergic to nylon or can develop contact allergies to the synthetic material. Although rare, it can happen and make the product unsuitable.

Before You Buy This…

The DogRook Bark Collar can fit dogs weighing 10 to 110 lbs. If your dog exceeds or falls short of this weight requirement, this vibrating dog collar might not be a good fit (quite literally).

2.   NPS Dog Bark Collar

NPS Dog Bark Collar

NPS Dog Bark Collar

With advanced anti-barking technology, the NPS Dog Bark Collar is purr-fect for rowdy dogs who can’t seem to give their pawrents a break. The NPS Dog Collar is highly efficient and costs only $30!

Main Features

Despite its advanced technology, NPS Dog Bark Collar is anti-shock and painless. It uses a bionic chip that readily senses barks, growls, and even murmurs.

Thanks to its intelligent technology, the NPS dog bark collar doesn’t need a remote; it automatically detects and reciprocates. Plus, the vibrating dog collar can differentiate between different triggers and won’t vibrate if your dog is shaking, chewing, or moving.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The NPS Dog Bark Collar is very pocketfriendly. It also uses advanced sensing technology to monitor your dog. Additionally, the dog collar is shockfree and painless, so at least you won’t have to worry about harming your dog while using the collar.

However, the NPS dog bark collar does not come with a remote, which is an important feature. If you’re dealing with an over-excited puppy getting into troubling behavior, you won’t be able to adjust the behaviors with a remote.

Before You Buy This…

The NPS Dog Bark Collar is great, but it can be noisy. When it vibrates, it lets out a beep, which can be bothersome to some people. The noise can startle the dog too.

3.   SportDog Remote Trainer e-Collar

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

SportDog Remote Trainer e-Collar

If you need a vibrating dog collar that can calm your dog down even when you’re far away, the SportDog Remote Trainer e-collar is perfect.

Main Features

The SportDog e-collar comes with a controller with a range of 500 yards. The e-collar uses varying levels of vibration intensities. The SportDog e-collar is also waterproof and resistant to wear and tear. The e-collar runs on rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The remote can connect with up to 3 SportDog e-collars, so if you’ve got a few pups on hand, you can use the SportDog e-collar to train all of them simultaneously. The remote and the collar are durable and longlasting, so they’re an excellent investment.

However, the collar can only extend up to 22 inches, so if you need a bigger collar, you’ll have to consider other collars.

Before You Buy This…

The SportDog remote trainer e-collar is better suited for big, champion, and hunting dogs. You might have to reconsider this collar if you’ve got a cute, petite pupper.

4.   GoodBoy Mini Remote Collar

GoodBoy Mini Remote Collar

GoodBoy Mini Remote Collar

Does your dog take advantage of its small size and tease you often? You might be looking for the GoodBoy Mini Remote Collar. With this no-shock collar, your dog won’t be disappearing every time it gets the zoomies.

Main Features

The GoodBoy Mini remote collar is waterproof and resistant to harsh weather. The collar is lightweight and has a very sleek design. You can control the GoodBoy mini collar with a remote of up to 1000 feet range. It has a long-lasting battery life (up to 16 hours of continuous use).

Benefits and Drawbacks

This is ideal if you’re tired of vibrating dog collars running out of power after a few hours. The GoodBoy Mini remote collar has an automatic battery saver mode; after a few minutes of activity, the collar goes to standby.

Although its battery life saver mode gives it a longer life, it can cause the collar to have a delayed reaction to barks and excessive movements.

Before You Buy This…

The GoodBoy Mini remote collar is lightweight, so it can only handle animals that weigh up to 15 lbs. or less. If you’ve got a bigger doggie, the vibrating dog collar may not work as efficiently as you hope.

5.   TBI Pro Q6 Remote Collar

TBI Pro Q6 Remote Collar

TBI Pro Q6 Remote Collar

For less than $70, the TBI Pro remote collar brings you the best performance. Tackling aggressive barks like a boss and disciplining your dogs without hurting them, the TBI Pro vibrating dog collar is an excellent deal.

