Can Dogs Eat Veal? (4 Benefits of Veal Meat)

My doggo is truly my child. Like me, he is quite a picky eater and gets tired of repeatedly eating the same thing! Sadly, while I have many options for myself to mix things up a bit, there aren’t enough safe options for pets. Especially when dogs get tired of eating chicken and beef!

Alas, once I noticed that my dog was not enjoying his meat as much as he used to, I began my research to find alternative meat choices. This led me to veal.

Since it is an unconventional meat choice for dogs, it is better to learn as much about veal as possible before introducing it to your doggo’s life. So, keep reading!

Cracking the answer: Can dogs eat veal meat?

nutritional content of veal is such that it is equipped with a high amount of protein and a moderate amount of fat.

While you may have a short answer to the question, it is equally important to understand why the answer is yes.

Veal isn’t toxic to the majority of dog breeds, making it safe for consumption. However, it is still a good idea to check about your dog’s breed specifically or give a small amount at first to see if your doggo has a reaction to it. The higher probability is that he won’t.

Why can dogs eat veal? Well, this is because the nutritional content of veal is such that it is equipped with a high amount of protein and a moderate amount of fat. This makes it suitable for a dog.

So, most dogs can eat veal safely as long as they don’t overeat it.

Worth it or not: Is veal good for dogs?

When fed in controlled quantities, veal can be immensely good for dogs. This is because they are rich in various minerals, which ensure the good health of the canine. Since the meat is tender as it belongs to a young calf, it is also easier to digest.

The meat helps dogs in improving their metabolism rate, skin health, and energy levels. The only time when veal might not be good for your doggo is if your dog is allergic to it.

 A helpful indicator for this is if your dog is allergic to beef. If this is the case, then the answer to “can dogs eat veal?” for you would be no. It is best to seek advice from a vet in this case.

Meaty Benefits: Is veal meat good for dogs?

If your dog isn’t allergic to it, veal meat is good for your canine’s health. This is because it is an excellent source of protein. This can help your doggo in reaching his 18 percent recommended daily dose of the nutrient for the day (in the case of an adult dog).

Veal meat is best when given cooked. While it is safe when fed raw as well since it doesn’t commonly host parasitic worms, I still find it best to give my doggo a cooked meal to remove all uncertainties.

Make sure that the veal meat you feed your dog is stored properly. Similar to beef, as per USDA, the safe temperature for whole cuts is 145 degrees Fahrenheit, and for ground meat is 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do dogs like veal meat?

Being an owner of a single dog, I cannot make a declaration for all the breeds out there. But, my dog loves eating veal.

And I assume this might be the case with many other dogs. This is because veal meat is comparatively more tender and juicy than other red meat. And we all know how much canines love their juicy meat! So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that most dogs like eating veal meat.

Can dogs Eat Veal: Nutritional Facts

Here is a breakdown of the nutrients you get when approximately 113 grams of lean veal meat is consumed, as USDA reports.

  • 3.3 grams of fat (approximately 1.5 grams of monounsaturated, 0.2 grams of polyunsaturated, and 1.3 grams of saturated fat)
  • 24.6 grams of protein (containing nine crucial amino acids, including leucine)
  • 112 milligrams of sodium
  • 268 milligram of phosphorous
  • Vitamin B (8.2 grams of Niacin and 2.99 micrograms of B12)
  • 294 milligram of potassium

Additionally, veal meat does not have any carbs, sugar, or fiber in it. It is also important to note that of the 129 calories that make up 113 grams of veal meat, 76 percent of it is accounted for by protein, which signals that veal has a significantly high protein content.

Benefits of Veal Meat

Let’s be real. For dogs, nothing beats the protein content provided by a beef diet. But, veal is also good for dogs since it has quite a lot of beneficial vitamins. As reflected in the nutritional facts, this includes Vitamin B12, B3, and B6, along with essential minerals.

Together, eating veal allows a doggo to realize the following benefits:

  • A healthy and voluminous coat.
  • Increased production of red blood cells owing to the rich iron content, which in turn helps combat anemia.
  • Boost tissue repair and muscle development, leading to a healthy life.
  • Increased energy levels and better regulation of essential organ function.

Risks of feeding veal meat to dogs

veal needs to be eaten in moderation due to its sodium content

So, can dogs eat veal? Yes. Is it safe for them to consume it? Yes. Do they benefit from eating it? Yes.

Does that mean there are no risks involved? No! In fact, just like any other food item that dogs can eat, veal meat to has a flipside that you need to consider.

Firstly, veal needs to be eaten in moderation due to its sodium content. Too much sodium is hazardous for dogs. And so is the case with veal.

Secondly, certain dogs might be allergic to meat. If your doggo starts scratching itself aggressively, becomes lethargic, or experiences diarrhea, he might be having a reaction to the meat. Here, you must seek treatment immediately.

