Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth? (Health Benefits For Dogs?)

Can dogs have chicken broth? – On a global level, more than half of pet owners are dog people. This means that most pets are dogs, and it’s no surprise because they are adorable!

Dogs are known to be the most loving animals existent on the planet today. The qualities they express make us more and more attracted to them. Their popularity has increased by an enormous level. So much so that dogs are now part of the armed forces; police, military, etc.

This speaks volumes in terms of their aforementioned qualities. Not to mention their loyalty, as we all know how excited our dogs get when we get home from work. And if you think about it, it’s not much of a surprise.

Let’s be honest. As working-class dog owners, we all impatiently wait for the clock to hit 5 pm so we can go home and catch up with our furry little friend. Therefore, as we love our dogs with all our hearts, we wouldn’t want to feed our dog unhygienic food, especially when our dog is sick.

For humans, nothing beats the wrath of a warm bowl of soup whenever we get sick. Similarly, when dogs get sick, they tend to reject anything you offer them to eat. And it’s absolutely fine.

But, what to offer them then? You can’t starve your dog, especially when it is sick. Therefore, chicken broth can help with that.

Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth? (Health Benefits For Dogs?)

It’s a well-known fact that the essence of chicken makes everything taste better. So, if your dog is a picky eater, just pour the chicken broth on the dry treats and wait for your dog to lick the bowl clean. In sickness and in health, chicken broth can make things easier for you.

The question arises, can dogs have chicken broth? Since you’re here, it’s a good thing that you don’t want to put just anything in your puppy’s mouth. Let’s explore the relationship between chicken broth and your sweet floofball.

The short answer is yes, but there is a lot more to know about it, so keep reading.

The chicken broth might be a nutritious addition to your furry friend’s diet, but some are made with additional ingredients such as garlic and onion; both are harmful to dogs.

Never give your doggos chicken broth made for humans. It’d be best if you could just boil them, especially for your babies. Or just get a dog-friendly product.

Secondly, you also need to make sure that the broth you are feeding your dog is low in sodium. Even so, consult with your vet before making any new additions to your dog’s diet.

Unsolicited diet changes can upset your dog’s stomach. Usually, broths are safe yet maintain the necessary caution.

So, depending on your dog, even a low-sodium chicken broth can prove to be high in sodium. Therefore you must keep your vet in the loop regarding your dog’s diet, especially if your dog has any diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease.

Can Dogs Have Store-Bought Chicken Broth?

The short answer is yes. Your dog can have chicken broth bought from your local store as long as it is pet friendly.

As mentioned earlier, vegetables like garlic and onions are harmful to dogs. Secondly, as long as its sodium properties are low, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Nevertheless, when I said pet friendly, I meant it should have all the qualities that ensure seamless digestion without complications, i.e., low-sodium and no garlic and onions.

Temporary negligence can result in long-term consequences. So ensure that you only feed dog-friendly broth to your dog.

Do Dogs Like Chicken Broth?

Dogs like anything chicken flavored.

The same goes for chicken broth. As it is just meant to be an add-on – only purposed to be used as a source of toppings, it makes any dry dog food more tempting.

Moreover, there is a reason why Chicken Broth is recommended for dogs who are picky eaters. Chicken broth is so tasty that it makes them crave it even more. So, with the good chicken broth, you can say goodbye to all the futile trips to your vet regarding low appetite.

Is Chicken Broth Safe For Dogs?

Dogs may be the most active animal out there, but they are rather sensitive when it comes to diet. When something as delicious as chocolates is harmful to dogs, you can understand the severity of the situation. It is a rather common question, is chicken broth safe for dogs?

Yes, chicken broth is safe for dogs but is it safe for your dog? It is hard to say.

Not just chicken broth but any other food can prove to be injurious for dogs. Even if all the conditions are met, such as the broth has low sodium properties and does not contain garlic and onion contents, there is still a chance your dog might reject it.

