Amazing Health Benefits of Butternut Squash for Dogs

Health Benefits of Butternut Squash for Dogs1

Is Squash Good for Dogs? Squash may not be the most popular vegetable on the shelf, but when cooked correctly, it can be a delicious and versatile addition to your meals. However, can you give it to your dog or should you avoid adding it to your dog’s dietary rotation? Yes, and it is nutritious too! … Read more

Are Sesame Seeds Okay For Dogs to Eat? (Benefits & Potential Hazards)

sesame seeds okay for dogs, Can dogs have sesame seeds

Are Sesame Seeds Okay for Dogs to consume? The Quick Answer? Yes, sesame seeds are perfectly safe for dogs to consume but in moderation! In this article, we explain to our Smart Dog Owners the benefits, potential hazards, toxicity levels, and whether you should avoid them for your dog or not! Let’s dig in and answer … Read more

Is Cauliflower Safe for Dogs? (Side Effects of Cauliflower)

Is Cauliflower Safe for Dogs? (Side Effects of Cauliflower)

Cauliflower isn’t many people’s favorite vegetable despite the myriad of ways it can be cooked and supposedly made delicious. Whether you’re roasting it, turning it into “rice”, or pureeing it and using it to make pizza crust, you’re going to love it or hate it. It’s quite good for you despite not being a green … Read more

Are Bell Peppers Safe For Dogs? (Benefits of Bell Peppers)

Are Bell Perppers Safe For Dogs?

Are Bell Peppers Safe for Dogs? Green peppers are a crunchy treat that is safe for your dog in moderation. Despite being a vegetable, they’re a fantastic source of vitamin C to help improve the immune system’s function. Like carrots, they’re naturally high in beta carotene, which helps prevent certain kinds of cancer. Beta carotene … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Squash? Can I Give My Dog Squash?

can dogs eat squash

When fall makes its way around again, you’re probably dreaming of thick stews, hot bread, and roasted vegetables. While your dog’s idea of a delightful fall is limited to crisp afternoons and chasing the falling leaves, you can involve your dog in the culinary delights of autumn with some squash. Squash: It’s Mostly Safe For … Read more

Rhubarb: Can Dogs Eat Rhubarb? (Is it Good for Your Dog?)

Rhubarb: Can Dogs Eat Rhubarb? (Is it Good for Your Dog?)

Rhubarb: Is it a Fruit or Vegetable? Rhubarb is a beautiful, leafy plant with a hearty deep pink colored stalk. Often served in summer desserts like pie, rhubarb was first used for medicinal purposes. When eaten without sugar, rhubarb is almost painfully bitter and almost impossible to eat. When sugar became available worldwide in the … Read more