Fat Chihuahua: Obese Chihuahua’s Guide to Shed Weight (2023)

People owning a chihuahua have many concerns, given the petite structure of the dog. Therefore, various owners question how fat a chihuahua can be.

It’s good to be concerned about your pets because if you won’t show concern, who else will?

As you know, the Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog. These cute little dogs are known for their enormously loving and loyal nature. They are intelligent; hence, it isn’t hard to train them for certain things, including daily walks, playing with a ball, or fetching stuff.

But due to their petite bodies, owners are always in a dilemma because chihuahuas quickly catch a cold or other illness. It seems as if their feeble selves won’t be able to take baggage; therefore, out of concern, owners start feeding their pets with extra food.

Chihuahua is an ideal pet dog, especially if you live in a small house or keep moving. They are easily domesticated and don’t make a mess compared to big dogs.

How Fat Chihuahua can be?

All chihuahua owners must remember that their pet shouldn’t be more than 6 pounds. Chihuahuas aren’t meant to have bulky bodies like others dogs. Their little selves can’t afford obesity at any cost.

Chihuahuas with an abdomen tuck are indefinitely obese. Hence, make sure they don’t exceed the 6-pound range.

Is it OK to have a fat Chihuahua?

Overweight chihuahuas have shortened life spans.

No! It is not OK to have a fat chihuahua. Fat chihuahuas are less likely to survive and most likely to create trouble for you.

Overweight chihuahuas have shortened life spans. And while they are alive, they constantly deal with breathing problems, weak joints, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Is Fat Chihuahua healthy?

Fat chihuahuas look enormously adorable. But fat chihuahuas are not healthy at all. Don’t confuse obesity with cuteness.

If your Chihuahua is fat, it is most likely dealing with joint problems and facing trouble while breathing and moving. These adversities prove a significant threat to their life and create numerous difficulties in their lifetime.

A chihuahua’s fatness has nothing to do with healthiness. Don’t mix these two things and if your pet is getting fat, take immediate action before it’s too late.

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What is the average weight of a Chihuahua?

Fat Chihuahua A Guide For Your Pet's Lifestyle 2022!

The average weight of a chihuahua is around 1.5 to 3kg. The small size dog with a charming personality won’t weigh more than 6 pounds.

If your dog is around these figures, there’s nothing to worry about, but if the weight exceeds, you have to be cautious.

Is there any heaviest Chihuahua?

Gracie is one of the breeds of Chihuahua that weighs around 42 pounds. Gracie didn’t weigh much; naturally, it happened because of her fatty diet.

Things got so worse that Gracie was unable to walk correctly. A trainer was assigned to help Gracie lose 30% weight.

What is the average lifespan of a fat Chihuahua?

The average lifespan of a chihuahua is between 14 to 18 years compared to other breeds of dogs with an average life span of 10 to 13 years.

If your Chihuahua gets fat, it will most likely get several diseases and health problems that lessen its longevity. Over the years, many chihuahuas have been diagnosed with heart diseases with a shocking rate of 18.8%.

 Due to health issues and traumatic injuries, chihuahua lifespan has been decreasing. In the case of a fat chihuahua, the chances of a healthier and better life decrease further.

Health issues in fat Chihuahua?

Obesity is a common problem in most chihuahuas these days. However, obesity isn’t the only concern. It leads to diabetes, heart disease, weak joints, arthritis, and a shorter lifespan.

These health problems could be harrowing and stressful for your dog. Arthritis causes immense pressure on a dog’s joints and muscles, weakening them further and causing trouble walking.

In the case of Type II diabetes, regular insulin is needed; otherwise, the dog would get into a shock.

Therefore, chihuahuas owners must take their dog’s obesity seriously. It could be causing more problems than you can imagine.

If your dog is slow, it faces trouble walking and running. Don’t neglect your best friend’s health. You are their only guardian, and you must look after them properly.

How do I Know my Chihuahua is overweight?

A lot of people can’t tell if their Chihuahua is overweight. It is because they take that extra fat for cuteness and healthiness. But that’s not the case.

Chihuahua is supposed to be petite and thin. There’s a difference between petiteness and malnourished dogs.

