Can Dogs Eat Figs? (6 Health Benefits of Figs to Dogs)

I love figs. They are a healthy source of vitamins and minerals for humans. But can dogs eat figs?

It is an interesting question because figs contain a high amount of Dietary Fiber for dogs. We know that dietary fiber in figs can help improve digestion in dogs, but too many can be harmful.

So, can dogs eat figs? The answer is, “Yes, in moderation.” It might be a bad idea to feed too many figs to your dogs.

What Are Figs?

Can Dogs Eat Figs

Figs belong to the fruit family. Figs are also known as “Ficus Carica.” Dieticians around the world say that figs are Syconium. Syconium means inverted flowers. If you are getting fruits from Mulberry trees, you are probably getting figs.

Imagine you are sitting and enjoying your fig while your doggy looks towards you with those innocent dog eyes. You might think, can I give my dog this fig?  

What if I Give my Dog a fig?

You cannot feed too many figs to your dogs. Unfortunately, too many figs can disrupt your dog’s digestion. Your cute, little, furry friend may not complain while eating a bunch of figs, but he may suffer from diarrhea after having figs.

That’s why Smart Dog Owners do not feed too many figs to their dogs. The high fiber content in figs can cause severe stomach upset in dogs.

One of my neighbors accidentally fed figs to her dog. The poor dog faced a lot of pain and discomfort after eating figs.

Figs can contain irritants for some dogs. Ficin in figs can be harmful to your dogs. It is not important if Ficin does not irritate your dogs. Ficin is not irritable for every dog.    

So, can dogs eat figs?

A small number of figs can provide valuable nutrients and minerals such as Dietary fiber, Potassium, and Calcium to your dogs. So, you can feed a small number of figs to your dogs.

Can puppies eat figs?

puppies eat figs

Fellow Smart Dog Owners, do not feed figs to your puppies. Figs can cause digestion problems in puppies.

Figs can lead to diarrhea, stomach ache, and high sugar-related problems in puppies. Puppies cannot tolerate the high levels of sugar provided by figs.

Do dogs like figs?

Can Dogs Eat Figs

Figs have a sweet taste. He might not like figs if you have a picky pooch at home. No matter how you see it, dogs are fine eating different dog treats daily. We say that you should not stick to figs for dogs when so many healthy dog treats are available.

Are figs safe for dogs?

It depends on the number of figs you are feeding your dog. Vets say it is unsafe to provide your dog one whole fig. You will find it easy to cut the fig into small pieces and then serve a small portion to your dog.

Figs, in moderation, can be a source of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for dogs. The case is similar to dried figs. Dogs cannot consume too many dried figs. Dried figs can cause tooth decay in dogs.

It is not a good idea to feed one whole dried fig to your dog. So you have to limit the number of dried figs for dogs.  

Why figs are good to feed dogs?

Figs are good because they carry valuable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for dogs. Your dog can get Potassium, Dietary Fiber, and Natural Sugar from figs.

Potassium in figs can protect dogs against harmful diseases. It helps dogs with blood pressure problems.

Dietary Fiber in figs is suitable for your pooch’s digestion. A small portion of figs can be good for dogs having constipation.

Figs are a source of natural sugar for dogs. You should know whether your dog likes sweet figs or not.   

When figs are dangerous for dogs?

Too many figs can be dangerous for dogs. Too many dried figs can lead to tooth decay in dogs. Too many fresh figs can be dangerous to dogs because of their high sugar content.

It is not a good idea to feed sugar-rich foods to your dogs. Figs become dangerous because of their dietary fiber content. Figs can cause stomach upset and diarrhea in dogs.

Let us warn you some dogs can be allergic to figs. If your dog has an upset stomach after eating figs for the first time, you should probably stop feeding them to your dog.

