14 Best Dog Shampoos For Dandruff and Sensitive Skin 2022

Dogs need to get bathed. They are active animals that often get themselves dirty while playing outside. If their hygiene is not cared for, their skins can get itchy and dry, resulting in many discomforts.

It can even cause them to have dandruff issues, where flakes of dead skin form on their bodies. 

Best dog Shampoo for Dandruff – What you need to know!

What can an owner of a dog possibly do if their dog ends up having dandruff in such a situation? The solution is quite simple. Just as humans go out to get specific shampoos with anti-dandruff characteristics when their dandruff gets out of control, there are many types of shampoos made for dogs for the same purpose as well.

These shampoos can help your dog get rid of itchy and dry skin – leaving no room for dandruff on their bodies! 

Nonetheless, before reaching for a shampoo for your dog that will help finish its dandruff, you must get your adorable baby checked by a vet. It is risky to ignore the issue as it can also get persistently worse and indicate other health problems.

For this reason, a professional can guide you in a much better manner and identify the real reason behind the problem. This way your doggo will never face such a complication again! 

Let’s dig right into the options you have for getting the best dog shampoo for dandruff and sensitive skin

Top 15 dog shampoos for dandruff and Sensitive Skin

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care 16 Oz

It is the best dog shampoo for dandruff and sensitive skin. Consisting of coal tar, salicylic acid, and micronized sulfur, Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic and Antiseborrheic medicated shampoo can help treat the problem of scales caused by dandruff.

It works very fast to provide relief to your dog, improving its scalp and the issues it might have related to it. Specifically made for dogs over 12 weeks old, it can also rapidly help reduce skin infections caused by fungal and bacterial problems.

If you are looking for a quick fix to dandruff for your dog, this is the go-to shampoo that might help relieve your dog’s pain! 

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care 16 Oz

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo

Hartz Groomer’s best dog shampoo for dandruff 

As dandruff causes your dog’s skin to be irritable, this shampoo is very effective in terms of reducing the problem of inflamed skin. Dogs of all ages can use it, as it neither contains alcohol nor has any side effects.

Made from salicylic acid, it ensures your dog’s skin remains free from any particles of dirt that cause dandruff to form. If your dog remains out most of the time and begins to smell slightly, it also consists of 18 ounces of perfumed shampoo to make your dog smell nice all the time!

Given its characteristics, this might be the best dog shampoo for dandruff you can buy if your dog faces problems caused by it! 

Hartz Groomer's best dog shampoo for dandruff 

Hartz Groomer’s Best Dog Shampoo For All Pet Washing Needs and All Life Stages

TropiClean OxyMed medicated shampoo for dandruff

This shampoo is a source of instant relief to your dog! It quickly acts on dry skin – having Alpha Hydroxy, Beta Hydroxy and tea tree, the shampoo helps soothe the scalp and finish flakes of dandruff quickly.

Its coconut cleanser also provides you with a unique lather that helps your dog get fresher than ever! Wondering whether it is safe for your dog or not? You need not worry! Being free from elements like soap, paraben, and dye, this shampoo is completely safe for your dog! 

TropiClean OxyMed medicated shampoo for dandruff

TropiClean OxyMed Medicated Anti Itch Shampoo for Pets, 20oz – Made in USA – Oatmeal Medicated Dog Shampoo for Allergies and Itching – Stops Itching Fast

2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner 

Unlike most other dog shampoos, the 2-in-1 Oatmeal dog shampoo and conditioner is completely free from harmful chemicals that badly affect your doggo!

It has a balanced pH, is made from completely safe ingredients like oatmeal and aloe Vera, and does not have substances like parabens or dyes. All these factors make it the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin! 

Natural ingredients might finish the risk of developing further issues and help reduce dandruff significantly! 

2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner – Dog Shampoo Sensitive Skin for Dog’s Itchy Dry Skin with Soothing Aloe Vera + Baking Soda + pH Balanced. Get Smelly Dogs Coat Fresh, 16 oz

Burt’s Bees Natural Shampoo for Dogs

Made of entirely natural ingredients, the Burt’s Bees Natural Shampoo might be the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin. Having elements like colloidal oatmeal, honey, and beeswax, apart from finishing your dog’s dandruff and scalp issues, it might make your dog feel better than ever!