For starters, you’d notice that your dog’s frame isn’t well-defined anymore. Chihuahuas have a slim waist but are most likely overweight if they don’t have a slim waist anymore.

It would help if you looked out for another sign that is Chihuahua facing difficulty in licking themselves; An overweight chihuahua won’t be able to scratch itself as it’d be hard to reach the rounded and bulky spots.

It isn’t hard to judge whether a chihuahua is overweight or not. Keep a sharp eye, and you’ll notice significant body structure and shape changes. Not just that, your pet starts acting sluggish.

Chihuahuas cannot carry the weight, which leads to back and spinal problems. The spinal disc slips, and bones most likely get fractured. Usually, one can feel a chihuahua’s ribs, but if they are overweight, you won’t be able to feel them at all.

If you cannot check these signs, you should check the Chihuahua’s weight monthly. It is ideal for taking it for monthly checkups as well. Ideally, a chihuahua shouldn’t weigh more than 6 pounds. So, if your dog exceeds the range, it is on the road to obesity.

Why do Chihuahuas get fat?

There are multiple reasons for a chihuahua to gain weight. First, let’s focus on some lingering health problems that cause obesity in chihuahuas.

Why do Chihuahuas get fat?

● Thyroid Issue

Thyroid issues can be linked with your dog’s obesity. Thyroid adversely impacts the metabolism and slows down the dog’s body system. You can look for the symptoms, including lethargy, excessive shedding, and cold intolerance.

● Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s disease affects a dog’s adrenalin gland. It causes increased weight and difficult situations like panting, potbelly, thinning coat, baldness, weakness, and scaly skin patches.

● Diabetes

You’d know that obesity causes diabetes, but diabetes can cause obesity as well. It’s recommended to check your vet immediately so he can rule out the condition.

If a chihuahua is diabetic, you must feed it properly and follow strict guidelines. Make sure your pup exercises well and takes the necessary medication on time.

Just like humans, dogs need to have a healthy lifestyle. Here’s an example of some unhealthy habits or chronic conditions that make chihuahuas fat:

● Lack of exercise

Exercise is vital for the well-being of dogs. People who don’t take them out for a walk often forget that it serves a purpose. When chihuahuas don’t walk or run and don’t play with toys like other dogs, they become lazy.

It limits their physical activity, and they start gaining fat.


Feeding your pup is good, but overfeeding is not a good sign. Most dogs don’t have a significant metabolism that burns all fat without physical effort.

Feed your pup well but ensure it doesn’t exceed a specific portion size. Moreover, exercise is equally important, especially for chihuahuas with a slow metabolism.


If your dog is on medications, there’s a possibility that some of them are triggering weight gain. Common medicines like anticonvulsant phenobarbital and glucocorticoids trigger weight gain.

If your pet starts gaining weight after taking medicines, you should immediately consult the vet.

● Pregnancy

If your Chihuahua happens to be an unsterilized female, its weight gain might be due to pregnancy. It’s better to examine your dog, especially if it went through a recent heat cycle or had contact with a male dog.

It takes almost 40 days for chihuahuas to show signs of pregnancy. Always examine your dog before making assumptions and putting them on a strict diet.

● Stress

Chihuahuas do get stressed and anxious. In this situation, they start consuming more food, and due to increased cortisol levels, they lose muscle, and calorie expenditure reduces as well. New people, different environments, and loud voices don’t settle well with chihuahuas.

Make sure they are comfortable in their space to avoid stressful conditions. A traumatized chihuahua is less likely to socialize, which reduces its activity, and leads to weight gain. 

● Same diet

If you have been feeding the same food to your dog for months, it can be a triggering factor in weight gain. It is essential to bring frequent changes to your dog’s diet. The same diet eventually turns into stubborn fat, and your dog becomes obese.

● Eating human food

If your Chihuahua is sharing your meal, you must stop. Because these meals are most likely causing weight gain. Human food seems healthy and full of nutrients, but it can be dangerous for dogs.

It contains high sodium and spices that cause obesity and other health problems in chihuahuas and other dogs.

What food makes Chihuahua fat?

Food that contains a high level of sodium and fats makes chihuahua fat. It includes junk food, fried food, and sugary treats.

