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Best Reflective Dog Harness – Reflective Dog Harnesses for Night Play, Walks

Dogs have an unfortunate habit of running through your legs when it’s time for a night walk and dashing out into the street. This, of course, turns into an even worse situation with a car barreling down the street not taking into consideration your dog enjoying its freedom in the pitch dark. However bad this situation can continue, we found a quick fix for you and your dog. A reflective collar is a great tool to use on a daily basis when walking your dog. These harnesses offer a no pull design which is perfect for training your dog to walk on leash and reflective straps to alert drivers where you are walking your dog. Below, we broke down what other advantages you may encounter with a reflective harness and the top 3 harnesses on the market to try.

Advantages of Your Dog Using A Reflective Harness

There are a number of benefits that come with using a reflective dog harness that makes them ideal for training and night walks.

  1. Harnesses are Safer Than Collars
    Harnesses place less pressure on your dog’s throat than a collar would, making them a lot safer to use. This is especially true for larger breeds and dogs that pull when walking. Harnesses are more comfortable for you pup and cause fewer injuries. To get the most out of your dog’s harness, make sure it fits correctly and you can slide two fingers between the harness and the dog
  2. Extra Precautions if Your Dog Escapes
    As much as we may hate to admit it, sometimes dogs escape our view. Either somebody forgets to close the front door or your dog slips out of his collar. It happens to everybody, but that does not make it less nerve wracking. With cars rushing by, danger is everywhere. However, if your pup is wearing a reflective harness, they will more likely be seen by oncoming traffic and less likely to be injured
  3. Increased Nighttime Visibility
    This is the main advantage to buying a reflective harness. Whether you are going for a night walk or end up playing in the park after nightfall, a reflective harness is a necessity. This will help you and anybody else be able to locate your pup and keep them out of harm’s way.

How To Choose The Right Reflective Harness For Your Dog

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing a reflective harness.

  • Price: Reflective dog harnesses are available in a range of different prices. There is something out there to meet almost everyone’s budget requirements. The price is usually dependent on the material, style of the harness and the brand.
  • Material: Most reflective harnesses are made of a waterproof nylon and mesh with reflective accents. There are also leather harnesses, but these rarely include reflective pieces.
  • Comfort: Some reflective harnesses come with padding. The padding in a harness adds a level of comfort for your pup. For additional comfort, some harnesses include mesh inserts, which are comfortable and breathable.
  • Sizing: This is one of the most important factors to consider when picking out your reflective harness. Most harnesses are adjustable, but you still must ensure you are purchasing the correct size. You need to make sure the harness fits properly otherwise it can be dangerous for your dog. Your pup could slip out of it and escape if it is too big or it could chafe the skin if it is too small. To ensure the harness fits, check out the sizing guides or better yet, try it on before you buy it.

Top 3 Reflective Harnesses For Your Dog

1. Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

Best Reflective Dog Harness - Reflective Dog Harnesses for Night Play, Walks 1
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One of the most popular reflective dog harnesses is the Big Dog No Pull Harness. Not only can this harness be a great tool for teaching your dog how to heel and walk on a leash better, but it comes with a reflective strap for safer night walking. The harness is made of a high-durable construction and includes a hard metal ring to attach leads or leashes with a heavy duty strap for picking up your dog. Overall, it is a great harness with tons of colors and size options to choose from depending on what breed your dog is.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Reflective strap along the top
  • Heavy duty metal color strap


  • Can cause minimal irritation to your dog’s neck if tightened too much

2. Chai’s Choice Reflective Vest Harness

Best Reflective Dog Harness - Reflective Dog Harnesses for Night Play, Walks 2
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Chai’s Choice reflective dog harnesses are a great buy for any dog owner. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes as well as having the advantage of being lightweight and easy to put on. With a vibrant and sleek design accompanied by reflective strips, walking your dog at night will be easier than ever.

  • Comes in an array of different sizes and colors
  • Comfortable nylon webbing with additional reflective material for night walks
  • Leash/lead clips on front and back of harness


  • Requires constant adjustments before walks

3. EXPAWLORER No Pull Front Reflective Vest Harness

Best Reflective Dog Harness - Reflective Dog Harnesses for Night Play, Walks 3
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If you’re looking for a durable and lightweight reflective harness for your dog, look no further. The EXPAWLORER no pull reflective harness is not only comfortable for your dog during longer walks but is made of a lightweight reflective mesh which is perfect for taking your dog out at night. With a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, your dog will love this new, easy to use harness.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Extra strong nylon webbing with reflective design
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • If tightened too much, it can lead to irritation under your dog’s armpits

Reflective harnesses are a must have for safety-conscious dog owners. Out of the 3 dog harnesses we reviewed, we found the EXPAWLORER to be the best harness to buy. We took into detail the design, comfortability, and featured aspects of the harness and it took the cake. Especially with its growing popularity among medium-sized dogs, I highly recommend trying it today.

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