As long as you know about your dog’s allergies and feed the meat in moderation, you will be able to avoid the risks associated with veal.

Can Dogs Eat Veal Cutlets?

Yes! Whether it be lean, ground, or cutlet form, dogs can eat veal in all shapes. All you need to be careful about is what other items you cook it with. It is best not to include any seasonings on the meat to avoid feeding your doggo too much sodium.

My doggo personally loves eating cooked plain lean veal. He isn’t fond of cutlets much since they are not as juicy as the latter. Your dog might be different. So, while dogs can eat veal cutlets, whether they would want to eat them in this form is another debate.

Can Dogs Eat Veal Liver?

They can safely eat veal liver, yes. In fact, veal liver is quite beneficial for canines like it is for us. This is because this protein is rich in multiple vitamins that help clean the pollutants in the blood. The liver also helps in boosting vision in dogs and contains many essential fatty acids.

The included fatty acids play an integral role in ensuring healthy skin as well as a coat in dogs. So, if your doggo is looking particularly dull, you know what part of veal to feed him!

Yes! Your dog can consume liver, which is a vitamin-rich protein. The liver cleanses the blood of pollutants and maintains healthy vision, in addition to carrying iron, copper, zinc, and vital fatty acids.

Can Dogs Have Veal Bones?

The answer to this question is a tad complicated.
Can dogs have veal bones raw? Yes. Can a dog eat veal bones cooked? No.

This is because cooked bones can easily break into smaller shards that can cause injury to a dog’s mouth or throat or, worse, choking. If the bone gets stuck in the intestines, it can significantly damage the organ.

Additionally, cooked bones do not offer any health benefits as you are technically stripping away all their nutrients. Therefore, never give your doggo-cooked veal bones. You can share raw bones with him.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Veal?

Not only can dogs eat cooked veal, but you are also recommended to give them cooked meat. This removes any toxins or parasites that may persist on the meat.

Only give them raw meat when you are certain about the source of the meat and can vouch for its hygiene. It is also important to note that the digestive system of dogs are better equipped for eating raw meat. But, since there is always a risk of contamination with salmonellosis, cooked or boiled meat is better.

Should I boil veal for my dog?

Yes, you should boil the meat before giving it to your dog, regardless of what the canines are naturally suitable for.

Veal meat is usually free of such parasites, and dogs have an acidic stomach that ensures a little contamination doesn’t hurt them. However, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious anyway. The idea of my doggo eating even a tad bit of contaminated food appalls me, so I always give him boiled meat.

Can I fry veal for my dog?

It is not recommended that you fry the meat. This is because frying requires the use of oil, which increases the fat intake in dogs. This might be harmful to your loyal friend’s health in the long run. If you are adamant about frying veal, find ways to do it without oil!

Meaty Treats: Safe veal treats for dogs

To know whether a veal treat is safe for dogs, read its ingredients to see if there are any artificial preservatives in the treat. Also, check the seasoning to identify excessive salt. Any treat that has meat from an identified source is good for dogs.

Some types of veal treats include:

  • Veal bone
  • Veal tendons
  • Veal cutlets
  • Veal Shank

What else should I feed my dog along with veal?

Serving rice is a good idea, especially brown rice. This is because this type of rice is an excellent source of carbs. It helps in boosting energy levels in a dog without spiking up their insulin. You can also mix the veal with different recommended veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas.

Is it recommended to feed veal to dogs?

Veal meat is not synonymous with beef. This is because beef has better protein content. So, while it is recommended to feed veal to dogs to mix things up and to offer them a variety of food, don’t use it as an alternative to other meat.

How much veal is too much veal: The safe quantity?

There is no standard quantity that is applicable to all dogs. This is because the right amount is correlated to their body weight which may vary from one doggo to another.

As a general benchmark, make sure to give at most 0.3 pounds of veal meat to your dog for every 20 pounds worth of his weight.

If you ever feel that your doggo has eaten too much veal and has lost his appetite or is throwing up, go to a vet immediately.

What are the alternatives of veal to dogs?

Meat like beef, lamb, chicken, venison, bison, rabbit, goat, and quail are all potential alternatives to veal. Again, as a pet owner, you must ensure that the meat you feed your doggo is devoid of parasites. Also, check if your pet is allergic to it or not.

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Wrapping Up – Can Dogs Eat Veal?

To sum it up, dogs can definitely eat veal safely, and most (including my furry ball) quite like to! There is no reason not to include the meat in their diet as long as they are not allergic to it and you are providing them with a safe quantity.

Buy a few safe veal treats and see if your doggo likes them. Also, check out some of my other guides to find other food items you can safely incorporate into their lives.

Treat your friend well!

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