Can Your Dog Eat Oatmeal? (Side Effects of Oatmeal to Dogs)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s one of the most delicious. Whether you’re digging into a big pile of pancakes or chowing down on a plate of biscuits and gravy, breakfast can be as decadent or as simple as you like.

Your dog probably loves breakfast more than you do, demanding the meal as soon as your eyes flutter open in the morning.

Is Oatmeal Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Oatmeal is fine for dogs to eat as long as it’s given in moderation. Oatmeal is high in soluble fiber, which is great for dogs who have a problem having regular bowel movements. It’s a good grain alternative for dogs who have an allergy to wheat, too.

Oatmeal has been shown to lower cholesterol in humans, and it may do the same thing in dogs. It also reduces the risk of heart disease.

If you’re wondering why you should give your dog oatmeal when they have a balanced food, there are a few reasons why you can give it them. If you want to give your dog a treat, oatmeal is a safe food that’s low in calories.

Most older dogs need more fiber in their diet to help keep their bowels regular. Older dogs tend to have irregular bowel movements, and fiber is a good way to help give them some relief.

You can also give oatmeal to your overweight dog who acts like they’re still starving when they start their diet. The extra fiber will help them feel full longer so they aren’t desperate for their next meal.

How to Feed Oatmeal to Dogs

While oatmeal might be relatively good for your dog, that doesn’t mean it should be a staple in their diet or a main component of it.

Your dog is still a carnivore despite being domesticated, so it’s important that most of their diet comes from a high quality dog food. However, if you’re trying to get more fiber into your dog or you’re giving it as a treat, there are a few ways to feed it.

First, it should always be cooked. When you do cook it, avoid using dairy or sugar. While you might like the consistency and sweetness that comes from the added ingredients, your dog doesn’t need them to enjoy the oatmeal, especially if you’re mixing it in with their food.

You should absolutely avoid giving them the flavored packets of oatmeal. They’re loaded with high amounts of sugar, which can lead to weight problems or digestive upset in dogs.

You can add some protein to the oatmeal in the form of a cooked egg. Before you feed the oatmeal, make sure it’s cooled completely. Because it’s thick, oatmeal can remain hot in the middle unless it’s stirred around.

Side Effects of Feeding Oatmeal to Dogs

Like anything else, too much oatmeal can cause some diarrhea and vomiting. If you’re feeding oatmeal, keep it to a small amount once or twice a week. You can handle oatmeal every morning, but your dog definitely can’t.

Most owners lover to treat their pups, and oatmeal is an acceptable goodie to give your dog. Just use discretion when you’re feeding it and your dog shouldn’t see any ill effects.

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