6 Health Benefits of Feeding Figs to Dogs

  • Figs can potentially provide several health benefits to your dogs. Figs contain Potassium for dogs. Potassium protects dogs against several diseases.
  • Figs are good for dogs facing constipation. Dogs can have a healthy digestive system if they get figs in moderation.
  • Figs provide Zinc for dogs. Zinc provided by figs can strengthen your dog’s immune system. Figs are beneficial for dogs with thyroid function problems. Figs can prevent dogs from having an infection.
  • We like figs because they provide natural sugar to your dogs. You can replace processed sugar with a small number of figs for dogs. Figs can help improve your dog’s energy levels.
  • Figs can provide Copper to dogs. Copper in figs can improve the production of red blood cells in dogs. Copper in figs can helps dogs with iron absorption.
  • Figs carry Riboflavin for dogs. Riboflavin promotes the growth of red blood cells in your dog’s body. Red blood cells play a vital role in oxygen transport. Riboflavin in figs is also known as vitamin B2 for dogs.

Figs improve energy metabolism in dogs. Riboflavin in figs can improve your dog’s immunity. Figs play a vital role in energy metabolism in dogs. Figs can protect dogs against Riboflavin deficiency.

Riboflavin in figs can protect dogs against hair loss, dermatitis, and anorexia. Figs carry vitamin K for dogs. Vitamin K in figs can affect the enzymes in your dog’s gut. That’s why we say you should not feed too many figs to your dogs.

Risks of feeding figs to dogs

Figs can lead to an upset stomach in dogs. Your dog can suffer from diarrhea after eating figs. Figs can be particularly harmful to dogs allergic to figs.

Dogs can suffer from gastrointestinal distress after eating figs.

What is fig poisoning?

Ficin in fig plants can be toxic to dogs. After eating figs, dogs can have diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and watery eyes. Dogs can suffer from fig poisoning after eating parts of the fig plants.

Fig poisoning symptoms

Symptoms of fig poisoning include diarrhea, vomiting, drooling, abdominal pain, irritated skin, mouth pain, and watery eyes.

Diagnosing fig poisoning

Fig poisoning is not common in dogs. If your dog accidentally ate parts of a fig plant, taking him to the nearest vet is your best option. Your vet can look for symptoms of fig poisoning.

Vets recommend a blood test, urinary analysis, and biochemistry profiles to diagnose the level of fig poisoning in dogs. Severe fig poisoning can also cause organ failure in dogs.

Vets try to assess whether your dog’s organs are functioning properly or not. The mode of treatment depends on the severity of fig poisoning in dogs.      

How to Prepare Figs for Dogs?

It is fairly simple to prepare figs for dogs. You have to chop figs into small pieces. Make sure that your dog can easily bite those pieces. Figs pieces can pose a choking hazard to dogs.

You have to make sure that your dog is not allergic to figs. Dried figs can cause problems for your dogs. Do not prepare too many figs for your dogs, as too many figs can cause digestion problems in dogs.  

what Other fruits Are good for dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Figs

Your dog will love eating watermelon on sultry dog days. these are a few other options:

Final thoughts | Can dogs eat figs?

Figs are a great source of dietary fiber for dogs, but you should avoid feeding too many figs to your dogs. Your dog cannot tolerate one whole fig. Dried figs are not different.

They just tend to be low in hydration and high in natural sugar. Figs can help relieve constipation in dogs. Too many figs can lead to diarrhea in dogs. So, what if someone asks me, “Can dogs eat figs?”

I will say that it is too risky to feed figs to your dogs. Few bite-sized fig pieces are not likely to create problems for your dogs. But still, you should not feed one whole fig to your dog.

Can dogs eat figs daily?

It is not a good idea to figs to your dogs daily. Figs contain a high amount of dietary fiber. Your dogs face the risk of diarrhea when they eat figs daily.

How often dogs can eat figs?

Dogs can eat figs in moderation, occasionally.

Is it healthy to feed figs to dogs?

Figs, if given in moderation, can be healthy for dogs. Too many figs can cause several health problems for dogs.

Is fig toxic to dogs?

Fig fruit is not toxic to dogs, but parts of the fig plant, such as the fig leaves, can harm dogs.

Are dried figs toxic for dogs?

Dried figs are not toxic to dogs but carry a high amount of natural sugar. Generally, sugar-rich foods can harm your dogs. So, it is not a good idea to feed dried figs to your dogs.

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