Dogs of all ages can use this shampoo. Being 100% safe, it does not have any side effects either, softening your dog’s coat and dry skin to reduce dandruff, as it is pH balanced. However, since it is made of natural ingredients, the shampoo gives off only a light lather. 

Burt's Bees Natural Shampoo for Dogs

Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs, Colloidal Oat Flour & Honey

Oliver’s Choice dog shampoo for sensitive skin 

Do you want your dog to have a pleasant smell after showering them? If so, continue reading. Oliver’s choice of dog shampoo is one of a kind. It is the best dog shampoo for itching skin and is deodorized as well.

It is completely made of natural and biodegradable ingredients, it is free from harmful substances like paraben, making it safe for dogs of all ages, using oatmeal and aloe shea butter. So if you are looking for good smelling dog shampoo, you know what to get! 

Oliver's Choice dog shampoo for sensitive skin 

OLIVER’S CHOICE Dog Shampoo with Oatmeal and Aloe. Shea Butter for Smelly Dogs, Puppy Shampoo 14 oz


Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo

Earthbath’s Oatmeal and Aloe’s pet shampoo is highly effective for reducing itching skin. You might even say it is one of the best dog shampoos in the market. Making use of more colldial oatmeal, this shampoo is very unique from other dog shampoos.

It has special ingredients that will help clean your dog very quickly! Apart from being a good smelling dog shampoo, its oatmeal aloe formula is source of comfort for dry skin, making it a hypoallergenic puppy shampoo as well. 

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo – Vanilla & Almond, Itchy & Dry Skin Relief, Soap-Free, Good for Dogs & Cats, 100% Biodegradable & Cruelty Free – Give Your Pet That Heavenly Scent – 16 fl. Oz

Bexley Labs Benzoyl Peroxide Dog Shampoo

Bexley labs benzoyl peroxide shampoo is a shampoo that beats dandruff to its core. Easing issues like itching, skin Infections, seborrhea, dandruff, dermatitis, and follicular plugging, it is a great source of providing comfort to your dog! It also has a pleasant smell to make your dog feel amazing!

Specific ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, micronized sulfur and salicylic merge together to form a shampoo that is highly unique.

These ingredients also help to clean your dog very effectively. Not having soap and paraben, it is safe for dogs to use it as well. To cut it short, this might just be the best dog shampoo for itching skin you can get! 

Bexley Labs Benzoyl Peroxide Dog Shampoo

BEXLEY LABS Curaseb Benzoyl Peroxide Dog Shampoo – Relieves Dandruff, Scaling, Scratching and Folliculitis, Veterinary Strength Formula

John Paul Pet Lavender Mint Shampoo for Dogs

This is a botanical shampoo – very unique. It helps calm your pet while you are cleaning them. It is made of Eucalyptus oil and mixed with tea tree leaves and extracts of mint that help provide the right amount of moisture your dog’s fur needs!

Having a lavender scent has extra ingredients like Aloe and chamomile that further increase fur strength. Such a unique blend of ingredients makes it the best dog shampoo for itching and dry skin.  

John Paul Pet Lavender Mint Shampoo for Dogs

John Paul Pet Lavender Mint Shampoo for Dogs and Cats, Soothes Calms and Hydrates, Made in USA, Vegan, 16-Ounce

Vet’s Best Medicated Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

By far, this shampoo is one of the best shampoos to tackle the problem of dandruff on dry, sensitive skin. It helps clean the scalp by removing flakes of dandruff to give your dog relief. It does so by closing dog pores and clearing them of dirt.

It also then moisturizes dry and itchy skin, using its special mix of ingredients: natural ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, tea tree oil, and vitamin B5, coupled with salicylic acid.

Vet’s best-medicated oatmeal shampoo accompanied by the Vet’s best moisture mist conditioner makes for the perfect combination to relieve dry skin that causes dandruff and itchiness. What are you waiting for then? If you want your dog to be rid of dandruff, this shampoo might be a good option for you. 

