Can Dogs Eat Oregano? 5 Significant Health Benefits

Can dogs eat oregano? Oregano is one of the most loved spices used as topping or seasoning on different foods and has many health benefits.

It has earthy flavors that add a twist to your foods and makes them tastier. Due to this, you may ask yourself, can dogs eat oregano? Let’s find out.

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  Oregano can boost your pet friend’s health and ensure he/she is in optimum health. But, there are certain dos and don’ts of feeding oregano to your pet that you need to consider.

For starters, you need to remember that feeding oregano to your pet regularly can become harmful and toxic to your pet instead of being beneficial. But, there’s a lot more to this. Continue reading to find out.

Is Oregano Good For My Dog?

Oregano is extremely beneficial for your dog, and more importantly, it is completely safe for your furry pet.

However, it will only be safe if you feed them in small amounts. Adding too much oregano to your pet’s diet can cause trouble for your pet.

Moreover, you also need to consider that some dogs may not like eating oregano. If your dog turns its head away when fed oregano, you should stop feeding him/her oregano.

Now, when it comes to feeding oregano, there are two ways you can feed them.

Feeding Natural Dry and Fresh Oregano

You can simply feed your dog natural oregano, which is fresh and dried. Just sprinkle some on your pet’s food and let your dog have a go at it.

Feeding Oregano Oil: Is oregano oil safe for dogs?

Is your dog not enjoying the newly introduced dry oregano? If yes, there’s nothing to worry about. Your dog can still enjoy the benefits of oregano by taking it in the form of oregano oil.

Oregano oil contains two powerful substances which make it beneficial for your dog. The first one is carvacrol, which has very strong anti-bacterial properties.

The other substance is thymol which is said to be a natural antifungal agent and helps in improving the immunity of your doggo.

Just add a little to your pet’s meals and he/she won’t shy away this time.

4 Easy Steps To Safely Introduce Dogs To Oregano

When introducing your dog to oregano, you need to start slow. Add a little oregano to your pet’s food bowl and see how your furry one reacts to it.

If your pet eats it, you can add it to their diet. However, you also need to keep an eye out for any adverse reactions your pet may get.

Here’s a safe way to feed them:

  • Get a small and fresh leave of oregano. Make sure you wash and dry it to remove any pesticides or harmful contaminations from them.
  • Chop up the leaf thoroughly.
  • Prepare your pet’s favorite meal and sprinkle the chopped leaf on top of your pet’s food.
  • Additionally, you can also get oregano oil and simply add a few droplets to your pet’s meals.

When feeding your pet oregano, make sure you do not overdo it because it can be harmful to your pet if fed in excess.

5 Significant Health Benefits Of Oregano For Dogs

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Oregano is a nutrient-rich herb and carries for nutrients than you can imagine. Dogs need a variety of vitamins and minerals in their diet and feeding them oregano is one way to fulfill their dietary needs.  

In terms of vitamins it contains high concentrations of Vitamins A, K, and C. Similarly in terms of minerals, oregano is a rich source of calcium, iron, manganese, and omega-3s.

Adding oregano to your pet’s meals can yield the following health benefits.

  • Oregano is an excellent antibacterial and antiviral agent. It can wipe away harmful toxins from your pet’s body.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, oregano can help your pet fight against swelling and infections.
  • Helps in dealing with arthritis.
  • Serves as an anti-oxidizing agent and helps remove free radicals from your pet’s body –thus ensuring ideal health and keeping your pet energetic.

What Is Oregano Poisoning? Should You Be

While oregano is extremely beneficial for your pet, if you overfeed them you will be exposing your pet to oregano poisoning. It can cause severe health complications and put your pet through immense pain and discomfort.

Here’s a detailed insight into the symptoms of oregano poisoning.

Symptoms Of Oregano Poisoning In Dogs:

In the unfortunate event of adding too much oregano to your dog’s diet, here’s what will happen.

The most common side effects of oregano poisoning in dogs are usually mild stomach irritation. So the question is can dogs have oregano or not?

However, it is possible for your pet to consume enough of this tasty herb to cause more dangerous symptoms like blood clotting disorders and low glucose levels.

The most commonly reported signs of oregano toxicity are:

  • Digestive complications
  • Abdominal pain
  • Severe vomiting
  • Diarrhea and constipation
  • Lower blood glucose
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Gastrointestinal ulcers
  • Bruising and bleeding (Rare condition)

5 Known Causes Of Oregano Poisoning In Dogs:

Oregano poisoning is caused due to the presence of certain irritants and toxins present in oregano. These include:

  • Flavones
  • Monoterpenes
  • Monoterpenoids
  • Polyphenols
  • Gastric irritants

If you feed them oregano in smaller concentrations and not more than 2 or 3 times a week you don’t have anything to worry about.

Diagnosis of Oregano Poisoning In Dogs:

The diagnosis of oregano poisoning needs to be done by a trained vet and you will have to provide proper health records of your dog.

There are three ways to identify the intensity of oregano poisoning in your dog.

  • Urine or stool examination
  • Blood analysis
  • Endoscopy

This depends on the local vet, and only he/she will be able to choose the most appropriate mode of diagnosis based on the level of discomfort your pet is in.

Treatment of Oregano Poisoning In Dogs:

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There are 3 ways to treat oregano poisoning, and your vet may advise one of the following methods.


Evacuation refers to vomiting out the oregano from your pet’s stomach. A certain drug (ipecac) is given to the pet and he/she vomits within 30 minutes.

Afterward, you should give your pet activated charcoal to help remove the leftover toxins from your pet’s mouth.

Can Dogs Eat Oregano? 5 Significant Health Benefits


Detoxification is also a medical process and is done by gastric lavage. This helps remove excess oregano from your pet’s body, and once the procedure is done, IV fluids should be introduced to your pet.


After performing the medical procedures, if the symptoms persist you can give your pet an antiemetic or omeprazole.

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