Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni? Is Pepperoni Safe for Dogs to Eat?

It’s a rainy Wednesday night in November. You decide the best place for you and your best pooch is to be on the couch watching movies.

Halfway through the first flick of the evening, you’re hungry so you pause the show and rummage through the ‘fridge, dog at your heels. Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni? Maybe you grab some cream cheese, sliced pepperoni and a box of crackers.

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni?

The high-fat content may cause pancreatitis in little dogs, and that usually begins with bloody diarrhea.

Finally, you’re back on the couch with your snack and you start munching. Only slightly distracted by the gorgeous star on the screen, you don’t see that your pooch (who’s been making puppy-dog eyes at you for the past 15 minutes) has managed to sneak a few slices of pepperoni right off the coffee table.

You freeze and try to remember how many slices were in the deli bag. It looks like your dog has eaten at least half a dozen of them.

What Happens When Your Dog Eats Pepperoni?

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What happens at this point depends largely on the size of your dog. If your pet is medium or large, they may just pass gas, or maybe even vomit. If your dog is a small or toy dog, though, you may be in for a much longer night and possibly a trip to the vet. But pepperoni is meat and meat is what canines eat, right?

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni? Well, yes, it is. However, pepperoni is a highly processed meat with lots of other things added to it. Ingredients such as fennel seeds and mustard seeds are toxic to dogs and can induce vomiting even at small doses. Onions and onion powder are poisonous and can even bring on an acute toxic reaction.

Dogs should never be allowed to ingest any onion, whether it is raw, cooked, or dehydrated. Too much of the “spicy” spices like paprika and black pepper can irritate your dog’s digestive system.

Pepperoni Is a Very Fatty Meat, Which Could Lead to Pancreatitis

Large and medium dogs seem to have no trouble digesting perhaps one or two slices, but small dogs should be kept away from it as much as possible. The high-fat content may cause pancreatitis in little dogs, and that usually begins with bloody diarrhea.

Lastly, besides the spices, other ingredients, and fat content, most brands of pepperoni (and salami, too) are very high in sodium. As important as sodium is for many bodily functions, any dog that gets too much in his diet is at risk for high blood pressure and water retention.

These two problems alone may lead to kidney, liver, and heart disease.

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni?

So what does all that mean? Well, your dog is more than likely going to be okay. You keep an eye on him for a little while and he seems to be alright. Maybe he only managed to grab one or two slices, because now he’s lying on the floor looking at you like he’s starving.

You laugh and give him a pat on the head on your way back into the kitchen to grab that bag of dog biscuits you picked up at the grocery store. Now you know to keep your dog away from the pepperoni, and any other processed meat while you’re at it, and stick to treats made for dogs.

Proper nutrition for a healthy dog

A dog’s nutrition is a highly important topic. Dogs, for the wonderful creatures that they are still require a lot of care from their owners. Undoubtedly without humans to look after them, domesticated dogs shall perish from the face of the earth.

Modern dogs require very human solutions to go about their lives. Take nutrition as an example, dogs need a steady intake of proteins, carbs, good fats, doggy-vitamins, and minerals just like us but dogs are built differently than humans, some of the foods we cherish and live by might not be good for our dogs.

Nowadays technology has made picking food for your dog very easy. Today you can find dog food products that are formulated to your dog’s specific nutritional requirements. You have multiple choices from which to pick the food for your dog. Here is an advisory on dog food that will be helpful for you.

If you really love your dog, are determined to keep in check their mental and physical wellbeing, you probably mix homemade healthy food in your dog’s food.

As mentioned before dogs are built differently than us, be real careful what you feed to them, for example, ketchup a regular in every household is extremely toxic to dogs but tomatoes might not be.

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni?

Don’t share your pepperoni!Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni?

Dogs are originally carnivores, so meat should be their natural food. However, meat products like sausages and such are not the same as cooked plain meat bites. Pepperoni is a processed type of meat, which means it contains a lot of additional ingredients, in order to last long.

Dogs are the descendants of the mighty wolf! So it’s perfectly logical for them to still have some of the traits their ancestors had. Dogs are meat eaters by nature, something which is easily observed by looking closely at their cool set of canine teeth.

So pepperoni should be good for them, right? A flavorful smoked sausage is a form of processed meat. These types of meats can be easily found in our supermarkets, they are full of flavors but due to the various industrial processes they go through, processed meats are considered harmful to human and dog health.

You might be wondering, isn’t dog food made the same way? Well, you are right! As we touched the above as well not all dog food is made equal! Some shady brands tend to deviate from industry regulations trying to make the most bang for their buck if you know what I mean.

Worry not, the dog food-making process is heavily regulated in the US and Europe so you are good to go. However, the same can’t be said to the processed meat industry, although some bigger brands do adhere to industry standards, using best practices for food processing


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