Vet's Best Medicated Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

Vet’s Best Medicated Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs | Soothes Dog Dry Skin | Cleans, Moisturizes, and Conditions Skin and Coat | 16 Ounces

Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo for Dogs

The Wahl dry skin and itch relief shampoo does miracles for dogs! It is not made of ingredients like alcohol, paraben, and soap. It also maintains a balanced pH – which can be very effective in reducing dogs’ dandruff, as it is an essential part of their oatmeal formula for pets.

Keep in mind that Wahl’s sodding agent is made of higher levels of coconut as compared to other shampoos, so you do not need to use too much of it at one time.  

Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo for Dogs

WAHL Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo for Dogs – Oatmeal Formula with Coconut Lime Verbena – Model 821004-050

John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

If you are looking for the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin, this shampoo can help you greatly. It comes in a 16-ounce bottle and contains a special formula made of pure oatmeal, aloe vera gel, and sweet almond oil. This formula is handy to finish the problem of dry skin and irritation amongst dogs!

John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

Oatmeal Shampoo – Grooming for Dogs and Cats, Soothe Sensitive Skin Formula with Aloe for Itchy Dryness for Pets, pH Balanced, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Made in USA

Biosilk for Dogs (Moisturizing Shampoo) 

The Biosilk moisturizing shampoo for dogs is one of the best shampoos you can get to make sure your dog’s skin stays healthy. It is perfect for dogs with itchy skin that causes dryness and dandruff, as it gives immediate comfort.

It has a rich blend of vitamins and ingredients that moisturize your dog’s scalp and coat, making your pup look as healthy as it could.

After regularly using it you will see a significant difference in your dog’s skin and fur. Moreover, you can use it for any breed of dog – just make sure the dog you are using it on is eight weeks or older. Completely free from parabens or sulfates, you can use it as regularly as you want to.

Biosilk for Dogs (Moisturizing Shampoo) 

BioSilk for Dogs Dog Grooming Supplies – Dog Shampoos, Waterless Dog Shampoo, Pet Wipes, Dog Wipes, Dog Pet Shampoo, Dog Wash, Pet Wash, Puppy Shampoo, Shampoo for Dogs

Fresh n Clean Medi-Cleen Medicated Shampoo 18oz

The Fresh n Clean Medi-Cleen medicated shampoo is another shampoo highly that is highly useful for tackling dandruff and itchy skin.

Made of special ingredients that help soften your dog’s skin, it easily provides quick relief to your dog if it is suffering from dry skin, dandruff, dermatitis, and scaling. It comes in an 18-ounce bottle, and is also fragrance-free to ensure there aren’t any side effects to it. 

Fresh n Clean Medi-Cleen Medicated Shampoo 18oz

PetAg Fresh ‘n Clean Medi-Cleen Medicated Shampoo – Fragrance Free – For Scaling Dandruff, Dermatitis, Itching, & Dry Skin – 18 fl oz

PetAg Fresh’ n Clean Skin & Coat Essentials Calming Hot Spot Shampoo

The PetagFresh’n Clean skin & Coat Essentials Calming Hot Spot Shampoo is truly special and different from other shampoos in the market. It is a multi-functional shampoo, which offers more than incentives.

On the one hand, it offers comfort and eases the pain of rashes, inflammation, and hot spots, but on the other hand, it also provides extreme relaxation from problems stemming from itchy and dry skin! It is made of two distinctive ingredients: rooibos tea extracts and salicylic acid.

The rooibos tea extracts help reduce inflammation, and the salicylic acid significantly lessens the pain of dry and itchy skin by remove dead skin cells from a dog’s body. Coupled with Salicylic acid, oat extracts are also used as an ingredient for the shampoo and provide hydration to dry skin to soothe it.

PetAg Fresh' n Clean Skin & Coat Essentials Calming Hot Spot Shampoo

PetAg Fresh ‘n Clean Skin & Coat Essentials Calming Hot Spot Shampoo


Question: Is baby shampoo safe for dogs? 

It is high time to put an end to this debate once and for all. Before we start off, though, let’s remind ourselves of a few important things. We all know that dogs’ skin requires the same protection and care as ours do. There is a reason behind it: hair. Hair grows on dogs as well as humans, and if not taken care of properly, it can lead to the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. In the long run, this unhygienic state could result in skin infections that have very bad consequences! 