Main Features

The TBI Pro uses an anti-injury bark chip that can differentiate barks from shakes and jolts and only vibrates when needed. This vibrating dog collar has a rechargeable battery and is equipped with intelligent technology to ensure security.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The TBI Pro is waterresistant and lightweight, so your dog won’t be wary of wearing it. The high-quality battery lasts up to 14 days, and the collar can withstand pressure too.

However, this vibrating dog collar has a simple clasp that anyone can easily open. This might not be your ideal product if your dog can twist its way around a few locks.

Before You Buy This…

This vibrating collar for dogs is lightweight and may not be as efficient as you want. Additionally, if you’re looking for a collar that your dog can’t pry off, the TBI Pro’s simple clasp won’t do the trick.

6.   Exuby Bark Collar

Exuby Bark Collar

Exuby Bark Collar

Your dog might feel uncomfortable with the prongs that are in most vibrating collars for dogs. If you want to make your dog comfortable, look at the Exuby Bark Collar, a sound-detecting collar that does not use stiff metal prongs.

Main Features

The Exuby bark collar is shockfree and painless and uses a simple sound detection technology to work. It has 7 modes of vibration with varying intensity. It has a compact design using nylon straps that can fit dogs as small as chihuahuas.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The Exuby Bark Collar is the perfect fit for cute and tiny dogs. This vibrating collar for dogs has no prongs, just small sensors, which is why dogs who wear this collar remain calm and playful.

The Exuby bark collar is a great product but can only fit small dogs. For bigger fur babies, this vibrating dog collar won’t work.

Before You Buy This…

The Exuby bark collar can trigger an allergic reaction if your dog is allergic to synthetic fibers due to its nylon build.

7.   PaiPaiTek Training Collar

PaiPaiTek Training Collar

PaiPaiTek Training Collar

With a long range, the durable PaiPaiTek training collar can handle the harshest barks. The PaiPaiTek training collar is waterproof and prongfree, so feel free to get it for excited doggos who can’t help jumping in pools of water.

Main Features

The PaiPaiTek training collar has no prongs and uses small rounded sensory components to react to barks. It has ten levels of vibrations. Its remote ranges up to 1600 feet and can work for 180 days before charging. You can even connect the same remote to two collars simultaneously.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The PaiPaiTek training collar can distinguish between soft and loud vibrations, so it does not beep when the dog murmurs or growls. This vibrating collar for dogs has a strong pulse which can quickly stop even the biggest dogs.

However, the PaiPaiTek training collar’s remote has no locks on its controls, so it’s easy to trigger the highest setting accidentally.

Before You Buy This…

You should check whether this collar will fit your dog or not since it can fit up to only 27 inches.

8.   NBJU Bark Collar

NBJU Bark Collar

NBJU Bark Collar

Intelligent, easy to clasp, and comfortable, the NBJU Bark Collar works like a charm. For dogs who trouble their parents, the NBJU Bark collar is perfect. It’s waterproof, reliable, and costs $50 only!

Main Features

The NBJU Bark Collar is IP67 waterproof. It has seven vibration settings and three different training modes. This vibrating leather collar for dogs has a silicon covering, so the dog’s neck doesn’t get uncomfortable. The collar charges through a USB charging port and can stand up to 12 days of use.

Benefits and Drawbacks

For owners who want to train and discipline their dogs, the NBJU bark collar is ideal. Its different levels of vibrating intensity and three different modes allow you to train your dog as you want. Additionally, the nylon strap is adjustable, so your dog doesn’t have to wear a tight collar.

The NBJU bark collar has a shock and a no-shock mode. However, the vibration can be a bit strong for small dogs, even on the no-shock mode or the lowest intensity.

Before You Buy This…

The collar has no remote, so this may not be the best purchase for dog owners looking for a collar with a remote.

9.   Dogtra 1900S Training Collar

Dogtra 1900S Training Collar

Dogtra 1900S Training Collar

Do you have a big fur baby who gets challenging to handle? You need the Dogtra 1900S training collar, which can tame even the wildest dogs. The Dogtra 1900 costs around $230, but it’s worth every penny.

