20 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats? (2023)

Why are dogs better than cats? You ask that question from a hardcore cat lover, and he might pull your eyes out of their sockets! Smart Dog Owners would do the opposite?

Whether dogs are better than cats or vice versa has been going on for decades. While the answer depends on personal preference, many people weigh the pros and cons of owning a dog or a cat.

If you’re deciding to adopt your first pet and struggling to make the right choice, we’d recommend getting a dog because your life will take a three-sixty-degree turn (in a good way).

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats

As everyone is very possessive about their pets, we aren’t demeaning one against the other. Cat lovers deserve to shower unconditional love on their furry friends, but that doesn’t mean dogs are any less. When it comes to owning a pet, people have preferences and sometimes a great deal of ambiguity.

But not anymore.

We’re about to reveal why dogs make better pets and why they’ve been the most popular pets of 2022. Stay tuned!

Are Dogs better than cats?

Yes, dogs are better than cats. Before you call us out for being biased, let me clarify that this statement comes solely from well-researched facts and figures and first-hand experience of owning both pets.

Apart from personal preferences, dogs take away the cake if we focus on one pet’s benefits over the other.

This animal is born to serve their masters with sheer loyalty and provide protection against enemies. Moreover, cats are a bit shy and hesitant when expressing love. Your cat shows love by scratching your face or jumping on your bed early in the morning because he’s hungry.

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

As long as you feed them well, they won’t bother you, but that’s not the case with dogs. They crave love and attention. They’re quick to sense their owner’s sadness and will do anything to cheer you up.

Dogs are better than cats, and it’s a universal truth because if it weren’t, dogs wouldn’t have been portrayed as the ultimate savior in movies.

You’d see that dogs play an integral role in the plotline of any story because they’re expected to understand their owner better than anyone.

If you’re still doubtful, here’s a list of 18 reasons dogs are better than cats! Watch out because after reading this, you’ll be convinced to buy a dog or replace your cat with a dog!

18 reasons “why dogs are better than cats?”

More Friendly

Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Claiming that dogs are more friendly than cats sounds like an overstatement, no? Get ready to have a deeper insight into why dogs are better than cats.

Researchers have played their role in proving the fact that dogs are more friendly than cats. The BBC recently published some information about the increase in dogs’ oxytocin levels after seeing humans.

Before we dig deeper into it, we must know what oxytocin is. Oxytocin, generally regarded as a cuddle chemical, is produced due to affection and love. That’s why we often call it a “love molecule.” A dog’s oxytocin level increases when he sees his owner. 

How much? Well, the oxytocin level produced in a dog’s body is five times more than the oxytocin level produced in cats after seeing humans. So, it is not an overstatement to claim that dogs are more friendly than cats.

Easier to Train

Have you ever noticed how dogs learn things instantly? Dogs are undoubtedly open to learning. They have much greater learning ability as compared to cats. That is why it is way easier to train them.

Logically speaking, cats have better listening ability. However, it does not matter if they don’t utilize it. Cats do use this ability for feeding purposes. For instance, if they hear a rat, they will attack him in no time. However, they are not capable enough of learning as much as dogs.

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats

Despite having the lesser listening ability, dogs are more eager to learn. They do not only listen attentively but also use information practically. Studies prove that dogs can learn up to 100 words. However, cats can only learn up to 25 words.

It differentiates the learning ability of both pets. Dogs are so easier to train that they have blessed humans with one of the most exciting professions. We see dog caretakers everywhere now. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that dogs are better learners than cats.

Dogs Have Greater Potential

Cat lovers claim that their cats have great potential. However, Scientists have already differentiated the potential of both dogs and cats. The smartness of both these pets depends on the number of neurons they have. As expected, dogs win here as well.

The more neurons an animal’s cerebral cortex has, the wiser that animal would be. Surprisingly, dogs have twice the number of neurons in the cerebral cortex than cats. Those having larger brains own around 530 million neurons. However, researches show around 250 million neurons in a cat’s brain.

It is a huge difference and clearly states the excellent smartness of dogs. That is why dogs can learn anything quickly. Consequently, they have much greater potential than cats.

Note: It is essential to remember that cats are not responsible for fewer neurons. They still own great potential, and some cats may be better learners than some dogs. The researchers only studied a limited sample, and we cannot generalize their statement to all cats and dogs worldwide.

Better Games

Better Games

Dogs play a variety of games. Their games mainly involve humans. Consequently, the owners feel happy and content as playing with dogs helps them feel mentally relaxed.

However, cats do not have as much variety of games as dogs. They like tiptoeing around the house, playing with balls, or exploring new things. Their games are limited to themselves, and humans do not benefit from them.

