Horgi Dog – Your Family Friendly Mix Breed (2023)

Horgi – The mix-breed friendly dog of the year!

Horgi Dogs- Corgi Husky Mix

We’ve all seen the videos of Huskies on social media and we have loved each and every one of them, because Huskies are downright so adorable and silly, that just makes them so loveable.

The same can be said for Corgis, those short and cute little dogs, most famously known for being Queen Elizabeth II’s dogs. Now what would happen if you mixed these two breeds together, would you be getting an adorable and more lovable dog?

The Husky and Corgi are very different breeds, but when they are mixed together, they become a very beautiful mix that consists of the Husky’s physical attributes and looks, coupled with the Corgis short legs. Pretty cute and adorable, isn’t it?

Imagine having a fierce-looking fox coming at you, but with short cute legs and an adorable Husky look. But having and keeping this breed requires a bit of effort and it is not for everyone, so is it the right one for you?

This article aims to answer whether this corgi and the husky mix is for you or not. Alongside other questions that may arise, this article also aims to inform you more about this super cute breed as well. So, without further ado, let’s find out!

Can a Husky mate with a Corgi?

A corgi or more famously known as a Horgi is the mix between a Siberian Husky and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and another cross exists, and that is of a Siberian Husky and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

There are a few names that go by for this breed and some are Horgi, Siborgi and Corgski. This breed is considered to be elite and among the most esteemed dog breeds in the market these days, as confirmed by the Royal Canine Club.

The size, personality, and temperament of the dog are difficult to predict because they are a mixture of the parent’s personality and characteristics. This breed is an ideal choice for a family that keeps dogs active and spends time training dogs as well.

This is a very outdoorsy and full-of-life kind of breed, and you will need to put up a fence to keep this bad boy from roaming the neighborhood.

Just beware if you are living in an apartment or a small home, because the Horgi has a very loud bark, surprising and contrasting to the dog’s small stature, isn’t it?

What is a Corgi Husky mix called?

There are quite a few names out there for the Corgi and Husky mixed breed, some are Corgski, Siborgi and famously known as the Horgi.

These breeds are a mix of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi crossed with a Siberian Husky, and secondly, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Siberian Husky. These are the names that this cute breed of elite dogs go by.

How much is a Corgi Husky? How much does it cost?

horgi dogs

This breed of dogs is a little on the pricey side, because of the status this breed has attained, and that status is that of a designer breed.

You can adopt a Horgi from a rescue or an animal shelter, but typically this breed will cost you somewhere in between $200 to $1000. If you opt to buy from a known and trusted breeder, then the prices go up substantially.

The price hike is because of the fact that the breeder will give you a puppy or dog that has a personality and temperament that can be predicted, moreover the dog itself will be healthy and purebred.

If you opt to adopt a Horgi, then that would cost you around $50 to $300, but that is risky because the health of the dog and the mental and physical temperament of the dog can be unknown.

What are the costs of raising a Corgi and Husky Mix?

If you are looking to buy or adopt this beautiful breed, then beware because it will come at a price. This mix will cost you about $1000 to $1200 a year, which includes the likes of toys, a bed, the food and mix for the dog, all those trips to the vets for check ups and what not.

The good thing is that the price is only high for the first year, and it will go down with time.

Is the Corgi Husky Mix Healthy?

The thing with dog breeds, be it pure or mixed, The Husky and Corgi mix can be born without any health issues, but it eventually does develop health issues.

The good thing however, is that the mixed breeds are very less prone to suffering the genetic problems their purebred predecessors are facing.

There is something you need to know about the Husky and the Corgi that makes it a big question mark for their crossed breed, and that is the fact that both the Corgi and the Husky gain weight very easily, even back problems too because of the long body and the short legs. Dogs with short legs have back problems that can cause pain and distress.

Health Issues in Horgi Dogs

There are quite a few problems related to the health department regarding this breed of dog. We will have to factor in the health problems these breeds face. While the Corgi and Husky cross can live a long life of up to 15 years, there are a few health problems you need to keep an eye on, and those are:

  • Husky and Corgi mixes are prone to developing Arthritis, which can occur once the dog has matured or is growing old.
  • This breed of dog has a long body shape with small legs, which raise many problems such as Hip Dysplasia or even Elbow Dysplasia.
  • The Horgi is also susceptible to developing the Disc disease.
  • A problem that has caused concern is Degenerative Myelopathy, which the Horgi breed can develop.
  • This breed is also prone to falling prey to Cataracts and Hypothyroidism as well.

It is not necessary that if you own this breed, that the dog will develop these health problems. It is just a probability that we listed. You will however need to look after your dog, because problems such as hip dysplasia and arthritis are common and you will need to be on the lookout for your dog.