Main Features

Dogtra 1900s is rechargeable and has a high vibration output. It can accommodate up to 127 levels of training!

This vibrating collar for dogs is lightweight and impactresistant, so you won’t have to worry about the dog damaging the collar when excited. The Dogtra 1900s is also waterproof. Its bio-thane strap perfectly fits every dog.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Dogtra’s high-performance pager can recognize even the slightest barks and calm your puppy right there and then. The strap has an ergonomic design that dogs can wear without irritation and discomfort. Its remote ranges over 3000 feet and can signal from afar.

However, dogs who get too excited and even bark lightly might not like the Dogtra 1900S; the collar can sense even the slightest murmurs, and its high output can be uncomfortable for smaller dogs.

Before You Buy This…

This product is best for big and sturdy dogs like K-9s. If your dog is petite, you might have to reconsider the purchase.

10. YIXIA Dog Training Collar

YIXIA Dog Training Collar

YIXIA Dog Training Collar

If your doggo’s erratic behavior is taking a toll on you, you’re shopping for the right product. The YIXIA dog training collar has a strong build that can command even the roughest barks and will train your dog instantly.

Main Features

YIXIA dog training collar is waterproof, lightweight, and remotecontrolled. The collar works with 5 different training modes with varying releases of vibration and beeps.

This vibrating dog collar has a security keypad lock on the remote, so your dog won’t be zapped even if you accidentally press the wrong button. The remote and receiver have long battery life and are rechargeable.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The collar can withstand scratches and bumps thanks to its rubber and thermoplastic polyurethane material. The collar is IP68 waterproof, meaning your dog can swim for up to 30 minutes while wearing the collar. The collar has up to 99 vibration levels which you can control according to your dog’s needs

However, a drawback is that the remote and the collar can be complex; if you’re not already tech-savvy, then learning how to operate the remote and the collar can be puzzling.

Before You Buy This…

If your dog is headstrong, then your dog might not respond to the collar after a few days. Some dogs can get used to vibrations and don’t react to them much, so if you’ve got a stubborn dog, you’ll need to use the collar smartly.

11. PatPet Dog Shock Collar

PatPet Dog Shock Collar

PatPet Dog Shock Collar

Are you looking for a simple yet effective vibrating collar for dogs? You’re looking at your money’s worth with the PatPet Dog shock collar. With this collar, you’ll be able to train your puppy in just a few days.

Main Features

The PatPet dog shock collar comes with 8 different vibration levels. It even has up to 16 static levels for those dogs that just won’t learn.

The vibrating collar is waterproof, sturdy, and can take rough rides like a boss. The nylon strap is adjustable. It has a remote that can work up to more than 60 days before charging.

Benefits and Drawbacks

This vibrating collar has a strong output and a shock mode, so it’s perfect for owners who have tried everything and just need something that will finally work. The collar is also waterproof, so if your dog loves to jump in pools and puddles, you’re in the safe zone.

Yet, the electric shocks can be a drawback. Most doggie parents don’t want to zap their pets, even if they’re being very aggressive. You can control the shock, but if you’re reluctant to do so, this product is not for you.

Before You Buy This…

If you’re planning on leaving the collar on for a few hours, then you should know that the company does not recommend having the collar on for more than 6 hours. Even 6 hours is a bit too much, so unless you know your dog can take it, don’t exceed 2-3 hours.

12. Mini Educator E-Collar

Mini Educator E-Collar

Mini Educator E-Collar

With a blunt but successful response, the Educator e-collar is what most dog parents need. If you want to discipline your dog without being too stern, you’re looking for the right product.

Main Features

Mini Educator e-collar has up to 100 stimulus levels with varying degrees of intensity. The smart remote has dual stimulation modes and is waterproof. The e-collar comes with hypoallergenic contact points. The bio-thane collar and strap have a spacious and ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The Mini Educator e-collar has an LED night light so you can keep your dog safe and sound. The collar is shock-resistant and does not wear out quickly, so it lasts a long time. The remote has a lock and set feature, which fixes the mode you want, so you won’t have to keep running after your dog.

