Portable Dog Fence

We all love our dogs, and for most of us, they are much more than that. They’re companions, confidantes, and part of the family. That means you want them to go wherever you go, even camping.

Of course, we also want to keep them safe, and if applicable, respect the rules of the campground we’ll be staying at. That’s where a portable dog fence comes in.

If your dog is prone to wandering, or you stay at a campground that doesn’t allow dogs to roam off-leash, a dog fence for camping is a must.

While they are not and should never be a substitute for walk time and exercise, it can be a good way to give your fresh dog air while keeping them safe.

As a bonus, they can make potty time less of a hassle. Just let them into the confines of the fence to take care of business, and you won’t have to take them for a walk. Let’s take a look at how to choose a good camping dog fence.

How to Choose a Portable Dog Fence

When choosing a portable dog fence here are some important things to consider:

  • Size- how big is your dog and how much space will be available at your campsite?
  • Height- is your dog a jumper? If so you’ll need a fence with very high sides.
  • Features- will you need a door? Small dogs can be picked up and lifted over, but larger ones will need a door to enter and exit the confinement area
  • Material- Metal is the most durable, but plastic is lightweight and easier to tote around.
  • Your dog’s temperament- if your dog does not like being confined or is a digger, a fence may not be the best choice at all. A soft-sided crate with a roof and mesh sides may be needed instead.

A portable dog fence for camping needs to be lightweight yet sturdy, easy to pack and put together, and resistant to moisture and rust.

For the ultimate in flexibility, chose one with a modular design that will let you arrange the fence in any configuration you want. For added security, you can even choose a fence that comes with a roof.

A camping dog fence or enclosure is not the only way to keep your pet safe while you’re enjoying the great outdoors, but it is the most advantageous.  

You could simply make your dog a run between two trees, but then you have to worry about the leash getting tangled or damaging the tree, or tripping over it. A portable dog pen eliminates these issues while still allowing your dog to be with you and get fresh air.

Best Overall Pick – Yaheetech Metal Dog Fence

This fence comes in a modular design with 8 or 16 panels, so you can configure it in the shape that works best for you, or even into two smaller fenced-in areas for multiple pets.

It’s constructed of heavy-duty metal that folds flat when not needed and can be put together quickly and with no tools.

This portable dog fence has high sides to thwart jumpers and rounded edges for safety. The fence includes a door to make entering and leaving easy for large dogs, and for extra security, it features a safety lock.

Owners say they love the convenience of being able to make the fence any shape they need, so it fits into a variety of spaces. The steel construction is rust resistant and stands up to the elements.

It’s secured in the ground with stakes, and the company is more than happy to send extras should you need them. Getting the stakes in the ground make take a little extra elbow grease if the area is frozen or hard packed like clay.

It’s easily transported in a camper, RV or other vehicle and can be set up easily at your destination. It is heavy though, and users don’t recommend it if you have to carry it further than from your vehicle to the campground.

What We Liked

  • Modular design for flexibility
  • Easy setup
  • Folds flat
  • Rust resistant
  • Stands up to the elements

What Could Have Been Better

  • Heavy
  • Stakes may be difficult to place if the ground is hard or packed.
  • Comes in black only
Yaheetech Metal Dog Fence

Yaheetech Metal Dog Fence

Best Value Pick – Tespo Dog Plastic Yard Fence

This is a lightweight plastic fence with 12 panels in a modular design you can configure in a variety of ways.  It provides over 28 feet of space for your dog to enjoy safely.

This camping fence for dogs is constructed of tough steel wiring and heavy duty plastic making it both easy to move around and durable. Assembly is simple, and no tools are needed. The plastic panels are easy to clean with a damp cloth and the non-abrasive cleaner of your choice.

This portable dog fence for camping can also be used indoors, giving it added versatility. One drawback is that it lacks a door, which could make it inconvenient for use with larger dogs. For smaller ones though this will get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Modular design allows for many different configurations
  • No tools needed
  • Affordable

What Could Have Been Better

  • No door
  • Not as sturdy as it could be
  • Not ideal for large dogs
Tespo Dog Plastic Yard Fence

Tespo Dog Plastic Yard Fence

Best Budget Pick – IRIS Wire Pet Pen

This dog fence for camping comes in a variety of sizes from 24 to 48 inches high. It’s made of tough epoxy coated steel wire and is built to stand up to the elements and your rambunctious dog. It folds flat for transport and storage and can be put together with no hassle thanks to its easy twist connectors.

The various sizes mean it can accommodate dogs of any size from a Chihuahua to a Rottweiler with easy, providing plenty of space to move around. For even more space you can buy two and connect them together.

Users love that it’s foldable for travel and completely rust resistant. This dog pen for camping comes in either silver or black and is very affordable. While it’s not technically modular, it can be made into a few different shapes for convenience.

What We Liked

  • Comes in two colors
  • Foldable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Its variety of sizes can accommodate dogs of almost any size
  • Durable

What Could Have Been Better

  • Not all sizes come with a door
  • The door lock is plastic
  • Not completely modular
IRIS Wire Pet Pen

IRIS Wire Pet Pen


All of our portable dog fence picks will do a fine job of keeping your dog safe yet a part of the fun when you’re camping and will keep you in compliance with campground rules.

They are sturdy and easy to put together while being lightweight enough to take along with you to the campgrounds.

That said, the Yaheetech Metal Dog Fence is the top dog for a reason. Its modular design makes it ideal for a variety of needs and dog sizes, and it folds flat to make storage a snap.

While no pen or fence is perfect, this one comes pretty close!


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