Vets recommend joint supplements to breeds that are more susceptible to joint diseases, and this helps stop the joint deterioration with the passage of time.

Our recommendation would be to consult a vet before bringing the Horgi home. This breed is very healthy overall but they can fall prey to certain health issues.

What are the Characteristics of a Corgi Husky Mix?

Horgi Dogs

The following are the most common characteristics and personality traits of this beautiful dog breed:

The Energy:

Let us remind you that this breed is a mix of a dog that pulls sleds through thick snow, and the other dog herds animals and livestock 5 times its own size. A Horgi needs to run and play, basically stay active. The husky breed has stamina while the corgi breed has unlimited energy.

This cross results in the dog with a lot of energy and you need to help the dog burn it somehow.

The Intelligence:

The husky corgi mix is bred from two of the smartest dogs in the world. That means you will have to provide a way to make your Horgi use their brain so they don’t get bored.

You will need to do activities that involve the Horgi using their brain, and you can do enrichment activities to help counter this problem.

The Friendliness and the Socialization:

This breed is great for families and safe for friends who come over to your house. This breed is from dogs who are both of a dominating personality, so you will need to show your dog who the boss is!

Loyalty and the Family:

This dog is a great addition to the family, especially as a puppy. These dogs are very loyal and are very protective as well, especially younger children in the family or even a favorite family member as well. You will need to train your dog nonetheless.

The Stubbornness:

This trait has a lot to do with the high intellect of both the dog breeds mixed into one. These breeds will remember when you let them do something they like and you don’t, and they will also test your limits.

They will push boundaries to make you give in to their needs and wants. Keep your guard up and don’t let them exploit your breaking point! 

The Independence:

This dog wants space so it can be itself. You will need to train your dog to be obedient as well, and you might need to sign up for dog training as well. So you can train your dog according to the needs of your house.


Corgis are famous for nipping the heels and huskies are very famous for using their mouths as their hands.

This can be problematic for a family with young children, so here comes the part where we mention you need to train your dog to teach them the right and the wrong behavior of being inside the house and interacting with each family member.

With all the common and known characteristics, there are a few you need to keep an eye out for, because these dogs have separation anxiety, so don’t go on a Europe trip and leave your dog behind for months. This will shatter them, remember to take them with you wherever you go.

What are the things to consider if you want to adopt a Horgi?

The Horgi is a very cute breed that needs training to be capable of living and co-existing peacefully with all the people living inside the house. Early training is advised because puppies learn more quicker than older dogs.

These dogs will need space as well, so you will need to put up a fence for them to safely play and live in. Not to mention that these dogs love walking and being active, so if you are into the active lifestyle, well you just found an active buddy too.

This dog has a very high calorie demand and intake, and a puppy can consume up to more than 200 calories a day. A Horgi will need around 2 cups of food in a day, and regular training is required for the dog as well.

The double coats on these majestic dogs require grooming and brushing as well, and they tend to shed a lot of fur as well. It is probably a good idea to not get this breed if you are allergic to shedding of the fur.

How to train Horgi Dogs?

These dogs are very intelligent but they tend to get bored and lose focus while you are training them. This means you should shorten the training lessens because the dog tends to lose focus.

You will need to be very patient while you are training your dog, and you will need to use positive words to train them. Handing out treats after the successful completion of a task is also a good way to go about training the dog.

Best Food for Horgi Dogs?

This is a very important aspect because these dogs are very prone to being overweight as they gain weight easily, and this can adversely affect their life later on. So we have listed the best dog food for Horgis below:

The Horgi Puppy Food:

This food consists of 22% of protein which is of high quality and it is responsible for healthy muscles, healthy cartilage and healthy tissues as well. The fat in this diet gives them the energy to run and be active.

The Omega-3 antioxidants and fish oil are excellent for the coat, the skin and the joints of the puppy. With Vitamins such as A and C, the eye health of the puppy is maintained, alongside Calcium which adds strength to their bones and their teeth.

The Horgi Adult Dog Food:

Like we mentioned the problem of easy weight gain and obesity, these adult dogs require less fat compared to puppies. The protein in the chicken and fish makes them stay healthy and fit. The fiber helps them with digestion as well.

Average height, weight and age of the Corgi Husky Mix

The Average HeightThe Horgi grows to about 13 to 15 inches typically
The Average WeightThe Horgi weighs about 20 to 50 pounds
The Life SpanThe Horgi has a lifespan of about 12-15 years.

Are Horgi Dogs Worth The Money?

These elite breeds of dogs are worth the money if you want the mixture of two of the most loved breeds in the market. You will be getting a very cute and good looking dog, and the dog will be smart and active as well.

Perfect for a family, but it needs to be trained in order to live peacefully and happily with the people of the house. So yes, this breed is definitely worth the money.

