Can Dogs Eat Pop Rocks? Potential Risks For Dogs (2023)

Can Dogs Eat Pop Rocks?

Can Dogs Eat Pop Rocks? Potential Risks For Dogs (2023)

What Would Happen If A Dog Ate Pop Rocks?

As we all know, chocolate and sweets might be tasty treats for us, but not so much for our four-legged friend. Apart from chocolate, these candies are also harmful. These include lollipops and even plain rock candy.

What they do is, they might get stuck in your dog’s windpipe, and cause a choking hazard. Moreover, it’s not good for their teeth either!

Pop Rocks for dogs – The ultimate experience!

What would happen if my dog ate pop rocks?

We all think about can dogs have pop rocks? should I feed my dog pop-rock and more importantly what would happen to my dog if he eat those poping rocks? Well, sometimes it’s just easier for us to show the video evidence.

Here is the immediate reaction of a dog after eating a whole pack of pop rocks.

Are The Pop Rocks Toxic?

We’ve all had a lot of pop rocks when we were kids, and loved all the flavors they came in. Who doesn’t love soda? And when these pop rocks are mixed with soda, they aren’t very harmful, but they do produce a lot of gas.

Even though the large amounts of carbon dioxide produced are not life-threatening, they certainly are enough to burst a balloon.

What Ingredients Makeup Pop Rocks?

The process of making these fan favorites Pop rocks is quite simple.  Firstly, it involves the mixture of corn syrup, sugar, lactose, and a preferred flavor to be heated to a boil.

Next, carbon dioxide is passed through the mixture. Finally, as the mixture cools down, the carbon dioxide gets entrapped in the candy and forms little bubbles.

Are These Pop Rocks Banned?

The invention of these pop rocks dates way back to 1956 when William A. Mitchell invented these pop rocks while trying to make an instant pop drink.

Despite the non-lethalness and advertising of pop rocks not being harmful, they were banned. Up until recently, when they have continued again.

Should I Give Pop Rocks To My Dog?

Generally giving your dog little amounts of pop rocks won’t kill or seriously harm them. The maximum would do is, that it would cause bloating and gas. This settles down and goes away within hours.

But, on the other hand, if your dog has a lot of pop rocks, that might lead to vomiting or even diarrhea and stomach upsets in cases.

What happens if I mix pop rocks and soda and give it to my dog?

Can Dogs Eat Pop Rocks4

When you mix pop rocks with soda, a reaction occurs where the carbon dioxide within the rocks is emitted, which makes that famous sizzling sound the candy is renowned for.

While this combination is not deadly at all, it produces large amounts of gas, which leads to bloating. In the instance of dogs, they might get gas and bloating which will go away in a couple of hours.

But if the quantity is large, the dog might be susceptible to stomach upsets, diarrhea, and even vomiting!

How to know if my dog ate pop rocks?

You might notice your furry friend is a little more gassy than usual, they might even be a little lazy! That’s not a cause for concern, as it could just be the popping and the gas releasing in their stomach. They should be fine in a couple of hours!

Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Pop Rocks?

Generally, all sorts of sweets and candies, and chocolates should not be given to dogs. They are poisonous to them. But if you really want to give your pooch a try, then little quantities will do them no harm. As long as it stays at little quantities!

These hard candies are made up of yeast, which is why it pops when liquid is added to it.

Are Pop Rocks Bad For Dogs?

These pop rocks cause sizzling and the emission of large amounts of carbon dioxide in humans. This makes us feel gassy and bloated and this can be annoying at times. On the other hand, as far as it goes for dogs, it depends on the quantity consumed.

If the quantity consumed is little, they should only get gassy, which would go away in a couple of hours. But, if consumed in larger quantities, the dog may experience stomach upsets, vomiting, and even diarrhea!

Can Pop Rocks Kill My Dog?

According to studies, large amounts of sugar consumption in dogs might cause them to develop diabetes in the later stages of their lives.

Can Dogs Eat Pop Rocks

These pop rocks also might include additives that aren’t good for your dog. It is worthwhile mentioning that the popping might lead to gum erosion as well.

It is best to keep all sorts of sugary and carbonated candies out of your dog’s reach, it is harmful to them, and might not kill them immediately, but is a slow killer!

What To Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Pop Rocks?

If you notice that your dog has thrown up, or is having diarrhea, it is clear that they aren’t okay and need to be monitored. Especially if they are constipated or are having diarrhea.
The best course of action would be to take them to a vet. The vet will keep an eye, on and do what needs to be done.

Can dogs eat Pop Rocks? what are the alternatives?

While pop rocks can cause damage and hurt your dog, here are a few alternative options you can try out for your pooch:


    Sweet potatoes. These are ideal for old dogs on diets, and even puppies who are developing teeth.


    Dehydrated sweet potato. What this does is, it preserves natural anti-oxidants, which are a source for minerals and vitamins


    A thick cut. This will make your dog occupied, and there would be no guilt in giving it to your dog either. As it contains no fats or added sugars.


    Gluten, and grain-free. These products are easier to digest.

Can Dogs Eat Pop Rocks (2)

Conclusion – Can Dogs Eat Pop Rocks?

In the end of can dogs eat pop rocks? Giving your dog these pop rocks might not be the best treat idea. They aren’t necessarily deadly, or lethal. But they do cause discomfort to your Doggo!

There are a lot of other treats you can give your dog, and here are a few to get you started, which aren’t harmful to your dog at all!

The first is doggy ice cream, who doesn’t love ice cream, that too on a hot day! Your dog would love it. A few others include peanut butter paste and even apple slices.

It is recommended to not give your dog too many sweets. It can cause diabetes in dogs that can be fatal.


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