Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

When you want to indulge in a tropical treat, you probably turn to something like pineapple or mango. However, you’re actually missing out on a significant amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals when you skip out on papaya. Whether it’s fresh or dehydrated, this sunny little fruit is delicious any way you eat it. While it’s good for you, though, is it okay to give to your dog?

Is Papaya Safe for Dogs?

Papaya is quite safe for your dog as long as you don’t overfeed it. Papaya is very high in fiber, and fiber can help treat a variety of digestive problems like bloating, indigestion, and excessive gas. You may have heard papaya referred to as a “super fruit” and that is because it’s very high in vitamins and minerals.

Its concentration of good stuff is good for both humans and dogs, which is a combination that’s hard to find. Its bursting in vitamins A, E, K, and C, all of which are necessary for a healthy immune system and effective organ functions. Papaya’s magnesium and calcium are beneficial for growing puppies and senior dogs because they support healthy bone growth, as well as preventing heart problems and dangerous thickening of the artery walls.

Safely Feeding Papaya to Dogs

Fresh is always the best way to feed your dog fruit. If you’re giving your dog a small snack of the fruit, make sure you remove the seeds and peel. Both of these are difficult to digest in carnivorous digestive systems and will often pass through undigested.

A lot of people like dehydrated or dried papaya because it’s deliciously sweet, but because of the high concentration of sugar in dried fruit, this isn’t a good option for most dogs, especially diabetic dogs.

There are also papaya enzyme supplements available. They provide dogs with all of the nutrition of papaya but skip the process of having to actually digest the fruit. These tablets are found in a variety of health food stores or online.

If you want to give your dog these tablets, discuss it with your veterinarian first. These supplements aren’t suitable for all dogs, and the dosages can vary depending on your dog’s size and health condition.

What Happens When a Dog Eats Too Much Papaya?

Because of the high fiber content, the biggest side effect you’ll see after a papaya binge is constipation and irregular bowels. Constipation can then lead to gas, bloating, or lack of appetite.

If you’ve given your dog papaya and they start to experience any of the above, vomiting, or diarrhea, discontinue the papaya immediately and return to their regular diet of a quality dog food.

Papaya is one of the few foods that is safe for dogs. As it’s so nutritionally dense, your dog will actually reap the benefits of this fruit. Because dogs are carnivores, their main diet should be their dog food, but a few small snacks of fruit can be good for them, too!


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