Always make sure to consult with your vet before making any changes to your dog’s diet. It is vital that you do that. If done wrong, even the slightest change to your dog’s diet can cause discomfort to your dog.

In small quantities, it’s usually safe for most dogs.

So yes, depending on your dog, chicken broth can be a relatively safe addition to its diet.

Health Benefits Of Chicken Broth

Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth?

Chicken broth’s foremost benefit is encouraging your dog to finish its bowl of dry food, and in most cases, it works like a charm. However, there are a few more benefits.

Chicken broth tends to soften up the food and flavors, a rather tedious diet to make it more appealing without further upsetting an already upset stomach.

When talking about the health claims, it’s a little ambiguous at the moment. However, chicken broth works as a cure for gastric issues. Issues such as diarrhea, constipation, and a comparatively shiny coat can be cured with chicken broth.

Nevertheless, the researchers have a lot more to investigate before handing out conclusive answers.

Health Risks Of Chicken Broth For Dogs

Chicken broth is a relatively safe treatment for your little fur ball. So, as long as the chicken broth you currently possess is free of garlic and onions and is low-sodium, feeding it shouldn’t be a problem.

Is It Recommended To Feed Chicken Broth To Dogs?

Chicken broth is a safe treatment for most dogs. Nevertheless, one may wonder if professionals actually recommend it as a beneficial add-on.

So, the answer to this question is an ambiguous yes.

For example, an expert professional pointed out that chicken broth may contain ginger and onions – two toxic substances for dogs- and emphasized checking the ingredients before feeding.

Moreover, an expert professional recommended chicken broth as a routine taste enhancer for your dog’s bland diet.

Indirectly, it is professionally recommended. Otherwise, how else would we know that even low-sodium chicken broth can harm some dogs?

Yes, it is a little incomplete at the moment, but as mentioned above, the research is still active, and the researchers have a lot more to explore.

So if you have a healthy, happy, and young dog, the chances are that low quantities of dog-friendly chicken broth won’t do any damage. However, caution is always better than negligence.

How To Prepare Chicken Broth For Dogs?

If you are not in the mood for store-bought chicken broth, you can even make it at home – dog-friendly nonother.

Although, we do recommend giving store-bought chicken broth on second thought. There are many benefits.

Not only will you save time and resources, but it would also require much less effort. Keep reading to learn some of our favorite chicken broths for dogs. Plus, there are several nutritional ingredients present in them that are necessary for the furball.

However, making chicken broth by yourself might just be the fastest way to feed your dog chicken broth without garlic and onions.

Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth (2) (1)

Anyways, let’s continue with how to make chicken broth at home.

Step 1:

Without any seasoning, boil chicken in plain water.

Step 2:

Let it boil for a couple of hours at least. 3 to 4 would be great. That way, the liquid will absorb all the content from the chicken.

Step 3:

Once you’re done with the second step, take out the contents from the pot and let it cool.

Step 4:

Last pour some on top of your dog’s food when you think the temperature is ideal.

How Much Chicken Broth Can Your Dog Have?

Homemade or store-bought? It doesn’t matter because it’s a well-known fact that too much of anything can be problematic.

If you are confused about the right quantity, then we are here to assist.

It all depends on your dog. Because the dietary needs of dogs vary.

Your dog might even handle one packet a day or could get sick after a single bite; it’s hard to generalize.

Consult your vet for conclusive answers. They’d even tell you the precautions if any mishap happens. Plus, rarely ever does a dog get into serious trouble for consuming chicken broth. But, why take a risk?

Consult a vet.

They might recommend half a packet per day, Or can even suggest one packet for an entire week.

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Can Dogs Have Chicken Bone Broth?

Chicken bone broth is surely the winner. Comparatively speaking, bone broth is much richer in collagen and nutrients and even helps with muscle growth and joint issues.

Nevertheless, the same rule applies to chicken bone broth too. Since the research is yet to be concluded, ensure the bone broth you are serving doesn’t consist of garlic and onions and is low-sodium. Homemade bone broths can also work.

When Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth?

Once again, the answer to this also depends on your dog. If your dog is fit and entirely healthy, feeding it chicken broth frequently shouldn’t be a problem.

You must discuss this with your veterinarian first.


Can You Give Chicken Broth To Dogs For An Upset Stomach?

If your dog’s stomach is upset, you can still serve chicken broth but in a small amount. For example, pour some on top of its dry dog food as an enticer.

Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth With An Onion?

Onion is harmful to dogs. Therefore it is better to just avoid it altogether.

Can I Put Chicken Broth In Dog Food?

Yes, you can put chicken broth in dog food but make sure it is low-sodium or homemade.

Does Chicken Broth Hydrate Dogs?

Chicken broth can lay a hand in hydration, but it can’t replace water. So, make sure your dog always has access to clean and fresh water.

Ways To Use Chicken Broth

Your dog would probably love eating anything that is not part of its regular diet, chicken broth, for example. However, even though topping the food with chicken broth is an excellent way, there are a few more methods you can implement to get your dog to eat the chicken broth.

For starters, you can make treats for your dog at home. The only ingredients you would need are peanut butter, flour, oats, and chicken broth.

During summers, you can give your dog the benefit of the doubt and serve it chicken brothsicles. Depending on your dog, you can freeze its favorite low-calorie treats such as pumpkin, beans, and strawberries in a popsicle container mixed with chicken broth.

You might have heard about the harms of ice cream for dogs, but in this case, you can make dog-friendly ice cream at home with a few ingredients. You can mix a dog-friendly fruit such as watermelon without seeds with plain yogurt and chicken broth. If done right, you’ll have dog-friendly ice cream in no time.

These are just a few different ways to feed chicken broth to your dog. If your dog likes it, chow times for your dog won’t be hectic for you anymore.

Best Chicken Broth Products for Dogs

So, after your thorough research, you are finally in the mood to get your hands on the finest chicken broth for dogs. After all, wouldn’t you want to feed your dog the best treats for being such a good boy?

Therefore the following are some personal favorite chicken broths for dogs you can get. Rest assured, all of them are of superior quality and market-tested for years.

Herbsmith Kibble Seasoning – Dog Food Topper For Picky Eaters

Herbsmith Kibble Seasoning

Herbsmith Kibble Seasoning – Dog Food Topper For Picky Eaters


Firstly, the chicken used to make this broth is USDA certified. This means that the chicken used went under proper inspection by the USDA before being approved for the dogs.

Only a handful of ingredients are used to make this chicken broth. The company believes dogs should never eat substitutes for meat and should only be fed authentic treats. Therefore, the limited ingredients scheme ensures authentic chicken broth for your furry friend that it can enjoy anytime during the day.

Moreover, this chicken bone broth is gluten and grain free.

Lastly, this chicken bone broth is dry seasoning, allowing you to serve it wet or dry, whatever you feel is a better choice.

Pros And Cons


  • Several health benefits. It can act as a cure for some gastric issues.
  • Dry seasoning makes it adequate for maximum dogs.
  • Entices the dog to eat its food whilst providing all the necessary nutrients.
  • The company’s founder is a world-renowned doctor.


  • Low quantity. If your dog is extremely fit and healthy, you will quickly run out of the entire jar.
  • Some dogs might find the texture of this chicken broth a bit difficult to intake. Be sure to know about your dog’s likes and dislikes.

Things to look out for

This is doctor-recommended stuff, and you can’t go wrong with it. Therefore, you should also know that this product has low availability due to its rising popularity. Better stock up when you have the chance.

Apart from this, this product surely wouldn’t disappoint you or your dog. It’s a recommended and certified product; this speaks volumes and will surely work on low availability.

2. Under The Weather Easy To Digest Bland Dog Food Diet For Sick Dogs

Under The Weather Easy To Digest Bland Dog Food Diet For Sick Dogs

Under The Weather Easy To Digest Bland Dog Food Diet For Sick Dogs


This chicken broth is surely a rounder due to its remarkable properties.