On the other hand, dogs play with humans as much as possible. It happens because dogs are more dependent on humans. Cats are carefree and can live without owners all day. However, dogs are too attached to their owners since they are not as carefree as cats.

Therefore, dogs have better games and can help you with your boredom. They know the best ways to make the games more fun and fill your day with laughter and giggles.

Dogs keep us fit

Cats can make a person lazy by being too independent and couch potatoes. You can see cats yawning all day, sunbathing, or cuddling with pillows and owners.

However, dogs are too active to yawn or lay down in a corner for the whole day. They like getting involved in activities. For instance, dogs love going for morning and evening walks. When you take your dog to the park, you also treat yourself with a daily dose of energy and calmness.

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats

Long walks with your dog benefit you more than they help your dog. Your muscles keep strengthening day by day. Moreover, you get to feed your body with Vitamin D easily by going out in the sun.

Long walks, games, and activities with dogs, all these things keep humans fit and energized. Hence, dog owners feel fresh and calm after playing with them. However, one feels lazy after playing with cats on the couch.

Dogs Travel with No Drama

Dogs Travel

Cat lovers adore seeing their cats jumping around the house or hiding in the weirdest spots. However, this cuteness turns into awkwardness and worry when you can’t find your cat while traveling. As soon as you board a plane, your cat starts jumping and playing around.

However, dogs are the best travel companions. They do not create drama while traveling. Dogs love sitting in a plane or bus while observing the view outside the window. Moreover, they cannot move while traveling as quickly as cats do.

Furthermore, cats create more noise than dogs. It is true dogs bark loudly. However, dogs do not prefer barking while traveling since they are shy, while social cats love creating drama.


Dogs are more adaptable to a new environment than cats. For instance, it is easier to be friends with dogs than with cats. That’s because dogs are attached to people while cats are attached to places.

Have you ever seen videos on the internet where parents gift pets to their children? If so, you must have observed that dogs hug their new owners immediately and start barking with excitement.

However, cats do not show excitement after seeing new owners. They feel scared and shy. It happens because cats love exploring places more than people. They get attached to a particular area and spend most of their time there.

Meanwhile, dogs adapt to new people quickly. They do not love certain places but specific people. That’s what makes them more adaptable and open to new things.



According to research, dogs can amazingly help you exercise. Researchers found out that dog owners walk more than people without dog pets. A dog lover walks extra 22 minutes in a day as compared to a person without a dog.

Twenty-two minutes might seem a short period. However, it helps your pulse rate and maintains your bodily functions. If someone loves taking dogs on long walks, imagine how much it can benefit a person by making them healthier.

Meanwhile, cats are not too profound about going on long walks. They prefer playing in their favorite places instead of just walking around with their owner. Hence, cats cannot keep your body as healthy as dogs do.

Loyal and Supportive

Dogs are considered the most loyal pets all around the world. People love buying dogs because they want to feel loved and cared for. Dogs do this job perfectly by accompanying their owners everywhere.

Moreover, Dogs are too supportive and loyal. They make sure their owners are happy and safe. However, cats are considered very mean. Some say cats only love you for the food you give them. It might be a debatable statement.

As compared to cats, dogs do not love you for the food you give them. They love you for the kindness and attention you show to them. That’s why they always crave your presence and need you by their side.

They indirectly show you their support and love for you. Dogs start cuddling with humans if their owners are crying. They often hug their owners in times of emotional breakdown

They Communicate Well

Since dogs pay more attention than cats, they can communicate well. That’s why they are more obedient. For example, when a dog owner points in a specific direction, the dog quickly follows the direction. However, a cat will meow and look away.

Dogs do not only understand gestures but gaze as well. They can easily understand what you are telling them with your eyes. Your dog instantly understands when you make facial gestures with your gaze.

Dogs are more attentive to verbal gestures. They understand what your verbal gestures mean and act accordingly. Similarly, they are too good at understanding their owner’s language.

Studies show that dogs start wagging their tales when they see their humans. It is a gesture of love. Similarly, they raise their ears upon listening to their owners.

All these gestures and expressions clearly show how communicative dogs are. However, cats are not at all communicative. They do not even show concern for their owners most of the time.

Sense of Smell

Sense of Smell

A cat has approximately 50-80 million olfactory receptors. However, a dog has around 125 million olfactory receptors. It means a dog has almost twice the olfactory receptors of cats.

Consequently, we trained dogs to use their naturally existing abilities. These dogs then provide security to their owners by sensing unusual activities in a house. Moreover, dogs help solve the most critical missions in wars through these olfactory receptors.

