Can Dogs Eat Fruit Roll Ups? (Can Fruit Roll-Ups Kill Dogs?)

Dogs love treats and snacks outside their main diet but can dogs eat fruit roll-ups?

Every time they see a new treat, they wiggle their tails out of sheer excitement. Now when it comes to treats, fruit roll-ups may seem like a good option for your dog.

This is basically due to the presence of certain additives in the fruit roll-ups, such as GMO and carcinogenic ingredients.

Here’s a detailed insight into this to help you understand why dogs should never be fed fruit roll-ups and what may go wrong if you feed them. 

Are Fruit Roll-Ups Safe For Dogs?

Fruit roll-ups are not safe for dogs. They have a very high concentration of sugar, artificial flavorings, and carbohydrates.
Dogs can only have a small amount of sugar and carbs, and if fed in excess, it can lead to severe health complications.

Some of the reasons why fruit roll ups are not considered safe for your dogs include:

  • A major cause of dental complications.
  • It can make your pet obese.
  • Increase the risk of diabetes and heart complications.

 No pet owner would want to expose their dog to such issues, which is why it should be avoided at all costs.

Ingredients Of Fruit Roll-Ups:

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Fruit roll-ups are highly processed foods. A fruit roll-up is essentially a fruit puree with a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates in it.

It also has other harmful additives such as corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup, which causes the fruit roll-ups to get a hard and sticky structure.

Nutritional Value Of Fruit Roll-Ups:

Fruit roll-ups carry little to no benefits for your pet dog since it isn’t intended for pets. Here’s an insight into the nutritional content of fruit roll-ups.

A 100-gram serving of fruit roll-ups has the following nutritional values.

Nutritional Value Of Fruit Roll-Ups

What To Feed Dogs Instead Of Fruit Roll-Ups?

If you’re thinking of introducing snacks to your little friend, here are a number of healthy alternatives to fruit roll-ups.
These are considered safe for your pet and will also provide them numerous health benefits –thus keeping your pet active and in a better physical shape.

Theses include:

All of the above-mentioned foods are safe for your dogs, but there are certain steps you need to consider before feeding your pet these foods.

  • Always wash the foods to remove any pesticide residue from them. Or else, you will be exposing your pet to harmful pesticides that will make your pet sick.
  • When feeding your pet fruits and veggies, make sure you keep the serving sizes and the serving frequency small. If you overfeed your pet, you will be risking physical discomfort and health issues.

Following the above steps, you will be making sure that your dog enjoys snacks while staying safe.

How Bad Are Fruit Roll-Ups For Dogs?

By now, you have an understanding that fruit roll-ups are bad for dogs. If you’re still tempted to feed your dog fruit roll-ups, here’s an insight into how bad it is for your furry friend.

  • It makes your dog hyperactive since a 100-gram serving of fruit roll-ups has over a whopping 1572 kJ of energy and over 38.7 grams of sugar.
  • It will directly affect the sleep quality of your dog and lower the amount of sleep your pet gets.
  • It will increase the risk of diabetes and heart complications in your dog.
  • Your pet will end up gaining weight and becoming obese.
  • Your pet will be exposed to the risks of GMOs.
  • The artificial flavoring in fruit roll-ups also increases the chances of your pet suffering from cancer.

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Fruit Roll-Ups?

If your pet accidentally consumed fruit roll-ups, you shouldn’t panic. First, you need to see how much fruit roll your dog consumed. Based on the size of your dog, healthy dogs can take large amounts of fruit roll-ups just fine if it’s a one-time incident.

In contrast, small dogs cannot take large amounts of fruit roll-ups without facing adverse reactions. If your pet has too much fruit roll-up based on its body weight, it will suffer from digestive complications.

In most cases, it will go away by providing your pet a balanced diet and plenty of water. However, if the digestive discomfort persists, you will have to immediately take your pet to the veterinarian.

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Eating Fruit Roll-Ups?

Fruit roll-ups are bad for your pet and even accidental consumption can create problems for your pet. It is best to avoid this altogether and take measures to prevent your dog from eating fruit roll-ups. Here are some steps to make sure your pet does not eat fruit roll-ups accidentally.

  • Try storing the fruit roll-ups in a hard-to-reach spot.
  • If you or your family is having fruit roll-ups, make sure you don’t leave them unsupervised.
  • If you have friends visiting over, let them know beforehand to not feed your pet any unsafe treats or snacks. Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If A Dog Eats Fruit Roll-Ups?

The results of the consumption of fruit roll-ups are based on the amount of fruit roll-up your dog has. In case of small amounts, you will notice no side effects.

However, if you increase the amount of fruit roll-up and feed it as a regular treat, your pet will suffer digestive complications and lead to obesity, diabetes, mouth problems, and other complications.

Can Fruit Roll-Ups Kill A Dog?

Fortunately, no. It cannot kill a dog since there are no toxic compounds in fruit roll ups. However, overfeeding may lead to problems. So, to conclude, it may not be toxic, but it is unsafe for your pet friend.

Can Fruit Roll-Ups Make My Dog Act Crazy?

Yes, it can make your dog act crazy. Crazy in the sense that it makes your pet extremely active, and your pet will end up acting crazy due to the excessive sugar content of fruit roll-ups.

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Conclusion: So can dogs eat fruit roll-ups?

Fruit roll-ups are bad for your pet and should never be fed. They contain excessive amounts of sugars, carbs, and artificial flavorings, which may be safe for us but are certainly not safe for your dogs.

If you feed your pet fruit roll-ups, you will end up making your pet sick and lead to hyperactivity.

Other than the health issues, fruit roll-ups do not contain any healthy nutrients for your dog, so it is wise to avoid feeding your pet fruit roll-ups. Instead, there are other healthy fruits and veggies that your dog can have safely.

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