Firstly, this bone broth contains electrolytes that are highly beneficial for dogs and is one hundred percent gluten-free.

Secondly, the meat used to make this broth is human grade, extremely natural, and frozen dried. This vet-formulated chicken broth is also good in case of stomach upsets and digestive issues.

Moreover, this broth doesn’t contain even a slight bit of artificial flavors. All the ingredients used, not just meat, are human grade. So, you can be sure of feeding only quality food to your furbaby.

Pros And Cons


  • Has several variations in quantity. You can get this product in many different packs.
  • The name speaks for itself. Under the Weather is known for creating dog food that is good for when your dog is sick. Therefore, you can shoot the thought of this chicken broth worsening your dog’s condition. Their formula is a sure-fire way to any dog’s recovery.
  • Unlike most chicken broths, this one has rice as the main ingredient. This means that your dog will receive double nutrients as rice is quite rich in nutritious supplements.


  • Similar to the previous chicken broth, this one also faces availability issues from time to time.
  • The freeze-dried food doesn’t agree with some dogs. Make sure you are fully aware of your dog’s allergies and reactions before getting it hooked on a new diet.

Things to look out for

Numbers don’t lie, and if you look at the stats of this product on Amazon, they are extremely positive. With almost 80 percent of 5-star reviews, this chicken broth is in a league of its own.

As you might have guessed by now, foods with high sodium can negatively affect the dog’s health. So, In all honesty, things are looking pretty good for this product; not much to look out for. However, you should double-check this chicken broth’s sodium contents and ensure it’s not too much for your dog.

3. Nulo FreeStyle Bone Broth For Dogs

Nulo FreeStyle Bone Broth For Dogs

Nulo FreeStyle Bone Broth For Dogs


This product mainly makes mealtime way more satisfying and tempting and is an excellent diet addition if your dog is a picky eater.

Additionally, this chicken broth is rich in most of the nutrients normally found in chicken broths. It’s a highly healthy treat for your dog.

It’s very easy to pour. You can easily take the cap off of the plastic bag and start pouring.

Pros and Cons


  • Very popular with dogs, very few rejections.
  • This chicken broth is a product of a highly reputable manufacturing company.
  • You can get this chicken broth in a variety of packs.


  • This product is suitable for dogs and cats, so if you own both the animals as pets, you will have to serve them separately, or civil war will occur in your living room.
  • Low quantity in terms of price.

Things to look out for

The only flaw of this product is that some customers have complained that this product is not value to money. In terms of price, you get less quantity than expected.

So, make sure to keep an eye out for a good deal. It’s an exceptional chicken broth, and you truly wouldn’t want to miss out.

4. Brutus Bone Broth For Dogs

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Brutus Bone Broth For Dogs


This broth mainly focuses on joint health, and so far, their products have proven to be effective.

All the ingredients used are completely natural and fresh – a treat straight from the farms.

Contains high amounts of chondroitin and glucosamine, two of the essential nutrients for joint health.

Pros and Cons


  • Recycled materials are used for the packaging of this chicken broth. Not only is it good for your dog, but it is healthy for the environment too.
  • Doesn’t contain any unwanted artificial preservatives.
  • Lastly, a portion of the complete earnings from this product goes straight to helping animals in need. Even unknowingly, you’ll be contributing to a major cause.


  • The garlic properties of this chicken broth are a little unclear at the moment. So it is not advisable to serve without knowing the truth or your dog’s health status.

Things to look out for

The garlic factor is the only alarming thing about this product. If it is still unclear, you must know that onions and garlic are some of the most toxic substances for dogs.

5. Caru Daily Dish Chicken Broth

Caru Daily Dish Chicken Broth

Caru Daily Dish Chicken Broth


Don’t let the appearance fool you because it may look like a juice box but is really a top-notch chicken broth for your little furry friend.