Some researchers claim that dogs have around 200-300 million olfactory receptors. That’s why we see many dogs with intelligence teams and police officers. These dogs solve mysteries by helping humans trace the targeted persons and things by smelling footsteps.

Dogs have undoubtedly made the world more secure and safe by looking after their owners and helping imprison serial killers.

However, cats can do none of these things. They can only trace what they want to eat or what smells tasty to them. It doesn’t benefit humans.

Dogs may prevent people from developing allergies and asthma

Kids who grow up in a home without dogs are more prone to developing asthma or allergies. However, kids who grow up around dogs do not produce such respiratory allergies.

Dogs shed some flakes from their skin. These flakes are called “dog dust.” Shockingly enough, it can alter bacteria present in the human intestine. Hence, it helps strengthen the immune system of babies growing up around dogs.

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats

On the other hand, cars are too triggering for asthma patients. Cats can trigger your asthma. It causes acute asthma attacks. Asthma patients feel suffocated around cats since they think of a breath shortage and start wheezing.

In a word, dogs are safer for your health. However, cats can worsen your allergies. Cats have worse allergies than dogs, and most children are allergic to cats compared to dogs.

Dogs and Humans Work Together Seamlessly

The relationship between dogs and humans is not new. Dogs have worked with humans since they evolved from wolves to dogs. Humans have always traveled with dogs since they were a big help in big tasks, especially safety.

Since that time, humans and dogs have started getting along well. As a result, the loving bond between humans and dogs evolved. Today, both dogs and humans work together seamlessly.

Thanks to digs for always being so cooperating. Sometimes, humans can get angry or behave rudely. However, dogs Alway give humans space and are too good at forgiving us.

That’s why people say that we don’t deserve dogs. However, cats are not as cooperative as dogs. They will slap you with their little paws or needle your skin with their sharp nails if you don’t feed them at any time.

Dogs have a sixth sense

The list of dogs’ naturally existing abilities is endless. However, their sixth sense can’t go ignored. Dogs have a sixth sense that helps them detect so many things.

For instance, a dog can instantly detect an upcoming storm or change in weather. They can even see ghosts. Moreover, they also know when they’re going to have a baby.

There are so many abilities in a dog that convince us that they surely possess a sixth sense. However, cats do not have any such sense. They do not even know what their next move is.


Whether it’s night or dawn, dogs stay attentive and protect your house from strangers. It shows their loyalty to their owners.

Their extra sensitive sense of smell helps them detect abnormalities in an environment. Hence, they become alert and might even alert you by barking loudly. It indicates that they’ve sensed something unsafe.

Apart, they also protect their owners from other people. If someone tries to harm their owner, they become protective and possessive. On the other hand, cats might run away and disappear in such cases.

Less Litter

Pet owners often complain about the mess, but that’s not the case with dogs. You won’t see their feces lying around everywhere in the house. Thankfully, dogs don’t need litter boxes because they create colossal trouble and occupy unnecessary space in the house.

Dogs use a yard or do their business while walking around the neighborhood. But one thing’s for sure; you won’t find dog poop inside the house.

Dogs aren’t lone hunters

Unlike cats, dogs aren’t lone hunters. With cats, you’ve to be extra cautious all the time because they’re outside on one of their prey hunts. And if you ended up keeping chicks or fish at home, mind you,r cats won’t let them live.

It’s not their fault since they’re born with the predator instinct. However, dogs are pretty calm in that case. They aren’t bothered by the presence of any other pet in your house. You can quickly train the dog to learn to live with others and become obedient.

Magical Nose

Do you know dogs have magical noses? Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. Therefore, they’re quick to tell you about the whereabouts of a criminal.

But recently The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association published research that dogs can identify lung cancer. The study was conducted, and 3 dogs could locate the correct cancer samples.

An interesting fact about Cat and Dog Owners

Do you know your pet preference depends on your nature? According to research, people with cats tend to be more introverted and less pleasant, but dog parents are active, social, interactive, and open to adventures with their pets. Therefore, you’ll see dogs and their owners hiking or moving around in the forest alone.

Cats are perfect for people who are introverts, and they prefer pets who aren’t needy. Cats would be OK if you don’t give them extra attention. It’s because they quickly get bored and learn ways to escape.

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats

Summary | Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

All animals are equal, and we cannot divide their rights based on their natural abilities. However, one should always look for the best animal before buying a pet. Today, dogs and cats are the most popular pets.

However, one should see what suits one’s lifestyle in the best way. If you are looking for an intelligent pet who keeps your daily life productive and healthy, then a dog is your go-to choice. However, if you love small pets and want to see a couch potato making you laugh every second, you can go for cats.

The earlier points differentiate the two and prove why dogs are better than cats.

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