If you want your Chihuahua to stay healthy and fit, avoid food items with dyes, additives, gluten, sugar, corn syrup, etc. Regular human food can make chihuahua fat due to its high sodium content.

What to feed a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas love to eat meat. When preparing your pup’s diet plan, make sure you add meat. You can add chicken, pork, lamb, and fish to your diet, but the portion should not rise from 40%.

Then comes vegetables. They are an equally important part of the Chihuahua’s diet due to the high quantity of vitamins and minerals. Avoid potatoes, but all other vegetables are a great source of energy for your pup.

You can opt for ready-made dog food mixed with meat and vegetables. But if you are keen to serve homemade food, go ahead! Make sure you don’t add onions, garlic, or other potentially harmful spices to your pup’s meal.

A proper diet vouches for a healthy chihuahua. It keeps vitals and metabolism in check. Feed your pet a balanced diet of fresh meat and vegetables that may include broth. In your mission to avoid being overweight, don’t let them lose excessive weight either.

 Chihuahuas are tiny creatures that need your care. Make sure they aren’t malnourished and fed adequate portions.

What is the Ideal food for fat Chihuahua

Finding the perfect food item for a chihuahua could be significant, especially if you are constantly working. Now, you don’t have to stress over making healthy meals that fit your dog’s meal chart.

You can add these healthy food choices to your dog’s meal without worries.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo is an ideal source of carbs and proteins that keep your pup healthy and enhance its skin. You can feed it to your Chihuahua without any queries. Its natural ingredients are great for improving muscle growth and joint health.

Wellness CORE Natural Dry Grain

Wellness CORE Natural Dry Grain

Wellness CORE Natural Dry Grain

Wellness Core is manufactured explicitly for small pups and chihuahuas. The grain-free food supplement is a complete nutritional package. It contains premium ingredients chicken, turkey & salmon. You need not cook or prepare it. Just serve it to the dog; it will thank you for this delicious meal.

Autarky Grain Free Tasty White Fish and Potato Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food

Autarky Grain Free Tasty White Fish and Potato Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food

Autarky Grain Free Tasty White Fish and Potato Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food

Autarky is a delicious and healthy addition to your pet’s diet. It is ideal for dogs suffering from joint pains. It is high in proteins. Thus, it won’t cause weight gain but make sure your pet continues its exercise and daily walks while having it.

● PRO PLAN Optiderma Sensitive Skin

 PRO PLAN Optiderma Sensitive Skin

PRO PLAN Optiderma Sensitive Skin

Pro plan optiderma food is manufactured explicitly for small breed dogs like chihuahuas. Its combination of nutrients helps dogs with sensitive skin.

The combination of nutrients helps with healthy joints. They are highly recommended for dogs with arthritis. As it is free from gluten, you won’t have to worry about the increased weight of the dog.

● Nature’s Logic Canine Chicken Feast

Nature's Logic Canine Chicken Feast

Nature’s Logic Canine Chicken Feast

Spoil your dog with an entire chicken feast without compromising on weight. This chicken-flavored canned food is ideal for a chihuahua. It contains 100% natural ingredients, no dyes or additives, and it is absolutely;y grain free. Even a small serving would do.

How to help a fat Chihuahua lose weight?

How to help a fat Chihuahua lose weight?

If your dog is experiencing weight gain, it should be a heads-up for you. It’s time you take action.

●     Consult a veterinarian

For starters, you need to consult your veterinarian immediately. He will guide you well and look for the actual symptoms causing your dog’s weight gain. A proper physical examination along with various tests will help you figure out the root cause, and you can act accordingly.

It’s essential to go to a vet because if your dog is undergoing some problematic situation, it’d need a specific treatment that varies from dog to dog. For example, the vet might change the dog’s medication or give a cure for its diabetes if it’s diagnosed.

●     Daily Exercise

If your Chihuahua is overweight, you must focus on increasing its activity level. Even though it has a petite frame, it doesn’t mean the Chihuahua doesn’t need to exercise.

Many chihuahua owners commit the mistake. They lock their dogs in apartments and only move them for a bath. You must allow your pet to run and play freely like other breeds.

Chihuahuas need to exercise at least once or twice a day to shed excessive layers of fat. You can engage them in indoor activities to keep them active. 