In order to avoid those repercussions, it is paramount that your dog gets washed regularly. Without adequate cleaning and regular baths, your dog might suffer from the same issues consequently. But there is a question: will it be okay if the same shampoo that we use is applied on a dog’s skin and fur? No! It is something that must never be done, unless you are using baby shampoo. 

Having your dog get regular baths/showers – at least once a month – will result in their coat and fur being clean, their skin’s pH levels to stay in a normal range, and stop many viruses and bacteria from clinging onto your pup and making it sick! 


Baby shampoo for your dog! Can you wash a dog with baby shampoo?

First things first: before venturing to use baby shampoo on our dog, you must consult the matter with the vet once and have your dog checked, especially if your dog has extra sensitive skin.

This way, nothing unexpected would happen that otherwise would have negative consequences. 

So, is baby shampoo safe for dogs? You should note that baby shampoos are the only human shampoos that are supposed to be mild shampoos explicitly made for sensitive skin. For this reason, the usage of detrimental chemicals and scents is avoided.

Babies’ skins are susceptible and anything with made of too many chemicals could have bad consequences.

For this reason, they are the only shampoos having a very mild consistency so as not to leave a bad impact. 

Given these characteristics, it is acceptable to say that baby shampoos can be used on dogs. But that should not be a daily occurrence!

Baby shampoos are, after all, made for humans. To put it simply: it should only be your resort when you have no other options and your dog badly needs to get washed!

If it is used, you must also make sure that you rinse it off properly so no skin area on the dog’s body is left exposed to it afterward. 

Never use shampoos for adult humans on dogs

Take note of this. You should ensure you never, even by mistake, try to use your own or anyone else’s shampoo on your dog.

No matter what the situation is – your dog is covered in dirt and there is no shampoo to wash it with, your dog has created a huge mess, or even if your dog stinks really bad, don’t use a human’s shampoo on it. 

Most shampoos for adults contain chemicals that can be highly harmful to your dog’s skin. It can result in itchy and dry skin, aggravating it to the point that it begins to flake off. Many other things can possibly happen too. Our skins have different pH levels as well.

Humans tend to have a pH level of the skin, inclining more towards the acidic side. For this reason, our shampoos are also made for skins with a pH level of that range.

So if they are used on a dog’s skin, it can irritate it and have extremely poor consequences! 

To cut it short, our bodies are different. Our skins are different.

And they both function differently as well. Saying you want to experiment using a human’s shampoo on your dog could have unthinkable consequences – so it should be avoided at all costs! 

Four best dog shampoo alternatives – You can use on your doggo!

Dish soaps

Dish soap is an entirely safe substance to use on your dogs! It can help remove the built-up oil and dirt from a dog’s coat easily. However, before grabbing your own dawn dish soap, ensure it is free from any fragrances and chemicals that could be harmful to your dog’s skin.

After doing so, mix it with 2 cups of water, ¼ cup of dawn, and ½ cup of white vinegar – this will form a very good mixture to use as an alternative to dog shampoos! 


Baking Soda

Baking Soda can be very effective in terms of removing dirt from the skin of your do. If you have less time on your hands, that is understandable! If you are in a hurry, we have the just the right Oatmeal recipe for you. Firstly, 1 cup of raw oatmeal, and mix it with ½ cup of baking soda. After that, combine the mixture with 4 cups of waters. There you have it! One of the best dog shampoo alternatives!



If you are out of shampoos and it is hard for you to get one, remember that corn starch can be used to apply to the skin of your dog. It helps reduce grease and finish foul odors. There is no particular recipe for this method, but the best way to use it is to sprinkle it on your dog’s body.

Ensure the starch gets deeply into the fur and coat, ensuring all the dirt gets removed, finishing itchiness. Keep in mind, though; this will only temporarily provide comfort to it is not a substitute of dog shampoos.


I hope we have added value to your read! Our list hasn’t got a top pick for The best dog shampoo for dandruff and sensitive skin because there are so many good options available to us today. What you really want to see is which shampoo will work for your pup! A word of advice, do not use shampoo alternates for long and get your doggo a good shampoo that is specific to his needs. 


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