Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Is Watermelon Good For Dogs? (2023)

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Why not? Watermelon is such a delicious treat for dogs that it keeps them hydrated and happy during the hot summer. I am a father to several puppies. I raise them, feed them, and take care of them. I know for a fact that dogs enjoy cold, sweet chunks of Watermelon during hot summer. Think … Read more

Fleas On Dogs: What To Do When Dogs Get Fleas? (2023)


FLEAS ON DOGS- Your worst nightmare has come true. Your dog has caught fleas or ticks from other pets, and now you have no idea how to deal with the situation, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We will be uncovering signs of whether your furry pet has fleas or not and what … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Ice Cream? What are the Facts (2023)

Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Ice Cream (4)

Much like humans, dogs are also omnivores, which means they can eat absolutely anything you give to them. That does not mean everything we give our dogs is good for them, for example, a delicacy like chocolate for us is poison for them. Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Ice-Cream? Let’s Fins Out! The hard and sharp … Read more