Horgi Dog – Your Family Friendly Mix Breed!

Horgi – The mix-breed friendly dog of the year!

We at Smart Dog Owners know that you as a smart pet parent only want the friendliest dog for your house. Designer breeds are all the rage right now, and many breeders have taken to crossing unlikely breeds to create a combination they feel would appeal to the masses.

Well, the trendiest canine combos in the market today is a “Horgi”, a cross-breed between a corgi and a husky. Sometimes called “Siborgi”, these dogs are just too much fun to have around the house.

What personality traits does this mix have? What type of household would be the most suitable for this kind of dog? Just keep on reading. You may also find this interesting: Top 10 Designer Dog Breeds!

What is a Horgi Dog Like?

All of the designer breeds take almost equal traits from both parents, and the horgi breed is no exception and wouldn’t it be cool to own a dog that you literally can call Siborgi? If you are thinking about making a horgi a part of your family, these are the things you should know:

Physical Attributes of Horgi Dogs

  • A horgi will grow to be between 20 and 50 pounds and typically remain short in stature, topping out between 12 and 15 inches at the shoulder.
  • The Horgi come in a variety of colors. The most common colors are black/white, red, sable, or fawn.
  • Horgi typically have the appearance of a “miniature husky”, thus their appeal to most people.
  • Horgi to tend to shred a lot. So keep a good quality vacuum in your house.

Personality of Horgi Puppies

  • Horgi are a combination of two very high energy dogs. Huskies require a lot of exercise otherwise they become destructive or take to escaping the house/yard for something to do. Corgis are herding animals and typically require a job to keep their intelligent minds occupied. A horgi merges two very time-intensive dogs, so your new dog will require a lot of consistent, vigorous exercise.
  • Horgi are typically not aggressive or territorial, but huskies are a very vocal breed. You can expect to have your horgi alert you to any trespassers or knocks at the door.
  • Corgis have a high prey drive as a herding dog, and huskies can also become very prey-driven when bored. A horgi would best be suited in a home without small children or small dogs/cats.
  • Huskies and corgis are very loyal to their people. Your horgi will be very devoted to your family.

What to Consider Before Getting a Horgi?

  • Regardless of your horgi’s individual temperament, they will require a lot of exercise. You should be prepared for daily walks, long play sessions in the yard, or brisk hikes on the weekend.
  • Your horgi dog will not fare well in a household where they are cooped up inside and forced to lay on the couch all day. Both breeds are known to become destructive and ill-mannered when they are bored and have pent up energy. Have a large yard or a very active lifestyle to keep your pup busy.
  • All breeds are genetically prone to medical conditions. Huskies are prone to skin problems and glaucoma, while the long, low stature of a corgi predisposes them to severe back injuries or spinal cord disease.
  • A horgi dog is descended from two very heavy-coated breeds. You can expect your horgi to shed copiously, especially if they inherit a coat similar to that of their husky parents. Be ready for regular grooming and lots of vacuuming.
  • If you live in a hot or very warm climate, a horgi dog will not be a good choice. Huskies, even mixed with a more heat-tolerant breed, do not do well in hot temperatures. Combined with their need for consistent exercise, a hot climate would be detrimental to your horgi’s overall well-being.
  • The typical price of horgi puppies is around $500 but you can them for way cheaper as well, the price estimation factors in the linage of the dogs and their overall beauty. Find out what a Husky dog costs right here!

Are Horgi Dogs/ horgi puppies worth the money?

So here is our Smart Dog Owners’ insight on the fabulous Horgi breed of dogs. If you are someone looking to adopt a dog or two, we suggest that you give this mix breed a chance, they are lively, playful and highly active.

They require a lot of work from their smart parents as well, so make sure that you are fully committed to this relationship. Overall horgi are known to be mood alleviators, they will put a smile on your face no matter what the situation is. Definitely worth the money!

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