Can Dogs Eat Peas? (Can You Give Your Dog Peas?)

Peas: you either love them or you hate them. Maybe you love them fresh from your garden, but canned peas make you wrinkle your nose. No matter their form, peas are excellent for you.

If you love them, you probably have them on hand for a quick snack or easy meal. Before you keep them all to yourself, consider sharing some of these sweet little treats with your dog, they are quite healthy for dogs too!

Can Dogs Eat Peas?

Yes! Peas a quite good for dogs, and many higher end dog food brands put peas into their foods as a healthy filler. They are very rich in dietary fiber, which gives you that feeling of being full for hours after your meal. Dogs on diets will appreciate peas for this very reason.

It’s not uncommon to put your overweight dog on a diet and they spend the day nosing around the kitchen or trying to steal food from your kids because they’re feeling hungry. When they act this way, it’s usually because they aren’t getting enough fiber.

You can mix cooked or frozen peas into their meals to give them an extra boost of fiber so they don’t feel like you’re starving them. They’re also good training treats for puppies who are learning how to sit or stay.

Peas are also a great source of a particular B vitamin, thiamin, as well as phosphorous and potassium. They’re also loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin, which help protect the eyesight from deterioration as dogs age.

Feeding Peas to Your Dog – Start Slow!

Introducing any new foods into your dog’s diet should be done slowly and with care. Start with small portions mixed into their food before you make peas a regular part of their meals. Shelled peas are best if you’re opting for fresh peas; the shells can be hard to chew and digest for your dog.

If you’re offering canned peas, make sure they don’t have a high salt content. Too much salt can dehydrate dogs, spike their blood pressure, or upset their stomach.

If you’re picking peas out of your meal and slipping them to your dog, you should avoid giving them peas that have been cooked with onions or garlic. Even small amounts of onion and garlic can be toxic to dogs.

Peas are an easy way to incorporate fiber into your dog’s diet. While most dogs aren’t fiber deficient, fiber will help dogs feel full for much longer, especially if they’re on a diet.

Whether you’re adding it to their food or using them in lieu of their regular treats, peas are absolutely safe to give your dog, and most dogs enjoy the sweet taste.

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