Similar to the previous chicken broths, this one is also made with only the natural and purest ingredients.

Every ingredient is of human grade, and the overall recipe is certified vet-formulated.

Pros and Cons


  • Available in 3 different flavors, chicken, beef, and pumpkin. All three food items are highly popular among dogs.
  • Zero added preservatives and garlic and onion properties.


  • Its ability to hydrate dehydrated dogs can mask your sense of symptoms.
  • Low quantity for such an expensive chicken broth.

Things to look out for

This chicken broth is also going through an availability crisis, so if you ever get a chance, we recommend stocking up.

Other Safe Chicken Broths For Dogs

Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth? (Health Benefits For Dogs?)

Open Farm Harvest Chicken Bone Broth

Open Farm Harvest Chicken Bone Broth is a superb option for your dogs as well. This is in addition to the safe products mentioned above. The company always tends to surpass our expectations when it comes to environmentally friendly productions.

Their sustainable practices deserve extreme recognition as it is an inspiration for all the manufacturers out there.

From trusted family farms, the company stocks up on chicken. All these chickens are strictly and humanely raised. In addition to chicken, the company also gets its hands on some other wholesome ingredients such as turmeric, fresh vegetables, and some non-GMO fruits.

As a result, this chicken broth is a treat for your dog and has a great impact on the surroundings, too – including us.

Native Pet Bone Broth Powder For Dogs

Its extreme ease of accessibility is what makes this broth a popular option among dog owners. Since it’s in powder form and is unlike any other chicken broth we have talked about so far, the options to use this are countless.

You can mix it with a glass of water to make watery chicken broth or just sprinkle some on top of food for flavor enhancements.

This product is mainly made from three ingredients – organic sweet potatoes, organic chicken broth, and organic chicken protein and has a long shelf life of 12 months.

Lastly, this contains surprisingly low calories. So, if you’re on the lookout for your dog’s calorie intake, this chicken broth contains fairly minimum calories and is not a threat to obese dogs.

Merrick Grain-Free Chicken Bone Broth

Irrespective of how you want to serve/use chicken broth, this one is surely here to save your day. Be it a savory treat or just to hydrate your raw morsels, the Merrick Grain-Free Chicken Bone Broth.

Rest assured, this chicken broth is not only nutritious but utterly delicious as well. At the end of the day, your dog will surely enjoy its meal times.

Lastly, the Merrick Grain-Free Chicken Bone Broth also offers a natural source of minerals (need of every time), nutrients essential for joint health, and amino acids.

The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth Pour Overs

This chicken broth is similar to what you can make at home, but spoiler alert- it tastes a lot better.

This wet chicken broth goes adequately with any dog treats. So, when it comes to picky eaters, this chicken broth surely wins the race. 

The Honest Kitchen uses the best ingredients to make its products. For example, the carrots used to make this chicken broth are top tier. And not to mention, this product meets the FDA human-grade safety standard.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that its packaging is remarkable. Comparatively speaking, it is very easy to reseal the pack after you use it. So, your dog will enjoy fresh food all the time, thanks to The Honest Kitchen.

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Conclusive Thoughts | Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth?

In the end, it all comes down to you as a dog owner. We laid out all of the Dos and Don’ts of chicken broth, so it is up to you to decide how much of it to give to your dogs and which product to choose.

There may be instances where a vet may recommend some product. In that case, don’t feed the doggo anything other than that.

The answer to the question ‘can dogs have chicken broth?’ is yes. But, there are instances where broths have been a nuisance for dogs. Therefore, it is highly advised that you consult a vet before making any dietary changes.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Dogs have sensitive stomach. Even supposedly minute things can cause upsets and make you rush to the vet’s ER. Better to avoid all that drama. A quick call to the vet can save you from trouble.

Summing up, all of these chicken broths surely meet the mark. After consultation with your vet, choose any one of them without hesitation. Unless, of course, your vet recommends something specific.

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