However, the collar has a short battery life and takes a while to recharge, which can be irksome.

Before You Buy This…

If your dog has sensitive skin and does not take well to most collars, the Mini Educator e-collar might be uncomfortable or even painful since it can trigger rashes or minor burns.

13. Dog Care Training Collar

Dog Care Training Collar

Dog Care Training Collar

Last but not least, the Dog Care training collar is one product that most customers love. This vibrating collar for dogs is ergonomic, smart, and very cozy.

Main Features

The Dog Care training collar has 10 vibrating shock levels, which you can control with a remote. The collar has a snug design and an adjustable strap so no dogs will feel claustrophobic. The remote has a security keypad lock too. The receiver and the remote have long battery life and last up to 15 days.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The collar is portable and has three modes; a beep mode, a vibration mode, and a safe static mode. Even with the static mode, you won’t be hurting your dog. The collar is rainproof and has a compact design that can fit most dogs.

The remote charges within two hours and can control two collars simultaneously.

Although the collar is rainproof, it isn’t purely waterproof. The collar can only withstand a certain quantity of water, and if your dog loves swimming, the product won’t last long in the water.

Before You Buy This…

The remote does not have a very long range, which might be unsuitable for dog parents whose fur babies are used to running off whenever the door opens.

13 Best Vibrating Collar For Dogs

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FAQs: 13 Best Vibrating Collar For Dogs

Is It Safe To Use Vibrating Dog Collars In The Rain?

If you have a waterproof or rainproof vibrating dog collar, it is safe to use it in the rain. Waterproof/rainproof and water-resistant collars can easily bear rain.
However, if the vibrating collar for dogs does not have waterproof material, or isn’t even water-resistant, then using it in the rain can be dangerous, especially if it’s a shock collar.

Avoiding Scams: How to Tell Whether a Dog Collar is Authentic or Not?

There are a few ways to know if the vibrating collar for dogs that you’re interested in is authentic or not. Not all of these signs may be present, but you should still know what they are:

  • If the seller doesn’t provide all the details, he may be hiding something. Scammers try to pretend their products are authentic, so they’ll be quick to close the deal without providing much information
  • When buying a dog collar, check the vibration and shock modes on yourself. You can wrap the collar around your hand and check the intensity one by one. If you feel the intensity is too high or low than advertised, you might not be getting a good product
  • Authentic collars come with ergonomic and good-quality straps. If the strap looks flimsy, weak, or poorly stitched, you might be getting a counterfeit product
  • If the vibrating collar for dogs has a remote, try to check all of its controls. The shock does, the vibrating modes, the night lights (if it has one), the range, and the keypad locks are things you should check. If even one of these seems not to work, you might be getting a faulty product

Do All Vibrating Collars Have the Same Size?

No. While most vibrating collars for dogs have an adjustable strap, some have a specific measurement they can wrap around. Not all belts will be the same size, and some might not even be adjustable.

Can Vibrating Collars Hurt Dogs?

Whether or not a vibrating collar can hurt dogs depends on the product. Some vibrating collars can hurt dogs with prongs or a powerful output.
On the other hand, some vibrating collars aren’t that strong or jolting, so your dog is safe.

However, if you’re excessively using a vibrating collar, you might be placing your dog in harm’s way. Vibrating collars help in communication and training, but using them as an everyday thing–unless your dog is disabled–is inappropriate.

Additionally, if you use a vibrating collar meant for bigger dogs on a small dog, you’ll hurt your dog.

Can Vibrating Dog Collars Stop Excessive Barking?

Yes. Great vibrating collars can stop excessive barking and even help you train your dog otherwise. However, if you bought a faulty product or got a strong-willed dog, the collar might not be much assistance.

Conclusion | Best Vibrating Collar For Dogs

A vibrating collar for dogs is a great way to communicate with your pets and control their behavior. A vibrating collar is also an excellent product for disabled dogs.

You’ll find a lot of good vibrating collars for dogs, but the product that ticks all your boxes will be comfortable, adjustable, and easy to use.

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