●     Less Treats

Being a dog owner means showering unconditional love on your pet that comes in the form of hugs and treats.

These treats become mandatory, but if your Chihuahua is overweight, you must immediately cut down on these treats. Avoid giving your dogs fats and high sugar food and stick to healthier options.

If you are keen to spoil your dog, there are various healthy alternatives on the market.

●     Change the diet

Your dog’s diet is integral to its overall health and well-being. Try incorporating healthy food items in a chihuahua’s meal. If you are focused on making it lose weight, switch to food items with high fiber, rich nutrients, and fewer carbs and fats.

You don’t have to starve your dog! Make smart and healthy choices that change your life for good

●     Feed recommended portions

Chihuahuas are quick to gain weight due to their small size. Therefore, you must consider matters and keep an eye on their food servings. Most chihuahua owners are unaware of the recommended food portions.

Consult your vet, and feed your pup with the right serving size. You can also check the daily serving size on the dog food packaging. But don’t forget that you don; ‘t have to feed them in excess or deficient amounts. Moderation is the key!

How to relieve Chihuahua from joint pain?

If your Chihuahua is suffering from excessive joint pains, it’s time you think about doing something about the weight. Joint pains are terrible, and they cause severe agony.

It’s painful to see your best friend going through the suffering. Here are some natural ways to relieve fat Chihuahua from joint pain.

How to relieve Chihuahua from joint pain?

●     Maintain weight

Joint pains are caused due to weight gain. You ensure that you’re Chihuahua doesn’t weigh more than 6 pounds. If your dog is obese, start exercising and keep a strict check on its diet. Don’t put pressure on your dog, but gentle exercise can do wonders to the joints,

●     Consistent movements

Chihuahuas are often diagnosed with arthritis. In this scenario, you must develop an entire exercise routine for your pet that keeps it active and improves joint health.

Rather than long, vigorous walks, go for short walks and play indoor games that keep the dog moving.

●     Addition of inflammatory food items to the diet

Anti-inflammatory food items play a crucial role in your dog’s joints. After consulting the vet, you can add papaya, alfalfa, celery, or ginger to your dog’s diet.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, many people have been adding a minute of turmeric in their dog’s food, especially broth. But make sure you check if your dog is not allergic to these food items or not.

●     Canine Acupuncture

The idea of needles and dogs doesn’t settle well. But canine acupuncture is gaining popularity for its promising results. It helps with various canine ailments, including joint pain.

●     Physical therapy

If your dog goes through extreme joint pain and mobility issues, it’s time to switch to advanced services like physical therapy. Techniques like hydrotherapy provide ease to dogs, and you can learn to do physical therapy at home.

●     Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy is highly effective in treating joint pains and reducing inflammation. Every dog has its requirements. The vet will schedule an appointment accordingly, and your pup will undergo an easy, painless treatment for its pain.

●     Massage Therapy

Massage is no less than a blessing. Chihuahuas love massage, and if you give them a proper massage to relieve joint pain and remove muscle stiffness, it will change their life for good.

●     Avoid slippery floor

Hardwood and tiles don’t work well for arthritic pets. You can’t change the flooring but can place your pup’s rugs and carpets. Make sure you trim your dog’s nails to avoid friction. Add as much ease as possible to their life.

●     Get an orthopedic dog bed

Your dog needs supportive bedding. Sleeping or laying down on an uneasy mattress would add extra pain to their suffering. It would be best if you switched to orthopedic beds designed for dogs with arthritis. Gradually, you’ll notice your pet doesn’t wince anymore.


 It is better to switch to healthy supplements for your dog’s joints. Supplements containing glucosamine, turmeric, green-lipped mussel, MSM, and chondroitin are highly recommended for your pet’s health.

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Wrapping up: Fat Chihuahua

Like any other pet, chihuahuas require your attention and care. Due to their petite frame and delicate structure, owners must be cautious as they might get easily injured. Nonetheless, being a chihuahua owner is worth everything.

It’s a; lovable dog breed that brings joy to your life. While they are unconditionally loyal to you, ensure you play the part and consider their weight and health concerns attentively. It doesn’t require much effort. A daily walk, outdoor indoor activity, and a healthy diet are all you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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