How big is a Corgi Husky Mix?

This Corgi Husky mix is about 12 to 15 inches in length and weighs about 20 to 50 pounds.

How long do Corgi Husky Mixes live?

These dogs have an average life expectancy of about 12- 15 years.

Horgi Dogs

Summary | Horgi Dogs

These dogs are the most loyal and lovable ones out there. Classified as an elite breed, these are excellent dogs that possess both the characteristics of the Husky and the Corgi. With a little training, these dogs can be excellent at home pets, not to mention they are excellent guard dogs as well.

These dogs have a long life expectancy and are very active and healthy, which means you now have a fitness partner as well.

Overall, this dog requires a lot of love and affection, but not too much because these cunning dogs can let them do whatever they want, and expect you to be okay with it. So remember to always show them who’s boss and don’t let them boss you around!

Conclusion | Horgi Dogs

These furry cute little dogs can easily become the best part of your day, and all you need to do is just train them to be little angels. Just remember to keep the training as short as possible and as interesting as possible as well.

Apart from that, these dogs are very loyal and they live a very long life as well. We hope this article informed you on the dos and don’ts of having these dogs as pets. We also hope you have a great time raising this dog, even if you buy it from a breeder or you adopt from the rescue shelters.

Well, the trendiest canine combos in the market today is a “Horgi”, a cross-breed between a corgi and a husky. Sometimes called “Siborgi”, these dogs are just too much fun to have around the house.

What personality traits does this mix have? What type of household would be the most suitable for this kind of dog? Just keep on reading. You may also find this interesting: Top 10 Designer Dog Breeds!

What is a Horgi Dog Like?

All of the designer breeds take almost equal traits from both parents, and the horgi breed is no exception and wouldn’t it be cool to own a dog that you literally can call Siborgi? If you are thinking about making a horgi a part of your family, these are the things you should know:

Physical Attributes of Horgi Dogs

  • A horgi will grow to be between 20 and 50 pounds and typically remain short in stature, topping out between 12 and 15 inches at the shoulder.
  • The Horgi come in a variety of colors. The most common colors are black/white, red, sable, or fawn.
  • Horgi typically have the appearance of a “miniature husky”, thus their appeal to most people.
  • Horgi to tend to shred a lot. So keep a good quality vacuum in your house.

Personality of Horgi Puppies

  • Horgi are a combination of two very high energy dogs. Huskies require a lot of exercise otherwise they become destructive or take to escaping the house/yard for something to do. Corgis are herding animals and typically require a job to keep their intelligent minds occupied. A horgi merges two very time-intensive dogs, so your new dog will require a lot of consistent, vigorous exercise.
  • Horgi are typically not aggressive or territorial, but huskies are a very vocal breed. You can expect to have your horgi alert you to any trespassers or knocks at the door.
  • Corgis have a high prey drive as a herding dog, and huskies can also become very prey-driven when bored. A horgi would best be suited in a home without small children or small dogs/cats.
  • Huskies and corgis are very loyal to their people. Your horgi will be very devoted to your family.

What to Consider Before Getting a Horgi?

  • Regardless of your horgi’s individual temperament, they will require a lot of exercise. You should be prepared for daily walks, long play sessions in the yard, or brisk hikes on the weekend.
  • Your horgi dog will not fare well in a household where they are cooped up inside and forced to lay on the couch all day. Both breeds are known to become destructive and ill-mannered when they are bored and have pent up energy. Have a large yard or a very active lifestyle to keep your pup busy.
  • All breeds are genetically prone to medical conditions. Huskies are prone to skin problems and glaucoma, while the long, low stature of a corgi predisposes them to severe back injuries or spinal cord disease.
  • A horgi dog is descended from two very heavy-coated breeds. You can expect your horgi to shed copiously, especially if they inherit a coat similar to that of their husky parents. Be ready for regular grooming and lots of vacuuming.
  • If you live in a hot or very warm climate, a horgi dog will not be a good choice. Huskies, even mixed with a more heat-tolerant breed, do not do well in hot temperatures. Combined with their need for consistent exercise, a hot climate would be detrimental to your horgi’s overall well-being.
  • The typical price of horgi puppies is around $500 but you can them for way cheaper as well, the price estimation factors in the linage of the dogs and their overall beauty. Find out what a Husky dog costs right here!

Are Horgi Dogs/ horgi puppies worth the money?

So here is our Smart Dog Owners’ insight on the fabulous Horgi breed of dogs. If you are someone looking to adopt a dog or two, we suggest that you give this mix breed a chance, they are lively, playful and highly active.

They require a lot of work from their smart parents as well, so make sure that you are fully committed to this relationship. Overall horgi are known to be mood alleviators, they will put a smile on your face no matter what the situation is. Definitely worth the money!

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